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 Budapest stag do organizing like no one else do! STAG VIP is number one in customer support and activity organizing based on our brilliant reviews and our experience in party planning in Budapest. Happiness and fantastic memories are guaranteed, so don’t hesitate!


European pear Budapest, the best stag do destination in Europe.

Budapest in a few words

Budapest was always an outstanding cultural center of Middle Europe with it’s special character from the olden times mixed with the essentials of the new centuries. One of the most enchanting city split into two halves by the painterly River Danube, which is the second longest river of Europe.

The Royal capital of Buda and the commercial town Pest finally united to form Budapest 150 years ago. Budapest is one of the most developing cities of  Europe. The tourism is increasing because this beautiful pearl of Carpathian Basin is renewing year by year. Buda and Pest is now one huge metropolitan, but each side has different modality.

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Budapest stag do - Stag VIP

Budapest Stag Do – On the Highest level

Budapest is the best place to have a wild and crazy stag do weekend or just a simple party holiday with your lads. If you want to relax during the daytime preparing for the wicked night out, we have wide range of opportunities for you with the best stag do activities in town. A good nightlife in Budapest would be always a good memory!

Budapest stag do - STAG VIP

Traveling to Budapest from any European city is quite easy. You can hop on a plane and few hours later you are in wonderful Hungary. It is also very easy to find affordable plane tickets if you have time to plan your trip ahead. As soon as you arrive at the airport with your stag do group, an amazing lady will be waiting for you, and she will be your fantastic tour guide for the weekend.

Budapest stag do - STAG VIP

Order a Hummer limousine or a huge party bus and go to your accommodation like kings. Strippers, cold drinks and loud music. The Holy Trinity of the party weekend in Hungary. Budapest is now in the top 10 stag do destinations of Europe, don’t miss the chance to organize your bachelor weekend here.

And what will happen on my Budapest stag party?

Budapest stag do - STAG VIP

Of course, this is only the start of the day, so we will organize a  pub crawl for you in the evening, okay? Let’s say we meet at your accommodation at 20:00 and we will show you what a night in Budapest is like. Crowded bars, absolutely wicked atmosphere, beautiful women everywhere. You want to rent a dwarf to your buddy because why not?

Budapest stag do - STAG VIP

You can do it, man. Take him with you to our favorite strip club at the end of the bar hopping, because it will do a World of good for everyone.

Budapest stag do - STAG VIP

What are the plans for our second day in Budapest?

The next morning is sure to be a little hard to start the day because you’re probably drinking until dawn. No worries. We will start your day by sending you a little morning surprise.

How about a breakfast that a super sexy stripper delivers to you? It can be solved. We invented the stag breakfast activity with pastries and fresh cocoa and caffee. Wide range of morning glory stripper activities are also available during the hall year. Even with 2 girls or 3 in one time. Just to say so…

Stag do Budapest - STAG VIP

Of course by the time you are done with breakfast our wonderful tor guide will waiting for you in front of your accommodation, but this time with your private driver. Let’s start the gun shooting activity! In a unique way in Hungary, you can also try large-caliber weapons and snipers.

Our target shooting packages include plenty of guns and all of these activities come with a private bus transfer to get you there in the most comfortable and stylish way  on your stag do weekend.

Budapest stag do - STAG VIP

 After the gun shooting we will pick you up and let’s go for the ship. We have booked you a 1 hour private boat tour with an all inclusive drink package and two strippers.  So do you like it? There’s nothing better than an afternoon River Danube boat cruise with amazing girls and your very best music. Because it’s Simply awesome and it is a must!

In fact, we could speak about the best „stag do in Budapest” in lot more words , but if you click on our activities page you will find all the information there what you need for a fantastic bachelor weekend in Budapest, the best stag do destination of Europe.

How is the vibe in Budapest by night?

Most visitors from other European countries find Budapestians super friendly and eager to have a conversation. English is widely spoken, and making communication is very easy. Needless to say it’s easy to hook up with the beautiful girls and handsome boys.

Between the museums and historical sites, it’s easy to get a sense of the culture in the city. The city is so enormous, because it’s actually two cities in one. On one side of the Danube River is a medieval city of Buda with beautiful forests, hills and medieval atmosphere, and on the other is the modern never sleeping city of Pest.

Nowadays they form the modern capital and make for fantastic destination. Be prepare to be blown away by the most popular Stag&Hen do destination of Europe.

A really nice idea would be to hire a dwarf. Because you have every possibilities to do it.

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Budapest stag do - STAG VIP

Nightlife during a Budapest Stag Party

Budapest knows how to party hard, however, a big night out won’t break the bank. Swing by some of Budapest’s famous ruin bars in the party district area or taprooms that have sprung up out of defunct warehouses and old buildings.

The city is famous for these quirky bars that have kept the decaying industrial vibe and brightened things up with completely mixed decoration and styles. Be sure to grab a pint of local hand-crafted beer or more and shot of Hungary’s favorite Palinka spirit for one of the tastiest things to do in Budapest, the stag do capital of Europe.

After a whole day of amazing activities and memories, do you still have energy for bar hopping, dancing and clubbing until dawn? Sure you do, because it’s your time to celebrate!

