Corporate break in Budapest pt.1

My name is Thomas. I live in a city where looking around step by step – I can admire more beautiful buildings that have a very complex historical background. Recalling both good and bad past events. I am an senior executive in an all-inclusive multinational company. Ours is a cohesive, high-responsibility group with several countries doing business with different investments.

If I focus and sum up the age of the staff working together in our office, then I have to realize that we are almost at the same age. I can boldly say that we are in our thirties, only a few are not significantly above it. I can say we are kneaded from real career-building purposeful people. But in any case, in absolute harmony, not wading through each other.

In fact, as the number one consideration, we focus first and foremost on the benefits of the company. Of course, we also build our individual interests with great care and diligence. We have some new staff with excellent references. That’s why we thought that now, as usual, we’re bringing together a good little acquaintance team-building trip in common agreement to make our performance even more outstanding.

We planned for a week we thought we would get closer to each other and it would be a good opportunity to get to know the nature of the new ones and to map out the joint work ahead. We desperately need such programs to grind people together. Definitely a hilarious varied intriguing experience would be important on this journey. We searched in countless direction we were able to choose from and a lot of the companies that promised to be the best activities and in our common unanimous opinion we could find the best of the given offers and activity plans.

Based on these aspects we chose Stag VIP Budapest stag do organizing company which is operating in Budapest. That’s why we decided to implement this super-promising recreation team building in Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Hungary has also experienced a variety of historical quarrels in the past. We had very good chances because the company’s offer met all our needs. There is no idea that seems unsolvable or seems extreme to them. There are also some very open minded female colleagues among us. So we had to put together future fun activities to adequately meet the needs of both male and female colleagues.

A couple of us thought we might have booked a little too many programs, but the organizing guy assured us that there would be time for everything and we wouldn’t feel like we just had to rush everywhere during the chosen activities.

So it has happened. Already our arrival at the airport was adventurous as we didn’t really know the local habits and were afraid a bit of how they would look at us when we showed up in Harry Potter costumes. (we also usually hold corporate Quidditch matches) which can be very weird for a few people but we really like Harry Potter though..

Thanks God there was no problem, just a lot of people wanted to take us photos even at the arrival in Budapest Airport. The organizing company sent us a huge party bus to the terminal exit which was packed with alcohol and soft drinks pre-ordered by us. We had a huge party from the airport all the way to the center of Budapest, where with the help of our tour guide we soon managed to check in for our art hotel style accommodation.

After a few welcome drinks, however, it would not have gone so easily without local help.

to be continued …

Why Slovenia is getting popular for Stag do?


Slovenia is a country of just two million people and can still offer all the beautiful sights and attractions you might imagine. This hidden gem in the heart of Europe, located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps has become one of the richest and popular tourist destinations. Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana has everything a main city has to offer. Infinite row of bars and pubs, wild nightlife, great restaurants with a long gastronomical tradition, fun activities and lot more. Therefore Slovenia is the right destination for your stag do party.

A small gem

Slovenia’s smallness is also its strength since it provides transitions from mountainous to the marine world in just less than two hours. Most people find this feature very fascinating, because they rarely meet with the opportunity to be at one time sliding on natural chutes and then in few hours they are already going down the wire in one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovenia.

Stag do in Ljubljana

Summer months are the most crowded with tourists coming from every part of the world to enjoy great weather, beautiful nature and relaxed atmosphere. Especially Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city, is becoming very popular for the younger travelers, because it offers lots of fun things to do. For this reason a lot of people come to party alone or in groups and in the last few years a specific group has started flooding Ljubljana – the stag do groups.
Because of the numerous skiing resorts you can have lots of fun also in the winter. Skiing by day and snow biking and sledging by night are very popular activities among stag do groups, so you can decide to come to Slovenia also in the winter time.

Why is Slovenia a TOP destination for stag do weekends?

Many foreign groups are choosing Slovenia for their stag party because of low cost airline flights, cheap beer, beautiful women, good food, beautiful nature and relaxed atmosphere. In addition to all of this, the advantage of Slovenia is also its small country size, which provides short distances and therefore quick access to all activities around the country.

The most popular and interesting activities for stag do group in Slovenia

Pub Crawl

Partying like a local with a private female guide at three different most popular central pubs in Ljubljana and a club as the last stop is something every stag group should experience. Every stag do pub crawl is a unique party experience if you want to have fun!

Cave kayaking

Kayaking through an abandoned mine, which leads to a beautiful underground lake. You will be paddling through a flooded underground mine while admiring incredible underground lakes. You will enter a flooded underground shaft and board your special kayak that can hold up to three people. With the help of a professional guide you will explore the underground labyrinth, submerged tunnels and excavation sites. At the end you will take a walk past the abandoned underground working sites to the mining train station.

