Bachelor weekend in Budapest

A bachelor weekend in Budapest  is a party you’ll never forget! It’s usually organized by friends for someone who is about to get married. Its purpose is to celebrate the last big pre-marriage party. Book your activities for your stag do weekend with us and celebrate your bachelor party in Budapest in Style! CHECK OUR […]

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Top 10 stag do destinations in Europe

Let’s see some usuful tips about the top 10 stag do destinations in Europe,especially Budapest. At least once during the summer, everyone travels for a few days to relax. It is obvious to target one of the most popular stag do destinations of Europe, Budapest. However, if we do not just want to fry our […]

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Stag do Budapest

  STAG DO BUDAPEST Stag do Budapest is not just a simple party weekend, it’s a must do once in the lifetime! You have arrived at one of the most important stages of your life, and despite all the warnings, you already have a date for marriage and you are bowing your head.If this is […]

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Daytime Activities in Budapest

Daytime activities in Budapest  for stag and hen groups. Nowadays, more and more news is popping up about foreign guys partying in the party district who are not reluctant to travel here from England and enjoy the champagne of Budapest. For several years now, the number of visitors has been constantly growing and other European […]

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Stag Do reviews from Budapest

Stag do reviews from Budapest are very important for new clients who would like to spend their weekends in Hungary. Many of you tend to choose a stag do organizer company based on your opinions about the company’s services. Now you are in the right place as Stag VIP Budapest has excellent reviews, and unlike […]

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Last minute stag do in Budapest

Last minute stag do in Budapest is very popular especially after covid situation when people don’t even dare to plan or book very ahead. The term itself is most commonly used in accommodations and trips, and means a discount option that can be purchased very shortly before the trip begins. ★CLICK HERE FOR LAST MINUTE […]

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Party bus for stag do in Budapest

Why do I choose a party bus activity for my bachelor party in Budapest? Party bus activity is a great choice do in Budapest whether it’s for a birthday or a stag do party, or if you just want to party a lot in unique atmosphere setting with lots of drinks and loud music while […]

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Why boat cruise for stag do in Budapest?

So why I choose a boat cruise for my stag do in Budapest? There are many answers to this but it is very easy to say why. It is an amazing experience to admire the sights of Budapest from a boat while sipping champagne or having a beer with friends. Of course, the spectacular cityscape […]

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Stag pranks in Budapest

STAG DO PRANKS IN BUDAPEST WITH WIDE RANGE OF DAYTIME AND NIGHTLIFE SERVICES Just as most bachelor weekend have a long tradition of joking with the groom, this is not different with us. Many of you ask why these extra activities are good if you come to Budapest for having a stag do weekend. The […]

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When do I plan a stag do in Budapest after covid?

When do I plan a stag do in Budapest after covid? Right now! This article is updated.   CLICK HERE FOR STAG DO ACTIVITIES IN BUDAPEST!   Many of our old customers have asked this in the last year, which has been quite difficult for customers and stag do companies as well in Hungary. We […]

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