Last night of freedom

It is autumn, the fall wedding season has begun. The party areas of Budapest are filled with stag and hen do groups of the cloudless, all of them are “what happens in Budapest stays here,” type. They are the ones who rigorously and seriously celebrate what can only (ideally) be once in a lifetime: the permanent and irreversible loss of their legally unique status, the “freedom” that is often said at the farewell.

Stag & hen parties have not changed much in the last 2500 years depending on social restrictions and moral judgments – but the main role is always for fun, with friends, same-sex acquaintances, and most of the time with lots of alcohol.

The bachelor party came from ancient Spartan and was meant to banish evil spirits. Friends, fellow soldiers gathered, and the groom was bidden farewell with loud noise. They were crushed, just like today, when we look at a good stag do party.

Is there a connection with historical

Maybe yes, maybe it’s just the male team spirit that shakes the mood or the stakes are high when it comes to getting married so the tension can be relieved.

The hen party is a younger tradition, once called the “girl’s tomboy”. The married one was mourning her youth and the more experienced ones were giving good advice to the prospective woman. In the 1960s, however, the lament was transformed into a celebration, similar to the bachelor party, where it is celebrated as it used to be, but thanks to female emancipation, it is very different. (except when the girls go wild) Certainly, whether we are talking about a bachelor party or a hen party, partying is strictly a must on the big day before the wedding.

We celebrate that something is changing, but very much. Marriage is one of the most important transitions between the two stages of life. If you have ever wondered why we are celebrating graduation, 18th birthday, marriage or even childbirth, we certainly see that these events are all about breaking up a life, a way of life, a new beginning. And these must be celebrated to have a trace. Not only on paper, but also on the spiritual plane, because in this way we can close something and become part of something new and important with our whole being.

Married young people say farewell to their friends, not really their youth (because it remains), but their freedom. Now, it can be said that nothing changes with marriage, but anyone who has committed in this way knows that it is a serious decision that we can only make for someone: someone we love more than everyone else. And this is where the friends, girlfriends, who are somewhat abandoned at the boy’s or girl’s party come into play. Not to say, not even on the wedding day (but much earlier, at the moment of getting to know a loved one), but at an official, legalized level, we are stepping out of our irresponsible phase of life and starting a more responsible life. If we observe, there are tasks common to both genders: high alcohol drinking in men, “drinking to the bottom”, kissing lipstick on women, getting bras, extreme programs (bubble football, gun shooting, tank driving, etc.) prove masculinity and aptitude.

Women tend to perform tasks that symbolize a sexy and homemade wife, such as recognizing kitchen things with her blindfold, inviting men to drink, selling candy / parsley, taking a husband’s test, whipping a banana, and so on. Performing the tasks one by one means that the bride and groom are worthy of the role of spouse. Whoever has a Facebook profile will probably have met or will come across pictures of girls who need to collect X likes or shares in order to be allowed to get married by the grooming committee. Well, for sure, this is not the friendliest way to start a hen do, but most of us are more sympathetic.

Why then is this necessary?

Embarrassing situations, like asking for lingerie or wearing funny clothes, is a punishment for leaving friends.

Funny tasks are more interesting than unpleasant Tasks. Although the party is the focus of the big party day, there are a lot of funny tasks that make the young bride or groom to be uncomfortable. The point of these stag and hen pranks is just like when a child laughs at something scary to make him look more innocent. Funny friends and girlfriends make the evening easier by solving the often-threatening idea of marriage with funny activities.

Why do you have to hire a stripper or a hot man dancer?

First of all, you don’t have to, but let’s face it, those in this industry make rush hour this year thanks to the stag and hen dos.

Strippers are symbols too.

It is both the seduction of a foreign woman / man who will be forbidden in the future and the sexuality that goes along with marriage. Ideally, marriage includes a good and active sex life, childbirth, and the love of the other’s body. The writhing, naked female or male body symbolizes that “My friend, my girlfriend, marriage certainly involves sex!” haha All in all, celebrating the transition between the two stages of life is a rewarding and psychologically very necessary event,

and answering the question at the beginning of the article as to whether this day is a holiday is truly a holiday where we celebrate becoming a true, responsible man and woman. In addition, someone whose friends, girlfriends are carefully prepared, or just spontaneously saying goodbye, can say with certainty the blissful YES that marriage will certainly not change one thing, the relationship with one’s friends.