White water Rafting

Imagine spending the day on one of the most beautiful rivers on the planet in a raft with your friends. Paddle like a team, party like a team. Rowing through the wilderness of untouched nature that you can observe during paddling the rapids of the most beautiful Slovenian rivers. Stag Slovenia offers you the whole organization of this adrenaline experience.


Rafting on the river gorges, where it descends and jumping on smaller waterfalls and ends between the beautiful pools. The trip consists of a descent through canyons, gorges and navigating natural obstacles such as natural slides and waterfalls from which you plunge into blue pools filled with crystal clear water.


Experience the exciting descent across 8 steel cables and enjoy the view of birds along the wild river and steep cliffs of the canyon while taking in the panorama of the Bovec Basin and Triglav.

A breathtaking ride by wire through the canyon Učja, allowing views, which are otherwise known only to the birds. Beautiful Bovec Green River Valley, cliffs, canyons, the view on the highest mountain Triglav – priceless experience for everyone! This adrenaline-fueled experience will certainly blow you away. The cables are suspended high over the canyon and extend over 2 kilometers while providing you with one of the most exciting zip line experiences in the world.

Adrenaline Day

Are you brave and not afraid of heights? Now you can finally prove it by taking part in these adrenaline-charged activities and also challenge the stag while you are at it! Adrenalin day is a contains several different outdoor activities such as high ropes obstacle course, tower climbing, archery, tube sliding, frisbee golf, downhill with a downhill bike, downhill with a downhill scooter and downhill with a mountain go-kart.

Shooting course

Experience a thrilling movie-like shooting course with your group of friends. You will have a chance to learn how to shoot and hit the target with three different guns: the gun, small caliber and 9mm.

Indoor skydiving

If you want to feel freedom of flying and experience something different, you should try indoor skydiving arena that re-creates the feeling of freefall and gives you the adrenaline rush you need! The next best thing to jumping out of a plane and appropriate for both complete beginners and pro skydivers.


New activity for all fans of football, where the ball is being kicked into the goal, where the holes are naturally adapted to the size of the football ball.

For more activities suitable for a stag do celebration in Slovenia, have a look here:

Twin hen do

To the great joy of our parents, we were born as twins. They always wanted to have two daughters. In a blink of an eye, this wish came true, not even thinking it would happen all at once. As we grew older, we had more and more similarities. Ever since we were young, our thinking was the same and we liked things like that. We liked the same games and our favorite subjects at school were the same. We didn’t disagree with fashionable clothes either. Fortunately, our need for couple choice was completely different. However, as twins and growing up as young girls, we wanted to get married at the same time. And it has happened, we have been proposed at the same time. That was an amazing moment.

Somehow we had to organize our party. After preliminary inquiries, many people unanimously suggested this hen do to their friends. We saw the positive reviews and we were very happy to finally find a reliable and professional company in Budapest. They only received positive feedback on their reliability and what exclusive weekends they can organize for hen do groups. We had a nice group of friends They also went with us to share our joy and experience with us this delightful program that was created for us.

A huge limousine filled with bar-level drinks awaited us on our arrival. Our uplifting mood was only enhanced by a very sexy sporty body male stripper. This proved to be a very good start. We arrived at our downtown hotel. After some rest, we were taken to dinner immediately. We liked the choice of food and drinks. We were satisfied with the attentive service and delicious cuisine. We were very cheerful and cheerful. Then we went on walking tour around the city center of Budapest.

After a few minutes of walking we saw the huge St. Stephen’s Basilica:

A few words about Basilica: We stood in front of one of Hungary’s most beautiful, significant church and tourist wonders. It was built in 1851 by a number of eminent architects, but was finally consecrated in 1905 and was built in stunning Neo-Renaissance style, do not express the praiseworthy attributes of this mighty church. And we were absolutely surprised only after that we entered into this breathtaking monumental sanctuary. In connection with the Millenium celebrations, the Archbishop’s High Authority in 1897 named St. Stephen the first king of Hungary, whose right hand is preserved here as a relic of the Holy Right. We continued our journey full of other beautiful buildings.

Switching to style, we went on a pub tour and received helpful drinks from our helpful companion at the pre-arranged pubs. In the latter place, a dwarf shackle clicked on our wrists, combining with the laughter of our friends. We were having fun and drinking. It was also an exciting day. The evening ended with a ruin club in downtown Budapest where people are always ready for some drinks and dancing.

Breakfast was served by a stripper and besides the delicacies we also got an erotic dance. During the day, we went on a monsteroller tour and ended up eating hamburgers and pizza slices at a local takeaway restaurant. Since we had a mixed group of friends, we went shooting, which as girls was not far from us. After all, women also like to shoot with different guns with their guns haha. The organizers took us everywhere by private bus as well as to this shooting range near Budapest. Very convenient solution. We arrived at a cultured indoor sports club. Everything was taken care of and we were carefully organized. We were puffing up with the firearms. We loved.
In the evening we arrived on the Danube for a two-hour cruise. Having a pleasant time, we went up and down the deck sometimes to the bar for a refreshment that we could freely drink. Above, we admired the illuminated beauty of Budapest. There will be plenty to tell the home.

