About us

We are professional stag do experts and party planners from Budapest

We are happy to organize your hall weekend in the most professional way, that’s our most important goal. Majority of the other organizer companies thinks that customers are products from a conveyor belt and sell the activities as expensive as they can. We think about costumers as our beloved friends from foreign countries, especially from the United Kingdom. We are ready to organize high quality activities professionally, fluently, for the real price! Who else could do it but a local youngster from Budapest, the most popular Stag & Hen destination of Europe.

Organizing unforgettable STAG & HEN do memories!

Budapest is ready for you guys, Stag V.I.P. Budapest is THE MAN.

STAG VIP Budapest is one of the biggest trustworthy STAG & HEN organizer company in Budapest with extensive expertise in organizing 100+ Holiday activities in Budapest.

Want to know more about us?

Since its foundation in 2012 Stag VIP Budapest has organized activities for more than 5,000 satisfied people. Every year we are helping thousands of you to have a great time here, regardless of group size or budget.

Stag VIP proudly offer 100+ legendary stag do and hen activities to our clients and gladly help them make their dream trip come true. We love organizing, so don’t be shy to tell us anything you want. We are making your weekend in Budapest one to remember.

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