This is Our FAQ Section.

  • Can we add extra activity during our weekend?

    We’ll try to do our best to add any activity to your weekend.

  • Can we drink before gun shooting?

    Please try to be as sober as you can. If somebody of the group is drunk, and it seems that he/she is drunk, the shooting range or we can cancel the program.

  • Can we eat something during the boat cruise?

    We have snacks for every boat cruise activity which is connected with unlimited consumption of drinks.

  • Can we get money back if we want to cancel the activity hours before it starts?

    Unfortunately we can’t. Please ask our sales manager or read our Terms & Conditions before the booking.

  • Can we get more hostess/host too?

    Yes you can, our hostess/host service is the bestest in Budapest.

  • Can we go to any strip club?

    No. Just which Stag VIP Budapest recommends you. And it’s only one. It’s the safest without any fake action.

  • Can we pay with card in the strip club?

    Yes sure. Safety.

  • Can we pay with Euros in Hungary?

    Mostly, but it’s easier to change it to local currency (HUF)

  • Can we use any kind of taxi?

    Only from an official taxi company. Freelancers could charge you lot more.

  • Can you help us to get drugs?

    Never. And please don’t try to get it from the streets. It’s illegal anyway, and it’s dangerous.

  • Do we change our money at the airport?

    Don’t you. Not recommended. Change it in the city or bring HUF from your country.

  • Do we need passports or ID-s to show before shooting activities?

    Yes sure. Our Tour Guide will inform you before the activity.

  • How much for a private dance in the strip club?

    10.000 HUF (€32) for a topless dance, 20.000 HUF (€62) for a full nude show.

  • How much is a beer in Budapest?

    It’s about €2.

  • How much is to take a taxi from our accommodation to another place in the city center roughly?

    About 2.000 HUF (€6)

  • Is the way long from Budapest Airport to the city?

    About 30-40 minutes depends on the traffic.

  • What happens when our flight is delayed?

    Nothing. We’ll waiting for you whatever happens.

  • What is the best time to go clubbing in Budapest?

    Between 11 pm and 1 am.

  • What is the best time to start a pub crawl?

    About 8 or 9 pm.

  • What is the best time to visit Budapest?

    Any time of the year, but the best is from April till the end of November.

  • What is the different between official and freelancer taxis?

    They are all yellow. The difference is the sign on the top of the taxi. If it’s black, then it’s a freelancer. We call them hyena.

  • What is the name of Hungarian Currency?

    HUF (Hungarian Forints)

  • Where can we buy cigarettes (fag) ?

    Only in tobacco shops. It’s easy to identify it. The sign is a red white green circle with number 18 in the front.

  • Who will waiting for us at the airport?

    Our Tour Guide (Official Representative of the Company) will waiting for you and will pick you up with the private driver.