Stag VIP Budapest crew with Peter along with our parents, who made it possible for us to have this weekend of twin girls together in Budapest were fantastic.




Sophie and Samantha

Sporty bachelor party weekend in Budapest

My old schoolmates with whom I used to go out in my childhood, even in high school and college, had a very good relationship from the start. We met many times in various pubs, youth clubs and talked about all kinds of things, politics about life, and most of all, the super hot pretty girls who spice up and determine the course of our lives. But definitely the most important thing because it was inevitable and for a long time we had a common passion for sport, because it was a very important and decisive aspect for all of us. As normal and as it used to be one of us was getting married. On a remarkable occasion, he proposed his girlfriend since they had been together from a long time.

We decided to organize a bachelor party for Him in Budapest and combine it with sporting events and other surprises. We decided everything and were looking for a reliable stag do company on google as it was very important to help us because they know the local opportunities best and together we have a well-developed itinerary based on their activity offerings. They arranged everything according to our request and even provided our accommodation in the city center of Budapest.

The groom did not suspect anything the only thing he knew is that he and his friends will spend a pleasant sporty weekend in Hungary. He was very surprised when we were greeted with a warm welcome after our flight by a hot local Guide and the icing on the cake was when a fabi Hummer Limousine rolled over to us. We headed downtown. We were offered with champagne and with a beer. It was sweet. At one point we slowed down because two elegant ladies motioned for us to stop. To our great pleasure a fantastic lesbian started on the rest of our way to the accommodation. The stag was really surprised at the time, and apparently enjoyed the sight of the girls dancing and stripping to the fancy music who instantly captivated all our imagination. We arrived at the Buda Castle District. We were in a cozy little street where we went with our little companion to check in our hotel, take a rest and refresh, before starting to explore this wonderful city.

Some Words about Mathias Church Buda Castle:

We arrived to the Trinity Column – a symbol of plague protection – built in 1255, the Matthias Church built in 1255, has undergone many rebuildings and rebuilds and is a jewel of the Buda Castle. Snow-white lined tower with colorful Zsolnay tiles is a famous building of the city. Behind the church you can see the Fishermen’s Bastion which surrounds the church named after a legend during the turkish siege this wall was protected by the fishermen’s guild. It consists of seven towers, symbolizing the seven Hungarian tribes settled in the Carpathian Basin in 896 AC. After checking all of this monuments we arrived to the Buda Castle. It was Built in 1243 based on contemporary descriptions, Béla the Fourth found it ready in 1255. We were admired for this stunning building, unlike Sultan “Suleiman” who set it on fire and robbed eleven days after his arrival in September 1526.

In the evening light of the castle quarter, which we stared at with glittering eyes from the downtown area, it was unforgettable.

We went to visit a strip club though we wouldn’t have done it by ourselves depressingly. From our own experience, we have realized that a beautifully constructed “path” should never be abandoned. But our stag organizer fixed our mistake and took us to a strip club the next day that was amazing for all ten of us. Together with an exclusive srtip club with a fantastic dinner, flawless beauty girls got rid of their tiny outfits.

The next day we went to play bubble football, it was very funny, we bounced on each other like sumo wrestlers. In the afternoon we went karting, enjoying our competitive spirit with some beers haha.

We received a pizza dinner at our accommodation, served on the body of a beautiful stripper. On the third day we were able to surpass each other with quad driving tour, we really enjoyed this extreme challenge. After a rest there was a pub tour where we matched our talent for bringing more drink glasses to your mouth. Everybody won. No one was left behind in this “athletic” activity.

Thank you for everything guys. It was an amazing time in Budapest.


Lucy’s hen in Budapest

My bestie Lucy was proposed last year before Christmas, and her future husband surprised her with a very nice ring. What our friends and me decided was to organize a funny hen do for her with lots of fantastic ideas. We chose by unanimous vote for Budapest as the place for the venue. We also chose based on the stories because we heard that the city is fascinating by itself with a vibrant youthful lifestyle and atmosphere. We secretly took a look at a lot of opportunities and then found a hen do company that seemed very appropriate to our ideas and ideas based on their offerings.

We got on a plane and hippo-hops arrived in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. At the airport, a tall handsome boy was waiting for us with a humorous sign on a board, which could only enhance our mood after a few glasses of prosecco on the plane. A giant party bus appeared at once, we were all comfortable with our fifteen packages so it was fabi at all. We were giggling with the girls ahead of time because the bride had no idea of the surprise awaiting her. A male stripper dressed in a Casanova costume came out of his hiding place with a very cool musical background. The pulsating music and the amazing strippboy’s fantastic erotic stripping and continued drinking drove us into an insane crazy fever.

