Stag & Hen do abroad


Here’s some practical help for the first steps as a Best man or BFF if you want to organize a stag do abroad, or a hen do.

Draw up a list of your friend’s names for the invite list.

Determine the location – The most popular and the most affordable destination in Europe is Budapest


The involved ones need to know about the prices, detailed itinerary suggested by Stag VIP Budapest including accommodation, travel time and and possible stag do activities to all those concerned before booking.

Being a Best Man or BFF comes with responsibility of organizing the best Stag or Hen weekend and the Bachelor’s/Bride’s last night of freedom! The lives of a large group of friend are in your hands, but what the hell should organize for the big party weekend?

Your next step is to get some inspiration from the very best. Well guys you’re in the right place, as we have plenty of stag & hen do ideas for you. If you don’t find the exact activities that fit your plans, no worries, we don’t know the word impossible.

Let’s be clear about what Stag VIP Budapest mean by genuine Stag & Hen do ideas. In our experience when people talk about the stag or hen do weekend plans, they tend to forget that the destination is almost the most important thing beside the main programs. Keep in mind, that it’s a special treat, so you don’t want to be worrying about money while you’re there. Don’t be too stingy.

Where to do the big weekend?

Stag do destinations should be based on the requirements of the stag/hen and the hall group. How do you establish everyone’s needs? As Best man or BFF you will need to do a comprehensive research among your guys and the celebrated one. If the weekend is going to be success you need to ensure that everyone will have an amazing time and they’ll be happy during the hall weekend, even if that means it’s much different from your own idea of a quality time. That’s very important guy. Don’t be selfish. We know actual examples from last years. Budget, stag do activities and distance. The Holy Trinity of organizing. A stag do abroad has to be very cool!


If you’re in a new city like Budapest, you’re going to want some time just to explore this beautiful pearl of middle Europe. Getting around with a big stag/hen group of people takes a lot longer than you’ve ever thought. Planning really is key, so do your research about where to go and what to do well in advance. It’s good to involve other lads or girls in the planning, and it’ll take some of the burden off your shoulders. Always do a group chat!

Few words about the activities again

The boundaries can sometimes get pushed by more crazy activities such as stag arrest prank, dwarf hire, dominatrix show or bubble football for example – but more often than not they can be genuinely quite innovative.

Don’t want to feel like you’re rushing all the time. Let us help you to make it professional and relaxed.