Stag do

The bachelor party is the last free evening of the groom before he is getting married, before he says the blessed eternal, holy yes. When you hear a bachelor party as a celebration or entertainment opportunity, everyone thinks of a rough party until dawn, not without reason. Many Hollywood movies and television series have the essentials to build an exciting, marketable story into a bachelor party.

But where does the bachelor party come from and what does it really mean? Why do you need to say goodbye to your buddy? Before giving your bachelor party a thought, think through it, because it’s a good idea to go through your wits to avoid the next day’s nausea and guilt. But then why stag do, what is it, and how do we celebrate it?

Stay with us and tell us what the stag do means or should mean.

The origin of the bachelor party goes back to a very long tradition. According to various sources, In the 5th century, Spartan soldiers from ancient Greece also organized a bachelor party. It was believed that the bachelor party could protect marriage from evil spirits by making the groom’s friends poke pots at each other to make as much noise as possible. Of course, even at this time, there was a big feast around the bachelor party, where the man was about to be married.

The first references to western bachelor stag dos date back to the 19th century. According to English tradition, the classic bachelor party was held at a black tie dinner, hosted by the groom’s father in honor of the groom, where his family and friends greeted him at a large dinner.

The tradition of the bachelor weekend was becoming more and more important as time passed. The parties became increasingly frenetic and wild. In 1896, an American showman, Herbert Barnum Seeley, organized a real modern bachelor party for his brother in a modern sense in a restaurant in New York City that reformed his bachelor party habits.

The party was all you could imagine: a famous naked belly dancer, booze, music and a frenzied mood that ended the next morning with the police.

So it was like a typical stag do weekend in Budapest 🙂

For men, after their family, their friends are the most important, so maybe it’s not too surprising that the groom’s friends organize the bachelor party with the groomsman. Big, big-budget parties are usually outsourced to a stag organizer company like Stag VIP Budapest.

Las Vegas is also the most popular bachelor and wedding venue in the United States. Bachelor parties are also very popular in America, where grooms and their friends travel abroad for holidays and holidays.There are all stereotypes among stag dos, such as heavy drinking and striptease, so usually any activity that the bride is unlikely to please.

Surprisingly, the “stag” has a long tradition in Hungary as well. As usual in Budapest, the better a bachelor party is, the louder it is, because the happier the newlyweds will be. A farewell party is held a week before the wedding so everyone has enough time to relax.

Stag do party lasting several days are not very popular in Hungary. Usually, a typical Hungarian bachelor party starts and ends with a night of partying in Budapest, with almost the sole purpose of excessive drinking. More rarely do your closest friends organize a simpler program. Bubble football and pub crawl can be on the agenda. Longer-term events, such as renting a weekend house and hiking, have not really spread in our country. The desire for more meaningful entertainment and relaxation is slowly increasing. It is becoming more and more important for more and more young dude to have a real quality experience with their lads instead of hangover with a headache.

The most popular stag do activity options are those where the groom can compete with his buddies. The greatest glory for him is to be the winner in most program numbers. (or not) Currently, the following are the most popular bachelor party activities in Budapest that enthusiastic friends can choose from:

bar crawl, bubble football, boat cruise, limo hire, hummer limousine hire, beer bus, beer boat, strip club visiting, casino, paintball, gun shooting, archery tag, steak dinner with strippers, horse racing, monster roller tour, go kart, trabant driving, stripper service

However, there are opportunities that are not based on the bachelor activities just listed, but rather on the pleasures of the body. Most bachelor parties are based on alcohol consumption, which of course men can do at nightclubs and pubs. As the night progresses, you can start your evening in Budapest from the most cluttered ruin pubs to a variety of bars and pubs to the most exclusive clubs. At these nightclubs, the tour guide, who is pretty hostess entrusts the celebrated person with various funny and exciting tasks. Of course, when participants say goodbye to uncomfortable and embarrassing situations, the lads have a great time. A highlight of the evening may be a strip club where dear friends will gladly pay the groom for a lap dance, everything for the eyes, anything on hand.

A stag party and a hen party can be a critical point in a couple’s relationship, as both parties may be afraid of losing their love due to a cheeky night. To avoid unnecessary jealousy caused by the stag do, the bride and groom may also be able to celebrate their farewell party together. (which actually sucks) With this type of bachelor party and hen do, celebrators set off on their own, where they can have fun with their own friends. Later, the two teams have fun and the celebration begins when the young couple meet again.