We could hardly get up from our heightened mood by the time we arrived at our accommodation. Almost nothing was sensed on the way to the city center, but we have been able to fill this gap later.
We have refreshed ourselves and embarked on an exploratory journey with our pleasant companion Silard. Impressive buildings overlooked the bustling lively street scene, that was our second memory from Budapest. In a nice restaurant we got a glimpse of Hungarian cuisine and tasty Hungarian wines. That was an amazing evening starter.

Late in the evening, we went into a VIP Club with our escort, of course, where Lucy was handcuffed by a fortunate dwarf as one of the most popular stag and hen pranks of Budapest. Of course, she was not disturbed during her heavy lifting of glasses lol.
The next day, as Irish Amazons, we challenged each other for a fighting paintball match. We have combined this with some blue patches on our bodies, but that didn’t take anything away from the experience.

After this activity, to cool our wounds, we went to the luxury St. Gellert Spa, built in late Art Nouveau style on the Buda side. There are records of the miraculous springs dating back to the 15th century.

About Gellért spa:

It was very popular already because it was bigger and hotter than the modern baths. It was called the mud bath, a fine sludge deposited at the bottom of the pools, as a tribute to the rising silky spring water. Together with the hotel, it opened in 1918. Decades later, it was complemented by a wave beach and hot tub. The outdoor and indoor pools modern water purification equipment. All types of medical treatment are available for immediate use as our aching body parts were in dire need of this stress relieving option. We spent some really relaxing and pampering hours there.
The refreshed girls’ team became wolf-hungry, which is understandable after so much energy has been charged. In the early afternoon after a hamburger meal where we could pack everything into ourselves with some beers of course, in the evening, continuing the water-pleasures, we started a private boat cruise where we had an unlimited drinking consumption package. Reflecting the water of the Danube, we could admire the spectacular view of beautiful Budapest with sparkling glittering lights.

Unfortunately, our he weekend ended next morning. Without a doubt, the company was very well composed and excellent, everything was taken care from the smallest detail. My girlfriend will remember her weekend in Budapest with sweet memories even when she will be a grandmother.

Thanks,   Emily

Jamie’s stag

My name is Oliver, as a best man I organized my best friend’s last night of freedom. I wanted to make it funny and memorable for us. We’ve talked a lot with our friends involved in the stag party about where this super event would be held. Finally we decided on Budapest, which is famous for its amazing buildings , and the young beautiful decorative cheeky girls, and River Danube, which divided the two city sides, and the kindness of the people to accommodate foreign tourists.

I contacted this stag do company whose activity offerings I found to be very diverse and promising. I negotiated with them and they organized our bachelor party weekend. We arrived in this beautiful city where an eye-catching Tour Guide was waiting for us at the airport. On the way to our accommodation, a glamorous stripper appeared as a surprise the groom. We had a thrilling and super erotic full nude strip show. Top notch!

After our arrival, we went on a Mosteroller e-bike sight seeing tour to explore the inner city of Budapest.On the way we saw the magnificent buildings with outstanding architectural features. In the city center, the Dréher Palace, the Central Cafe, the Gerbeaud, the Klotild Palace, the Courtyard Paris, the Parliament, the Kossuth Museum Ship are unique and amazing. Not to mention the Chain Bridge, the Fishermen’s Bastion, the Castle Garden Bazaar. After a short break we went to eat lunch and taste the famous Hungarian spicy variety of dishes, where we had a special surprise in the form of a sexy topless waitress service.

We were eagerly awaiting the bustling bustle of Budapest in the evening. We were pre-orientated about the nightlife which provided  more luxurious and dazzling sight than the base of the narrative with its pulsating loud youth crowd. It produced the image of a real world city which never sleeps. To the surprise oft he organizers, the night was crowned by the wonderful exciting ladies of a luxury strip club near Basilica.

The next day was a bit hard because of the too much booze, but we were ready to go for shooting with real guns and tank driving, which was the ultimate desire of the lads and the stag. It was a very enjoyable and thrilling real mannish fun, just like an evening pub where a real dwarf handcuffed our groom Jamie. Next day, as a morning glory strip show, a XXL super fat lady dazzled us all with a super naked strip show. It was outstanding funny day starter activity. Then we went for Pálinka and wine tasting, which was are really tongue-inducing sensation, especially for the bachelor, who was a bit strong with these flavourful fruit drinks. We are used to drink beers with different degrees of alcohol percentage, but much lower of course, so Pálinka (Hungarian national drink) was hot and strong for us, but also very cool and tasty. This stag do weekend in Budapest impressed us with an unforgettable memory thanks to the excellent organization of the company, the stag, the lads, no one would want any other organizer except Peter who made this heavenly feeling unforgettable for both the groom and for the stag group with this great stag company, and with this extra-class team exclusively in Budapest. Such an upliftingly rich variety of colorful varied intriguing offerings for a lifetime of adventurous offerings in just the right way for everyone.

Highly recommend the stag vip crew.

