White wine tasting

Visit one of the most exclusive midtown vinothek in the heart of our beautiful Budapest. Get the grips with Hungary’s 1500 year winemaking traditions.

Taste the World-famous Hungarian wines in a unique atmosphere with your friends during your Stag/Hen weekend. Everybody wants to spend time in such a fabulous wine-vault with local wine lovers and foreign people.



White wine tasting in Budapest includes:

  • 5 Top Quality Hungarian white wine / Person
  • 1. Sanzon Tokaj Prosecco 2017 Erdőbény
  • 2. Pálffy Pince Egytőről Olaszrizling 2017 Köveskál
  • 3. Royal Tokaji Furmint 2016 Mád, Tokaj
  • 4. Béres Tokaj Naparany 2015 Tokaj
  • 5. Györgykovács Imre Hárslevelű 2015 Somló
  • Fingerfood: Top quality ham with cheese and bread
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