When do I plan a stag do in Budapest after covid?

When do I plan a stag do in Budapest after covid? Right now! This article is updated.   CLICK HERE FOR STAG DO ACTIVITIES IN BUDAPEST!   Many of our old customers have asked this in the last year, which has been quite difficult for customers and stag do companies as well in Hungary. We […]

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Sexy stag do in Budapest

First of all as at the beginning of organizing a Sexy stag do in Budapest, we need to make sure what the group wants and what are the popular activities that will satisfy everyone’s needs. When a basic idea is formed we need to call on the help of stag do companies to put together […]

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Corporate break in Budapest pt.1

My name is Thomas. I live in a city where looking around step by step – I can admire more beautiful buildings that have a very complex historical background. Recalling both good and bad past events. I am an senior executive in an all-inclusive multinational company. Ours is a cohesive, high-responsibility group with several countries […]

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Why Slovenia is getting popular for Stag do?

  Slovenia is a country of just two million people and can still offer all the beautiful sights and attractions you might imagine. This hidden gem in the heart of Europe, located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps has become one of the richest and popular tourist destinations. Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana has everything a […]

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Twin hen do

To the great joy of our parents, we were born as twins. They always wanted to have two daughters. In a blink of an eye, this wish came true, not even thinking it would happen all at once. As we grew older, we had more and more similarities. Ever since we were young, our thinking […]

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Sporty bachelor party weekend in Budapest

My old schoolmates with whom I used to go out in my childhood, even in high school and college, had a very good relationship from the start. We met many times in various pubs, youth clubs and talked about all kinds of things, politics about life, and most of all, the super hot pretty girls […]

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Lucy’s hen in Budapest

My bestie Lucy was proposed last year before Christmas, and her future husband surprised her with a very nice ring. What our friends and me decided was to organize a funny hen do for her with lots of fantastic ideas. We chose by unanimous vote for Budapest as the place for the venue. We also […]

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Jamie’s stag

My name is Oliver, as a best man I organized my best friend’s last night of freedom. I wanted to make it funny and memorable for us. We’ve talked a lot with our friends involved in the stag party about where this super event would be held. Finally we decided on Budapest, which is famous […]

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Stag Party in Budapest

Budapest is the Paradise of the real Stag Party. Plenty of foreigners choose the Hungarian capital to have a good stag weekend or hen do, as not only is the city fabulous, but there are plenty of activities as well. Beer boat or bubble football, maybe a dawn party or some extreme sport? Anything is […]

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Things To Do in Budapest

Budapest can be a great destination not only for those coming from other countries, but as a Budapest resident, it is worth sometimes to look at the city with a different eye and admire all the beauty that makes it more attractive to foreigners. Here are some ideas to make your days here special and […]

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