Stag Party in Budapest

Budapest is the Paradise of the real Bachelor Party. Plenty of foreigners choose the Hungarian capital to have a good stag weekend or hen do, as not only is the city fabulous, but there are plenty of activities as well. Beer boat or bubble football, maybe a dawn party or some extreme sport? Anything is possible here!

Budapest, on the one hand, is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations (according to Conde Nast Traveler research). On the other hand, it’s amazingly beautiful.
Watch this any video if you don’t believe it. Plus absolutely friendly. Both in terms of people and prices!
And if all this still hasn’t convinced you, then it will:

Budapest is the mecca for Stag Do programs, supporting even the most daring ideas in the world with premium quality and an exclusive wave of ideas.

Let the city seduce you and entrust yourselves and the groom to Stag VIP Budapest, the best Budapest Stag Do expert. You will not be disappointed.
We have chosen our party organizing team from professionals who have really seen everything, yet can show new things every time!

As ambassadors for the new wave bachelor party, the cavalcade of regular programs here is just the beginning.
We give much more than that. The cream of the Budapest bachelor party ideas, the hot thrills and the most exclusive experiences!

Whether you’re already sitting in the limousine at the airport, enjoy the scorching heat of one of Budapest’s most impressive and luxurious strip clubs, the beautiful dancing girls, captivating all your senses on the big day to end with midnight with show programs and absolute VIP service.

An invaluable experience, yet at an absolutely affordable price, this is the Budapest Stag Do weekend provided by us.

“Let’s get on a beer boat, call a dancer, and have fun walking around town until dawn!” Unfortunately, because it promises simple and punchy fun, it doesn’t give the groom as much lasting experience as he deserves. Beyond the cliché, we’ve picked up some alternatives that your group and the stag my be looking for.

If your groom is a true extreme sports fan, try one of the following tips:

Archery tag
 Axe throwing
Bubble football
Quad tour

But if you think more solidly and have a good time, then here are some of the things you can do:

Beer boat
Steak dinner with strip show
Burger dinner with sexy waitress
Pálinka tasting (Hungarian national spirit)
Monster roller e-bike tour

These are also chosen by many stags:

Pub crawl
Gun shooting experience
Strip club visiting
Wine tasting
Spa visiting

Of course, for those who are partying, you need to organize a more vibrant, colorful, entertaining program. BUT! Feel free to mix the bachelor party program ideas! Start with a less active program where alcohol is not central. Eg. shooting, tank driving, car / flight simulator, go karting … By nightfall, you can start drinking programs like pub crawls, party bus, limo tour, club visiting etc.

Bachelor Party Program Supplies:

A personalized T-shirt is essential for the groom. Even if you do not dress up in all kinds of cyclic costumes, you should somehow differentiate the celebrated one! It’s also a good idea to have a T-shirt for the stag or hen group, so your team is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd that day.

Many people believe that the noisier and more unusual a bachelor party is, the happier the guy will be. Don’t worry, do your best to make your friend’s bachelor party a success for this century’s party in Budapest.

Things To Do in Budapest

Budapest can be a great destination not only for those coming from other countries, but as a Budapest resident, it is worth sometimes to look at the city with a different eye and admire all the beauty that makes it more attractive to foreigners. Here are some ideas to make your days here special and memorable.

This colorful gem of Europe is a perfect destination for stag and hen weekends and a perfect place for family Holidays.

We can safely say that Budapest’s spas are world famous. Most of them are historic buildings, so they are in themselves spectacular, but the idea of thermal water, massage and sauna makes them even more attractive. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Rudas, Gellért, Széchenyi – just a few of the baths where you can be guaranteed to relax. And best of all, we can do this not only in the summer but throughout the year!

Have a look at our spa party stag and hen do activities and book your private transfer too.

There are plenty of places on both sides of the Danube that offer fabulous views of the city below us. One of the must-see places is Gellért Hill.

Starting from Elizabeth Bridge, you can go up the small paths and stairs up the hillside, but if you do not want to climb a mountain, you can reach it by car. The Statue of Liberty here is sure not to complain about the view. You can also find the Castle District on the Buda side, from which you can admire any place in the city, be it the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Buda Castle or the Castle Garden Bazaar.

On your way to Deák Square you should definitely visit and climb St. Stephen’s Basilica. The 96-meter-high building is one of the tallest in the country and holds the “Szent Jobb” chapel. You can reach the top of the Basilica by stairs, or even by elevator, and you will see an unconscious beautiful sight from above when you leave the hundreds of stairs behind you. It’s good to know that we can go further from here than from the ferris wheel on Elizabeth Square.

If it’s a panorama, you should definitely mention the Budapest rooftop bars, where you can enjoy the Budapest view with a glass of wine. After sunset, the warm lights of the city create a truly special atmosphere. Ask our professional tour guides about the possibilities.

