Terms & Conditions


Once the group leader/leading customer (best man, or the person who requested the activities) has paid the deposit and the amount appears on our bank account your booking become valid.

We acknowledge your booking prior to sending a confirmation email, such acknowledgement will be an indication that stagvipbudapest.com processing your private price calculation and not a confirmation of it.

By making your booking, you will be regarded as having had the chance to have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of Stag VIP Budapest or stagvipbudapest.com.

Individual Proprietorship

Registered by: Hungarian Ministry For Home Affairs

You accept that the Lead Customer – usually the best man, or a chosen person from the group has the authority to deal with Stag VIP Budapest or stagvipbudapest.com

If for any reason there is a change in the Lead Customer, you should notify us in writing or by calling us immediately.

The Lead Customer is liable for payment of the amounts due and therefore is responsible for collecting all of the money and making payments by the due date.

The Lead Customer must be authorized to make the booking on the basis of these terms and conditions by all persons on the booking and their parent or guardian for all party members who are under 18 when the booking is made.

We can only accept any kind of booking if the Lead Customer is minimum of 18 years old.

Upon receipt of our electronic invoice and confirmation e-mail together with other documents we send you, please check them and contact stagvipbudapest.com immediately if any information appearing on the confirmation or any other document appears to be inaccurate or incomplete as it may not be possible to make any changes later.


Task and role of the Coordinator

-Our official representative is your actual Coordinator – in former quotations named as “Tour Guide”.

-She/He represents Stag VIP Budapest during the activities


Contact with the group after the arrival

Getting the group to the program by private transfer or on foot by arrangement.

Solving possible problems with the greatest flexibility

-The coordinator is not responsible for problems caused by the fault of the group during the activity.

-The coordinator can suspend or cancel the activity at his/her discretion, if he/she notices dangerous and inappropriate behavior on the part of the group towards him/her or our subcontractors/providers. In this case, we are not available to pay any refund.

-The coordinator is not there to entertain the group

Payment of Amounts

You must pay a non refundable 20% – 50%  deposit (depending on the number of the activities and the booking time ) within 8 days by electronic transfer after we confirm our final agreement.

This is an exception in unique situations, but it does not apply if programs fail due to a third party.

You must transfer the deposit 20% – 50% in HUF compared to an average rate given by our sales manager.


The contract signed between Stag VIP Budapest or stagvipbudapest.com  / Individual Proprietorship Registered by: Hungarian Ministry For Home Affairs and you as a whole group.

The contract is not individual. Once your deposit received, you automatically accepted our Terms & Conditions.


About the rest of the money: it is 100% your (Leader customer) responsibility to collect the remainder in one instalment and deliver the entire amount only in local currency (Hungarian Forint or Euro ) to the official representative of Stag VIP Budapest who is your Tour Guide on the first day of your trip before your first activity or at Budapest Airport when you arrive.


You can only pay in one installment. You must pay the rest of the money in Hungarian currency (HUF) or Euro compared to an average rate given by our sales manager.



Pricing Policy of Stag VIP Budapest

We have the right to use prices below other companies.

Our prices are valid for the smallest group of 6 people. If your group size is under 6 person, we have the right to use individual prices.

We are able to give you quotation in any currency but our prices are basically in Euros.


Changes and Cancellations by Stag VIP Budapest

We can cancel the activity if you late too much (20 + minutes), but we are always flexible.

We can cancel the activity if you or somebody from your group is too drunk, or under the influence of drugs.

We can cancel the activity if you make any damage in any of our subcontractor’s or our own property and we can obligate you to pay compensation in cash immediately, or we can call the police.

We can cancel your booking if you don’t arrange/transfer deposit 20%-50% within 7 days from our final agreement.

We can cancel all of the activities if you don’t arrange the rest of the money to our official representative (Coordinator) before the first activity.

We require all participants to treat our coordinators with respect, and any aggressive, disrespectful or offensive behaviour toward the Coordinator or any representative of our company will result in immediate cancellation of the activity and we have the right to deny the hall weekend.


Changes and Cancellations by you

The last time you can cancel the activities or activity is the 14th day before your weekend starts in Budapest.

The reservation can be canceled 14 days before the start of the activity or activities. Of course, this does not apply to last minute bookings that are made within 14 days. In case of a last minute booking, we reserve the right to ask for the full amount as a deposit and we will not be able to refund it.

We are able to refund 50% of the deposit if canceled by you until the 14th day before the activity. In case of cancellation due to a third party, we will not be able to refund the amount.

You can change the group number until the 14th day before your weekend starts in Budapest. In any other case we can obligate you to pay the price for the first group number that we’ve agreed. This, of course, doesn’t apply if you might want more people to come.

You can change any activity to another one or you can cancel any activity until the 14th day before your weekend starts in Budapest. You can add any activity any time.

We do not take responsibility for the quality of activities based on subjective suggestions. This means that because someone in the group does not like the quality of that particular program, you can’t oblige us to pay any refund.


Changes and Cancellations by third party

If the activities are not canceled due to fault of Stag VIP Budapest or our customers, but a third party (airline, government, etc.) our company will not be able to refund any amount.



We are not responsible of any injuries health problems or death occured by you or our subcontractors during the activities you’ve booked.



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