As an alternative to a stag do, where participants do not want to get drunk and do not aim for rampant, immoral fun, the bachelor party organizers can come up with creative ideas beyond the options listed above. You can also organize program options that are time consuming rather than costly. Various leisure activities can be great solutions, such as hiking, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, baking or even sports.

(in this case, it is assumed that the individuals have pussy)

Do you remember the scene when in American movies the groom arrives late for his wedding, or his appearance has changed significantly due to a bachelor party that had gone awry? To avoid such buckets, it is recommended that the bachelor party be held at least one to two weeks, but not more than one or two months before the wedding.

After overcoming the concerns and doubts about the stag do party, the wedding can be the most important and beautiful experience of every couple’s life, as it has always been.

In spite of ever-changing habits, love becomes a marriage that can be made unforgettable with a real bachelor and hen party.

Ruin bars and nightlife in Budapest

Our staff has a wealth of pub tour ideas, activities and venues, but below you can read about the typical nightlife of Budapest and highlight some popular places:

Between cozy jazz bars, open-air music venues and chic discotheques, you will find your favorite nightclub in the bustling and exciting nightlife of Budapest!

Budapest residents love to have fun, on weekends and even on weekdays. With a few exceptions, Budapest has no restrictions on the opening hours of music venues, so most clubs, pubs, strip clubs and discotheques are open late or even the next morning.

Plenty of Stag and Hen dos in Hungary, great nightlife and solid prices attract a lot of people to Budapest.

The pulsation you can feel here is really amazing.

In the summer it is always best to sit out. For squares, terraces, rooftops, wherever the last rays of the day come, where the evening breeze is warm and you can spend the night pleasantly. But what is brilliant in Budapest is that life does not stop even with the advent of autumn. It just transforms a bit.

The most famous foreign magazines flood the nightlife of Budapest, and ruin pubs are mentioned as one of the highlights of the trip during a pub crawl, a must-see experience for the stag do groups and hen squads in Budapest. It’s hard to pick the best one because each has its own character, but it all works on the same principles: finding a run-down place, packing with superb items, and filling the counters with good food and drinks. Instant is the largest facility of its kind in the city and is consistently in the top spot – perhaps not by chance. The “enchanted forest” awaits its guests with 26 rooms, 7 bar counters and exciting music events, and it is a great pleasure to walk around this gigantic space.

The most famous foreign magazines flood the nightlife of Budapest, and ruin pubs are mentioned as one of the highlights of the trip during a pub crawl, a must-see experience for the stag do groups and hen squads in Budapest. It’s hard to pick the best one because each has its own character, but it all works on the same principles: finding a run-down place, packing with superb items, and filling the counters with good food and drinks. Instant is the largest facility of its kind in the city and is consistently in the top spot – perhaps not by chance. The “enchanted forest” awaits its guests with 26 rooms, 7 bar counters and exciting music events, and it is a great pleasure to walk around this gigantic space.

Elizabeth City is one of the coolest quarters in the world, mainly due to its bustle of better-than-ruined pubs. The pioneer of the genre in what is now a cult-like Szimpla Kert – from the outside, it’s hard to imagine what’s waiting inside. Hidden nooks, mysterious lights and astonishing decorations that can be the perfect backdrop for dawn drinking. Exhibitions and concerts are regularly organized in the “Postmodern House of Culture”, as well as a backyard market and bike flea.

Do you want your bachelor party to be memorable forever? If so, now is the time to visit one of Budapest’s most versatile ruin pubs and nightclubs, the Fogasház, which offers a promising alternative to entertainment and has grown into a multi-functional adventure complex in a few years. Although the design is much more artistic than other ruin pubs, if you want to get the night bustle with you, it’s always worth a look. The building is a kind of cultural reception area with concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances and screenings, so you won’t be bored.

If that’s not enough, come and join us for a fantastic weekend in Budapest!

Pub crawl games for Stags and Hens in Budapest

Let’s see some popular games for any bar crawl during your stag weekend or hen party in Budapest. 