Elisabeth Square and Deák Square are popular places among young people in Budapest. During the summer months, space is full of people in the evenings, the heart of the nightlife. If you want to sit out during your stag do, this is the perfect place. We can even choose from a number of restaurants to sit in a comfortable chair instead of the ground. The Aquarium Club or the Fröccsterasz awaits you with fine drinks and pleasant music.

One of the best start for any bachelor and hen night in Budapest.

If you’re looking for fun in the evenings, the party district and the surrounding area are the perfect choice for accommodation.The seventh district of udapest is now known as the city’s party district. But there are not only bars and nightclubs, but also many restaurants. From Asian cuisine to Italian flavors to Hungarian dishes, we have everything you need. One of my favorite places is the Vintage Garden on Dob Street, where besides the delicious food, the special decoration makes us feel like a real fairy tale. The Marco Polo Top Ho (s) offers backpackers, the Atlas City Hotel, the Baross City Hotel and the Star City Hotel all offer a friendly and modern design, while the Atrium Fashion Hotel offers a true downtown boutique hotel atmosphere.

Make your bachelor unforgettable in Budapest by booking our night tours and club visiting activities.

Ruin pubs everywhere!

Feel free to check our pub crawl activities.

Take a look at the beautiful Chain Bridge from the newly opened Leo Budapest terrace, have a cocktail a stroll from St. Stephen’s Basilica in High Note Skybar, or enjoy the panoramic view of St. Andrea Wine & Skybar on Vörösmarty Square. Whichever we choose, we will have a special experience.

Next to Astoria is the Károlyi Garden, one of the oldest public parks in the city center. The well-kept, fenced and pleasant park is unique in Budapest and is a real miracle. Exiting the hustle and bustle of the capital, the tiny green island can bring peace and true relaxation to anyone. Children can have fun in the park’s playground, and in the more secluded area of the back, visitors can also meet a bunny. Next to the Károlyi Garden lies the Quiet Café, which, on each visit, offers its guests new surprises and mysteries due to its eclectic interior design.

You can also visit the area around Kálvin Square and Ráday Street, where you can also find great places to go when you are hungry, and just a few minutes walk from the Liberty Bridge or the Whale Terrace.

From Fővám Square you can continue on the Liberty Bridge over the Danube to the Buda side or via Budapest’s largest shopping and pedestrian street, Váci Street. Váci utca stretches almost 1.5 kilometers to Vörösmarty Square, where you can hang out in the halls of a huge Christmas market in the winter. Váci Street is home to many historic buildings, gastronomic specialties, luxury fashion shops and comfortable hotels. On the shopping street, our four-star La Prima Fashion Hotel and Estilo Fashion Hotel await our guests. The Promenade City Hotel and Cosmo City Hotel provide a three-star experience for travelers. The north and south sections of the pedestrian zone show a completely different face. While the southern side of the street has quieter restaurants and cafes, the northern part is dominated by tourists and crowds of shoppers.

It is also difficult to list the thousands of sights of Budapest. Each part of the city awaits us with different things to discover. From museums to theaters to the zoo, we have everything you need for a super weekend. The historic palaces of Andrássy Avenue, the monumental bridges across the Danube and the beautifully lit parliament building are all worth a look.

And if you want something special, try our boat cruise activities and see the city from a different angle. Stag VIP boat trips are available during the hall year, which takes you from Margaret Island to Petőfi bridge. Feel free to add special drink packages to your boat trip. The best idea for any stag and hen weekend in Budapest.

It is worth spending a few days exploring the city, as most capitals, Budapest, have plenty of fun and excitement. This is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, so I would strongly recommend that everyone visit here and take advantage of the city.

I’ve already fallen in love to Budapest, and you?

Gun Shooting in Budapest

Shooting with the right attitude and skill can raise anyone to the level of sportsmanship. Besides relaxation it requires constant attention and discipline. It is quick to learn and a perfect fun for any stag do in Budapest.



Gun shooting activity is becoming more widespread and is available in many parts of Hungary. In these cases, different types of weapons are best tried out, or even a professional combat simulation.

In this article, we’ll give you detailed information on adventure shooting to make sure you know what you’re up to when you book it for your stag weekend in Budapest. After reading this article, it becomes clear who can take part in such an activity, what weapons to choose from, and under what circumstances. The shooting range rules, etiquette and the role of airguns will also be discussed. Anyone, even underage children, can take part in the fun shooter itself. The law only determines who can work with what type of weapon. Guests over the age of 18 may request any of the weapons in the given shooting range. 14-year-old can now shoot with a shotgun, and from the age of 16 they can shoot at 22 caliber. Persons under the age of 14 may only practice air rifles or hold an official competition license.

What can I try?

In Hungary, public shooting ranges are open and and can be used for everyone. No permit is required for testing and practicing weapons. If you want to explore the world of sports, feel free to visit such an activity in Budapest. Although statistics show that more men are interested in shooting than women, shooting ranges also welcome female visitors. Experience has shown that with the right weapon, female shooters can easily compete with men. The same goes for children, because in this case too much depends on the choice of weapon.

