Activities for stag do in Budapest

Bachelor party organizing in Budapest Are you going to organize activities for stag do in Budapest? Is the Hungarian capital a safe bet for this Stag Do? What original stag do activities to choose? Do you have to go through an agency to organize your stag do? We are living in Budapest and we have […]

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Budapest stag do guide

Budapest stag do guide just for you! Budapest stag do guide for the hard players! Have you decided to go to Budapest for your bachelor party in Budapest and are you looking for some ideas? Are you looking for originality and wild stag do party? We have everything you need for your group. With your […]

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Budapest stag do ideas

Budapest stag do ideas on the highest level Decision taken: bachelor party in Budapest with your lads, stag do activities with strippers and as much fun as we can have! CLICK HERE FOR STAG DO ACTIVITIES Let’s say there are too many things to do in the Hungarian capital, which is why you can’t come […]

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Best Stag do destinations in Europe

Best Stag do destinations in Europe in a nutshell That big day is coming when you have to organize your best friend’s bachelor party. There have already been a few ahead and you are looking for something different, special … What do you think of a bachelor party in Europe? If you organize it in […]

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Top 5 stag do destinations in Europe

Top 5 stag do destinations in Europe in few words: 1. BUDAPEST The Hungarian capital is the favorite destination of the bride and groom, their witnesses and friends, and that is anything but a coincidence: the city is magnificent, the Danube impressive, the open-air clubs ensure crazy nights, the baths allow you to to recover, […]

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Party in Budapest

  Party in Budapest In Hungary, Pest (nickname of Budapest) embodies a refined historical and cultural heritage, majestic architecture… but also a vibrant and pulsing nightlife! Travel through the crazy nights of the Hungarian capital to the sound of the rock and jazz scene of its underground bars. Modulate your tempo to enjoy the classic […]

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Organizing a stag do in Budapest

Organizing a stag do in Budapest With its unique atmosphere and its gastronomy, Budapest is ideal for a bachelor party full of discoveries! Set off for the never sleeping pearl aof middle Europe and enjoy the surprising and relaxing activities that will make this stay in everyone’s memories. Take advantage of our best rates quickly: […]

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Gun shooting packages in Budapest

Gun shooting packages in Budapest are World famous and the one of the most popular stag do activities. Considering my objective “to visit all the capitals of the world”, I obviously had to visit Budapest for a weekend. As usual, I find things to do and see on the internet, To my surprise, activity the […]

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Why to organize your stag party in Budapest

Why to organize your stag party in Budapest? It’s a very popular question these days. Do you want to have a really crazy bachelor party in a city that knows the recipe by heart? There is no hesitation, pack your bags for Hungary and direction Budapest! Budapest is the flagship destination in Eastern Europe for […]

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Party weekend in Budapest

Do you want to try a legendary party weekend in Budapest? Have you ever arrived in a city and felt at home? Despite the fact that Budapest is already touristy enough that it cannot be called a different destination to travel, it is still one of those repeated visits, a place to discover again and […]

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