The safe ones

1. Post a picture or video from your crawl to Instagram or Facebook tagging Stag VIP Budapest.

2. Learn the names of ten people (you actually don’t know) on the bar hopping.

3. What is the name of the huge lake Hungarians love to weekend at?

4. Get a stranger to give you a new hairstyle.

5. Keep an ice cube in your pants until it melts.

6. Go up to a stranger pretending to know them (keep it up for at least a minute)

7. Take a selfie with someone who’s rocking an epic beard.

8. Make up a limerick or poem about Stag VIP Budapest

9. Find someone with a tattoo on their butt.

10. Skull a beer in less than 10 seconds.

11. Take a shot of Unicum.

12. Get a photo with 10 people on your pub hopping.

13. Ask a stranger from Budapest for their autograph.

14. Kiss a stranger on the lips.

15. Ask a stag member / hen to take a photo for you, when they go to take your phone say “No on your phone” and insist they take it with their own

16. Take a shot of Absinthe

17. Make up a 20 second secret handshake with another guy from the team.

18. Form a dance circle with 6 other people from the pub.

19. Fake a marriage proposal.

20. Take a shot of Palinka.

21. Bring your tour guide a gift that you didn’t pay for but didn’t steal.

22. By any means possible, convince someone to buy you a drink.

23. Find a picture of painting in the bar and have someone take photo of your standing in front of it imitating /recreating it.

24. Invent a drinking challenge and convince another bachelor or bride squad member to do it.

25. Decorate your hair/beard with objects found around the bar (but not straws please we like the turtles)

26. Drink your drink out of anything other than a glass, cup or bottle.

27. STAGS – convince a girl to give you a piggyback ride.

      HENS –  convince 5 men to wear lipsticks and kiss you on the cheek

28. Get someone to autograph your butt.

29. Challenge someone to a game of rock, paper, scissors. Loser one buys the winner drink. (best of 3)

30. Name the biggest music festival in Hungary.

31. How many vowels are there in the Hungarian alphabet.

32. Take a picture with the hottest person you’ve seen tonight.

33. Give your tour guide a hug.

34. Dance like a ballerina around the bar.

35. Find someone with the same birth month ( you will need ID to prove this)

36. How did Fogasház get its name.

37. Chug a wine spritzer in less than 7 seconds.

38. Get a stranger to roll you a cigarette.

39. Go up to a stranger and pretend you are there to meet them on a blind date.

40. Mimic another stag or hen for 1 minute with no explanation.

41. Find someone whose first or last name begins with the same letter as yours and challenge them to a thumb war.

42. Learn the tour guides name.

43. Take a selfie with your best man or BFF and share it on Instagram with tagging Stag VIP Budapest.

44. Kiss another pack member shoe without warning.

45. Ask someone of you lick their teeth. If they say yes you have to do it.

46. Find some people standing near an ashtray, pick up a cigarette butt ans ask “are you guys done with this?” Then put it in your pocket and walk away.

47. Take a group selfie in a toilet cubicle.

48. Start a conga line of at least 10 people.

49. Take a selfie with an animal (not a group member)

The riskier ones:

50. By any means possible, tie yourself to another member of the stag party or hen group of the pub crawl for 10 minutes.

51. Walk up to a table of strangers and leave a condom or tampon there without saying a word.

52. Walk into a crowd of people and curl into a ball on floor for 20 minutes.

53. Get a selfie with a man’s nipple.

54. Get 4 different items of clothing from 4 different Budapestian.

55. Go up to a table of people and apologies for the smell.

56. Host a twerking competition.

57. Take someone shirt off with your teeth.

58. Get a stranger to show you their best yoga position.

59. Lick another stag’s or hen’s ear without them noticing.

60. Let your tour guide draw a moustache on your face in permanent marker.

61. Tap a stranger on the shoulder, grin and say “I’m peeing right now”

62. Swap shirts with someone of the opposite sex for 30 minutes.

63. Hire a dwarf for one hour and handcuff him to the bachelor.

64. Chug a drink a do 10 push ups.

65. Finish your whole drink while in the downward – facing dog yoga position.

66. Do a tequila suicide.

67. Make a human pyramid of at least 6 people.

68. Order the strongest shot in the bar.

69. Make a human table with 3 other stag member or hen member.

70. Start a limbo competition.

My stag do in Budapest

Me and my friends decided to visit Budapest in the last year. Everybody told me to travel to Hungary because it’s an amazing country with lots of experiences and cheap beer of course. My best man Mike started to search for stag do companies in Budapest and few weeks later found a trustable one with great support and fantastic helpful team. The plain ticket was quiet cheap as well but as the bachelor was me I really didn’t have to pay a quid for anything. As usual.