Most public shooting ranges generally have five different categories of weapon to choose from. In many cases, it is possible to try several types of programs, while there are weapon-specific exercises. These five categories include pistols and revolvers, semi-automatic rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns and air guns. Within a given category, several brands are represented. The choice should not only be driven by curiosity, but should also take into financial opportunities, fitness and previous shooting experience.

Pistols and revolvers

These two sub-types fall into the category of handguns. It is a small firearm belonging to a firearm and distinguishes it from the rest by the fact that it is enough to hold one or two hands for a shot. Longer arms require resurrection or shoulder tightening. The revolver is easily distinguishable from any pistol due to its specific rotation.

Semi-automatic rifles

A rifle is a weapon of smaller mass and size with a lower range range than a rifle. It can also fire some type and series shots with its fire changer. This structure is able to switch between the two modes. It has a higher ammunition capacity compared to a rifle. Easy to recharge and use, shoulder support is needed for accurate targeting. It is usually used by the infantry as a personal firearm.

Sniper rifle

A sniper rifle is a weapon that is capable of outperforming a general infantryman’s weapon. With such a weapon, the focus is always on accuracy.

For this reason, rotary-sliding rifles are still used today because they are most effective. For head shots, the typical range is within 300 meters, while for busts, it is within 850 meters. For such long ranges, appropriate rifles must be used. Calculating the orbit is not an easy task as a 1000 m run with a 4 km / h wind pushes the hit 90 cm.


A shotgun is used by hunters on the one hand and a sport-specific version on the other. Typically they are distinguished by their operating principle, the number of pipes and their arrangement.

Air Weapons

Air guns do not count as sharp ammunition as they usually work with some kind of cartridge. It can be safely placed in the hands of children, used for paintball, or recommended for those who do not want to shoot with a sharp weapon. You can choose between a pistol, a rifle and even a machine gun.

An average gun shooting procedure

After selecting the weapon or weapons, you should undergo a shorter theoretical training. An instructor with many years of practice as a shooting instructor and with appropriate exams will take over the general knowledge of the shooter. These include demonstrating security rules, demonstrating the safe use of the weapon and how it works properly.

Please be sober guys 🙂

After that you can master the shooting mode correctly. The instructor will show you how to add a posture to the weapon of your choice, as well as targeting, breathing, firing and other shooting techniques.

The instructors pay attention to their guests as they provide useful tips to the shooter in addition to those mentioned above. These allow you to maximize the number of shots fired, making the experience even more memorable. Anyone who wants to shoot should arrive in the proper outfit. For outdoor practice, the weather should be adjusted and the indoor temperature should be regulated, which can be found on the site’s website. The look should be more athletic. For practicality, deep cuts or clothing that limits the shooter should be avoided.

Adventure shooting for kids: the air pistol

Adventure shooting can be enjoyed not only by adults and juveniles, but also by the little ones. They can also shoot with the type of weapon that suits their abilities and age. Today, there are several adventure shooting ranges for children who have acquired airguns very similar to firearms.

Usually, these devices work with either pre-compressed air (PCP) or CO2 cartridges. This means that the weapons do not need to be fired per shot, and one of their advantages is that they do not move or fire back when fired.

Air rifles are most often used for shooting and sitting upright. It is possible to mount binoculars and optical sights on the weapons for greater accuracy.

For children, shooting ranges not only provide a variety of weapons, but also create a variety of conditions. Challenging targets can move, spin, fly or tilt. Shooting ranges with a modern system can simulate sniper conditions, but you can also experience battlefield situations.

Shooting etiquette and rules

Rules of shooting behavior are bound and strict for the safety of themselves and others. They may seem too much first for first time shooters, but they can provide a good sense of practice.

The first and foremost rule is that the word of the shooter or instructor is sacred and all instructions must be followed without question.
In any case, make sure the weapon is charged or not.
In fact, the general advice is that all weapons should be handled as if they were charged, even if you just wanted to show them to someone else.

As a result, it is inappropriate to point the gun to other person. This kind of recklessness will not be rewarded by the instructor and he / she may request the offender to leave. The weapon should never be left unattended or touched by any other device.
You should only practice shooting in a clear state of mind and make sure that no one is standing near the target at every shot.
The necessary protective equipment should be worn at all times and should only be worn after practicing.
The gun should not rotate and the barrel should always point towards the target.

Who is advised to give adventure shooting?

Gun shooting in Budapest can be a good gift for anyone even it’s a stag do or a hen weekend as it is an exciting, varied activity. Like all outdoor and indoor sports, shooting requires full concentration during practice, but that price quickly pays off. The instructor’s instructions can produce spectacular results. As a result, insecure shooters will quickly gain self-confidence and will be able to continuously develop what they have learned.