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Legendary Stag and Hen do activities in Budapest

If you want a unique Holiday and want to have your Stag party or your Hen do weekend in Hungary, you need to know everything about the „Budapest Style”, so Let’s celebrate your bachelor or hen weekend with us. Browse our stag do activities in Budapest with wide range of daytime and nighttime opportunities.  We never think of our customers like a job, because we always thinking of you like our friends from a foreign country. That’s not just the only difference between the other organizer companies and Us.

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How to organize your first Stag or Hen do in Budapest?

There’s no question about that it’s a really great honor to be a best man first time in your life. It’s not an every day opportunity. Of course you want the best for your friend, brother, or sister, because it really doesn’t matter. You have to be cool!

In a few words, there are three very important things you’ll need to do very well: organize your Stag do activites in Budapest or Hen do events, and write a quality best man’s speech that is not so offensive but amusing, and help as much as you can before the big day.

Always feel free to ask!

These may sound hard, but don’t be scare guys, because with the a bit of planning and concentrating, you’ll succesfully accomplish this mission. Stag VIP is here to help you to organize your super succesful stag or hen do! Our Stag do activities and hen party sections will give you the best ideas of activities in Budapest.

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Choose between Hen or Stag activities

Accommodation in Budapest

Stag VIP Hotels

stag do accommodation in BudapestBooking hotels in the city can be more expensive, and most of them do not take Stag & Hen  Parties. Luckily Stag VIP Budapest gets the best prices, which we pass on to you. Because why pay full price for rooms and hotel service when Stag V.I.P can get you discounts in the best hotels of Hungary?


Stag VIP Apartments

party apartment in BudapestIf you think stag/hen party budgets are better spent on strippers, beer and rush activities, quality tasting and dinner programs than hotel rooms choose a Stag VIP Apartments. Our super modern flats are centrally located, in the middle of  pulsing heart of Budapest. All are equipped with a kitchen. Most come with double beds but if you book accommodation with us early enough we may be able to give you an option for single beds.


Stag VIP Hostels

We have the best solutions to spend your time in Budapest without spending a lot of money. For Hostels we only provide the most popular ones because we will always aim to put you in your own rooms. Not shared with other people. The Hostels are located in the pulsing heart of the city center of Budapest, so you will find it easily after a long pub crawl or club night provided by us. We can also add breakfast, morning glory strippers/hot man to your booking.




They said about Stag Vip Budapest

Thanks Peter and Eva
Thanks Peter and Eva. Great trip. We did bubble football, shooting and boat trip. All three were great with excellent planning and communication from the team. 100% recommend.
Jamie Barrow
Great experience!
We went with a group guys from the Netherlands and it was perfect! Tnx Peter! Peter organsiz  
Absulutely brilliant service
Absolutely brilliant arrangements by Peter for our Budapest trip... he is very trustworthy and customer centric.. all the people in our group...
Brilliant service
Brilliant service. Suggestions kept coming and last minute adjustments to the plan were sorted out. Exactly what you should be booking if you're doing a stag night......
Everything was perfect
Everything was perfect, second time in Budapest and second time we went with Stag VIP Budapest. We particularly enjoyed the shooting, it's a must!
What a crew
What a crew! We entrusted Pete and his team with our Stag's bachelors weekend in Budapest. We where spoilt for choice from the different options and, we went for a...
Trustful and professional service
Trustful and professional service. Trustful and professional service from day one until the end. First time travelling to Budapest for a stag party and they nailed...
Last minute stag
Had a stag do in Budapest and were let down at the last minute by some of the things we booked, Peter’s company stepped in at super short notice to rescue everything...
Very well served from the start to the end
Very well served by the team behind Stag VIP Budapest from start to finish! We were very taken care of all the time and even had a tour guide with us showing us around...
Perfect hag do!
Peter the organiser went above and beyond everything we asked for.. The party bus was amazing and our tour guide Trixie was awesome! Such great fun for our mixed...
Becci Crampton
100 % Trustworthy
Professional from the beginning to the end. Awesome activities with the best tour guide ever. Peter rocks!
Simply the best stag do
Stag VIP Budapest provided an excellent well organised Stag. From the start, when the VIP bus collected us at the airport to finish when it dropped us back, it was...
Michael Baylis
Wicked service
Wicked service! This company has style. We'll come back for sure!
Very best
Very best activities, all for good price, highly recommend the hall staff. Our Hen weekend was unforgettable.
Cheeky guide
Best services, hottest girls, the guide is wicked!! Highly recommend Lejla!
James McNolan
Come and try Stag VIP guys! Our hen do was absolutely sick! Highly recommend!
Highly recommend!
Wonderful experience, very good organized and serious way to give you a 5 star service. Highly recommend!!!!
Legendary weekend!
Peter organised a great stag do, from private chef, bar crawls with beautiful girls to getting us all too and from Sziget festival. All round top bloke who will go...
Nice company!
Nice company! Very friendly, work fast and correctly... We will be back!
William VDB
Great tailor made service
Great tailor made service. Looked after our stag group of 18 guys from the UK. Awesome weekend!
Agy Dhaliwal


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