The weather was awesome when we started our trip in the capital city of Hungary. Our tour guide Vivien was very nice and also a beautiful Hungarian hottie. My surprise was a limo with a fantastic stripper on board. It was a breath taking moment when my dude Carl who is a really conservative guy touched the stripper girl’s titties and booties. It was a great fun. We loved it! After we arrived to our accommodation in Roombach hotel Vivien the tour operator told us to meet by 9pm before the pub crawl. O my good. A pub crawl in Budapest??? That was the first what I wanted to try during my stag do in Hungary so I was really lucky with my friends to organise this stunning activity for me.

About 9 pm the guide had arrived to our apartment and we started the crazy bar hopping. Our first bar was one of the most popular ruin bars of Budapest. It was located at the entrance of Gozsdu or something like that. I don’t remember actually and Hungarian language is also not very easy. The stuff told us that it’s the best place to start any bachelor night or stag weekend. We could choose from lots of local drinks, burgers and pizzas as well. This place was full of tourists, creative office workers, and hipsters. I didn’t really like it but it was just the first step of our night. We drunk solidly at the first pub, the second was a bit harder challenge.

My traditional surprise midget arrived to our pub and handcuffed me hard front of maybe 250 people what was really funny for my stags but not for me at the first minutes. The little chap was called Gabor as I remember. He was amazing and really nice guy, a real entertainer. After few more drinks I had to go to the toilette with him haha. A professional dwarf prank during a fabby night. Cheers Mike.





Stag do at night in Budapest

Stag and Hen groups understand that really getting to know Budapest in a short period is impossible. The visitors from foreign countries can only get a general impression of our culture and lifestyle and the spirit of the capital city. Event organiser websites and social media can offer practical informations about the city but not everything of course. First hand sources of informations from local friends, travel agencies and stag do companies are much better however you may not find these infos about Budapest night life at any guide book.

In this blog post we maintain this kind of professional recommendation style about bachelor evenings so that every visitor can get reliable, insider information of one of the best last night of freedom destination of the World.

Budapest is an extraordinary city a fashionable and hip place with a unique nightlife and lots of experiences in the city center from Gozsdu to Deák square. There is so much to see and live I mean the typical atmoshere of the three relevant district of the evening buzz. It’s just absolutely amazing. Even you are a big group of lads or just a small one you can easily go through the center of the Budapest night madness in half our if you won’t stop for a beer at every lovely ruin bars during our famous pub crawl activities. You can wear stag costumes almost at every bar but please keep Borat at home haha.

Király street  Wesselényi street and Gozsdu are almost the most crowded places. You can have a perfect dinner with fine beers or just grab something takeaway or just find a popular dance club and party till morning. Dear stag teams please keep your eyes on the drunkest brothers because hookers in the city center could be tricky and rob you. Always be careful mates.

Our company want to acquaint you with hidden gems , such as the inner workings of Budapest’s famous pub districts. In the past few years this historic part of the never sleeping heart of Europe has grown into one of the biggest nightlife and entertainment. Over 200 establishments now do business in the old historic ghetto. The crazy weekend on Dob street starting on Thursday night turns into a mad festival. The nearby streets are packed with options for any hen and stag dos and each place is different and has it’s own spirit of course so we’ve gathered the top food drink and cultural places and added them to the best bachelor activities in town. Our team is ready to give you comprehensive review of the most important and interesting events and the best party clubs.

Our ruin night clubs and pubs are World famous. One is wallpapered with comic books, while another gives full panorama of the city from its highest point. There’s a lot of restaurants where you can drop in anytime for Hungarian food and clubs to party to music spun DJs. Beyond the pubs, restaurants and nihtclubs, there is also an exciting and colorful  lifestyle to explore. Highly recommend for any stag madness in Budapest.

Our blog posts and guides also highlights how Buda and Pest are actually two different worlds and atmosphere. Pest is swarming and vibrating. Buda is slower more comfortable and calmer.

To be 100% sure the Buda Castle, Basilica and Heroes’ Square are all sites that shouldn’t be missed. For Stag VIP, the city is much more than buildings, monuments and statues. Budapest is it’s people, the language, the gastronomy and the typical Budapestian lifestyle. Upon arriving in a new city, the most important thing to do is obtain information to plan and unforgettable hen or stag trip itinerary, and we think that should include lesser-known and unique side of Budapest.