Shooting is not age-related. It can be donated to kids and teens who love shooting video games as much as adult office workers or athletes. Able to teach discipline, and last but not least family or team building programs. As long as all parties adhere to the rules and etiquette of the shooting range, no major problem can occur.





Budapest Boat Cruise

A Danube boat cruise offers not only the pleasure of a boat trip, but also an eternal memory and feeling of life, while the energy of the water fills up with those around you. While our eyes are rested on the magnificent panorama of the Capital city of Hungary that surrounds us, we can wonder what we want to admire most, as there are so many sights to see, such as the Hungarian Parliament, the Buda Castle, the Matthias Church and our private boats passes through of the aforementioned beauties of the European city that never sleeps.

Budapest is well-known for its tourism, as visitors from all over the world come to visit us and admire the most beautiful and famous cities of our country, taste the flavors of Hungarian cuisine or consume our noblest wines. We Hungarians sometimes forget how fortunate we are to live in this country full of natural sights and forget to enjoy what is within reach.

On a boat cruise in Budapest, we can be richer with an insight into downtown life than a bird watching from outside as we glide through the quays of Pest and Buda, and then see the monumental buildings, whose evening lights captivate its admirers as the world the city with lots of cars and people in it. It is an uplifting experience not only for the stags and hens traveling here, but also for us Hungarians on a Budapest Boat Tour.

Stag VIP Budapest sightseeing ships offer you special experiences all day and all night. The one hour private boat ride offers discounts in addition to the breathtaking view of the city. Stopping near Margaret Island, you can spend one and a half hours of pleasant walks and relaxation among the trees. Buy tickets to rent bicycles, enjoy the Grand Hotel and Thermal Hotel’s cafes and restaurants, and even enjoy the hotel’s spa at 10% cheaper, or just getting drunk on the boat with some the stags. During the beer boat trip, you can enjoy the beauty of the capital, drink as much beer as you can and you can see the nipples of the nude beauties on board which is glorified by the night, with a glass of Jack & Coke. There are professional English speaking guides on our boat cruises to show you what’s interesting., or just hanging out with you and your lads. It is also possible to combine the evening Danube sightseeing with a one hour Hummer limo ride. The strip boat cruise is made even more intimate by the lesbian show, and the welcoming music besides your favourite drinks.

However, if you do not want to travel along the river with large group, you can even rent a boat for smaller bachelor or hen teams. The Our ships can carry up to 100 people and is accompanied by a 4, so the trip can be completely customized and tailor made just for your service in Budapest. In addition to sightseeing, we can take excursions to Dunakanyar, up to Esztergom, which is a great way to celebrate a birthday, a wedding anniversary or your last night of freedom.

If you want to make a private or corporate event truly unforgettable, you can count on the entire fleet of cruise ships and event boats in Budapest. We can find everything from forty to two hundred ships. Hungary’s largest and most equipped event boat is the Europe Ship, which offers an unparalleled gastronomic experience, a 330 square meter terrace, its own decorating team and many more.

Some words about River Danube:

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe (after the Volga). In Germany, in the Black Forest, flows two small streams, the Breg and the Brigach, at the confluence of the Donaueschingen and extends 2850 km southeast of the Black Sea. The whole territory of Hungary is situated in the catchment area of this river, its main branch is 417 km long, therefore it is a significant component of the country’s hydrography.

The 19th century brought a major change in the life of the Danube. It was at this time that Danube tourism began to sprout, especially in Germany and Austria. The first steamboat launched on the river in 1830, and from 1831 on a regular basis. In addition to passenger transport, freight transport also increased, and increasingly important industrial centers were established on the banks of the river, first in the German countryside, then with the establishment of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and in the Hungarian landscapes. In order to facilitate navigation, it was necessary to regulate the river, which, although begun in the 18th century, was largely completed only in the 1870s, upstream of the Iron Gate. (Vaskapu)

The Danube is one of the most popular destination for active and passive stag and hen do activities. There are many passenger boats on all sections of the river, but especially on the Wachau, the Hungarian Danube Bend, the Iron Gate Strait and the Danube Delta. Especially in Budapest, sightseeing boats are also important in Passau, Linz, Bratislava, Vienna and Belgrade. There are numerous tourist attractions along the river which attract many pople from all over the globe.

We are delighted to find that more and more tourist arriving to Budapest find us on the Internet when planning their trip, or through hotels, or even seeing our reviews on Trustpilot or Google.

However, we would like to show more Hungarians ourselves, our ships and the feeling of rocking on the Danube or even breaking the waves.

Budapest is divided by the Danube, but water transport is not used often enough. With our newest boats we have increased our capacity and strive to be there everywhere. Whether on the way to work, bypassing the traffic jam, weekend getaways, romantic sunset hikes or a Danube-side dinner. Thanks to the river, the range of variations is almost infinite, but the basis of the nautical experience is unique without any delicacy.

Don’t forget to add a Danube river cruise for your stag do activities or hen do activities.