Dive in with us!

Spa party in Budapest

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Middle Europe. The city is unique and colorful with the legacy of the old times and renewing year by year.

Thousands of tourist are coming to visit Hungary during the hall year even if it’s winter or summer time. The city has lots of thermal baths which makes Budapest the Capital with the biggest number of spas and thermal centers.

Our stag groups are keen on trying spa party which is one of the most popular bachelor and hen do activity in Budapest but we don’t know to be honest. We usually say that it’s the best during late spring or summer time but in most cases it’s full of boys and it’d be more affordable to book a pub crawl or try our famous strippers in Budapest to see some naked beauties.

Anyway we don’t say that it’s a bad idea but ask our sales team first before you make your own decision. Can we go any time of the year? Is it far from the city center? Help us please…

Feel free to ask any time. 🙂

Facts about baths party in Budapest:

1.The ticket prices are around €50

2.The ticket includes entry fee and lockers (not a lot)

3.You can’t pay with cash ( you can load money on spa party card)

4.Don’t ever use freelancer taxis

5.We only recommend spa party when the weather is hot.

One story in few words:

James came to Budapest last summer with a bigger stag do group. They was planning to try he aforementioned activity and to book airport transfers, try some strip shows, hire a midget and try some guns. Basic bachelor party no words to say but the team was really nice.


Jimmy was a real gentleman and always wanted to know something about Budapest. …”Peter I’m sorry for my curiosity but I’m the kind of person who wants to know everything before the traveling”… I said shut up Jimbo it’s my job and me and my hall team are ready for your service 24/7.

It was the in the middle of the summer and the weather was a quiet hotter than we’ve expected. The stag was a massive party beast and the team was already drunk at the airport. As usual haha. James told me that they bought the sparty tickets for a good price (15 ppl for about 550 quid) what is not a big thing already but if the have know what will happen the would never buy it again for sure.

After they’ve arrived to their apartment in the party district of Budapest, they started to drink massively and started a crazy pub crawl in the city center hitting every famous bar and pub with our tour guide and met with Gabor our world famous midget entertainer.

The second was hard for everybody. The day starter morning glory strip show provided by two super hottie lady was sweet but the gun shooting activity afterwards was ear-splitting for every hungover lad. Big guns, big noise and first aid beers. That’s a real morning starter for every lad weekend here.

Jim asked for a private transfer for the baths party activity so we picked us up at their place and the hard night started. Around 1 am they called our non-stop customer service that they need a back transfer immediately because two of them got robbed somehow and it’s raining and they don’t want to stay there anymore and besides these it’s full of boys. HA . I told you..

I asked them about the story and it was clear that somebody robbed their lockers. Insane! how could it happen anyway?

Next day they went home  bit disappointed about last night but the stag weekend was cool at all. Thanks Jimmy 🙂

What is the conclusion? Always ask Stag VIP Budapest before trying any activity in Budapest.

Stripper service in Budapest

Best strippers in Budapest!

Stag VIP Budapest is the best stripper provider in Budapest. That’s sure. We arrived to Hungary last week for my brother’s Stag do. Our team was a massive lad pack from Belgium and we wanted to have an awesome time in Budapest. We arrived by 2 pm in the afternoon and our Welcome tour guide Vivien was pretty and professional from the start to the end of our weekend. We ordered a welcome hitch-hiker stripper for the way to our accommodation in the city center. The stripper was very nice and made a breath taking show for Nick, our stag. We’ve met Peter after the airport jaunt and had a welcome drink together in our Apartment. He is a very busy guy but was very helpful during the hall Holiday.

After a few hour Vivien came back to pick us up before the pub crawl which was genuine and better than what we’ve expected! The bars in Budapest are lovely and full of talkative local girls and boys. Highly recommend to everyone who wants to come to Budapest any time during the year.

Next morning we wanted to order a morning glory surprise strip show to our bachelor so Stag VIP has sent us two super hot stripper to wake us up with a rude lesbian show involving the sat and the hall group. It is the best day starter activity trust me! The weather wasn’t so nice but this made our day! After that we went to a shooting range near Budapest to try some serious toys. AK-47 shooting was a bit frightening because it’s a really noisy rifle but everything was fine and the lads were really happy to try these things first in their lifetimes. Vivien tried some of the guns too and she was like a real professional.. I’m really sure that it wasn’t her first time in the shooting range.

We were a bit hungry after the daytime activity so we pre-ordered a burger activity with topless service in Budapest. What sounds really mannish. The burger menu included a fine beef burger with some salads and 2 beers but the icing on the cake was the super hot Hungarian topless lady with her unbelievable boobs. Nick was a bit shy at the first times in Budapest but after a few stripper he was like a real badass. I hope his future wife won’t read this but what happens on the stag do stays on the stag do. After the dinner we had another surprise strip show as a present from Peter’s crew.

Susan was a professional entertainer and a really hot Hungarian beauty. Thanks for all guys. Excellent service form Stag VIP Budapest, Susan and the other strippers offered genuine show and everything was really funny. I would recommend it to anyone going to Budapest!

Nick’s stag do in Budapest

From our request to the end it was amazing experience. The communication war clear and fluent from the first steps of our work with Peter and his crew. Quick and promt service. First and foremost our welcome was lovely with Maya was young beautiful and very helpful, smiling all the time and was very informative.

Our stag do in Budapest was really lucky at all because the weather was brilliant and the atmosphere was like a real spring break with our lads. The choices of activities and the number of locations covered ensured and every people can be catered for through our the duration of any stag. Our stag Nick had a mint time so everything was cool. We tried quad driving near Budapest and it was a funny tour with the tipsy stags.. :D.

I recommend highly not because of the activity is great. It’s a great team builder trip. I’ve heard that the strippers are top notch in Hungary so we’ve booked 3 of them during our stag do.

AMAZING girls with very good English what was a big surprise for all of us. Special thanks for Jessy!!! Thanks for our pub crawl with Gabor the miniman and his rough handcuffs 😂 This city is amazing! Highly recommend this company to go with. Forget the rest. 😎

17 funny Hungarian expressions

1. Hungarians don’t “jump for joy”, they are “as happy as a monkey about its tail” (Örül, mint majom a farkának).

2. Hungarians don’t say “Bullshit!”, they say “Horse d*ck!” (Lófasz!)

3. Hungarians don’t ask little children “Why are you crying?”, they ask “Why are you giving drinks to the mice?” (Miért itatod az egereket?)

4. Hungarians don’t call you “useless”, they say “you’re as little as the roaring in a Mackó cheese” /Mackó cheese is a Hungarian creme cheese with a bear logo/ (Kevés vagy, mint mackósajtban a brummogás). Mackó cheese is a type of Hungarian cheese that has a small bear on its label.

5. Hungarians don’t say “It’s not worth the effort”, they say “It’s worth as much as a kiss to a dead person” (Annyit ér, mint halottnak a csók).

6. Hungarians don’t say “Far, far away”, they say “Behind God’s back” (“Az Isten háta mögött”).

7. Hungarian guys don’t say to one another “That chick is a 10”, they say “That’s a bomb woman” (Az egy bombanő”).

8. Hungarians won’t say “Once a thief, always a thief”, they’ll say “You can’t make bacon out of a dog” (Kutyaból nem lesz szalonna).

9. Hungarians won’t say he’s “good-hearted”, they’ll say “you can spread him on bread” (Kenyérre lehet kenni).

10. Hungarians don’t call you “gay”, they call you “warm” (Meleg).

11. In Hungarian you don’t say “Cool!”, you say “Perfectly good!” (Tök jó!), “Fat!” (Zsir!), or “King!” (Király!)

12. Hungarians don’t yell “Hey, you’re blocking my view!”, they yell “Your dad wasn’t a glassmaker!” (Apád nem volt üveges!)

13. Hungarians don’t say “When pigs fly!”, they say “When red snow falls!” (Majd ha piros hó esik!)

14. Hungarians don’t ask “What the fuck are you doing?”, they ask “What my dick are you doing?” (Mi a faszomat csinálsz?)

15. Hungarians don’t say “It’s not as good as you think”, they say “The fence is not made from sausage” (Nem kolbászból van a kerítés).

16. Hungarians don’t say “You son of a bitch!”, they say “You jizz!” (Te geci!)

17. Hungarians don’t say “It’s all Greek to me”, they say “It’s Chinese for me” (Ez nekem kínai).