4 Gun Shooting

Gum shooting Budapest stag do activity

Experience the adrenaline rush of gun shooting Budapest stag do activity, featuring four powerful firearms: Ruger MK IV, Glock 17, Kalashnikov Saiga 9, and M4 Carbine RRA LAR16. With a 5-shot capacity for each weapon, participants can unleash controlled firepower in the heart of the city.

STAG VIP offering a unique and unforgettable experience for both novice and experienced shooters alike. Immerse yourself in this thrilling Gun shooting Budapest adventure, combining the rich cultural backdrop of Hungary with the excitement of firing iconic firearms.


4 Gun Shooting in Budapest includes:

  • Ruger MK IV - 5 shots
  • Glock 17 - 5 shots
  • Kalashnikov Saiga 9 - 5 shots
  • M4 Carbine RRA LAR16 - 5 shots
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Budapest, the heart of Hungary, is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. However, for those seeking an adrenaline-fueled experience, the city offers more than just traditional sightseeing. In recent years, a unique and thrilling stag do activity has gained popularity - gun shooting with professional coordinators.

This description delves into the heart of this urban firepower adventure, exploring the firepower of four distinct firearms: the Ruger MK IV, Glock 17, Kalashnikov Saiga 9, and M4 Carbine RRA LAR16.

Gun shooting Budapest package includes:


Ruger MK IV - Gun shooting Budapest

The Ruger MK IV is a classic choice for those seeking precision and accuracy. With its sleek design and user-friendly controls, it has become a favorite among shooting enthusiasts. Featuring a 5-shot magazine, participants in Budapest's stag do activity can experience the thrill of firing this reliable semi-automatic pistol. Its ease of use and consistent performance make it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced shooters alike.

Glock 17 - Gun shooting Budapest

Renowned for its reliability and durability, the Glock 17 is a staple in the world of handguns. Manufactured by the Austrian company Glock, this semi-automatic pistol is chambered for 9mm ammunition and boasts a 5-shot capacity. With its ergonomic design and minimal recoil, participants can enjoy a smooth and controlled shooting experience in the heart of Budapest. The Glock 17's widespread use by military and law enforcement agencies around the world attests to its exceptional performance.

Kalashnikov Saiga 9 - Gun shooting Budapest

The Kalashnikov Saiga 9 brings a touch of Russian firepower to Budapest's stag do scene. Based on the iconic AK platform, the Saiga 9 is a semi-automatic carbine featuring a 5-shot magazine. Known for its rugged construction and reliability, this firearm provides participants with a taste of Russian engineering while enjoying the thrill of controlled shooting in a professional and supervised environment.

M4 Carbine RRA LAR16 - Gun shooting Budapest

For those craving a taste of military-grade firepower, the M4 Carbine RRA LAR16 delivers an authentic experience. With its 5-shot capacity, this versatile and compact rifle is a popular choice among military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Participants can feel the power and precision of the M4 Carbine as they navigate through Budapest's urban shooting range under the guidance of professional coordinators.

Professional Coordinators - Ensuring Safety and Excitement:

While the thrill of firing these powerful firearms is undoubtedly the highlight of Budapest's stag do activity, safety remains paramount. Professional coordinators are on hand to provide expert guidance, ensuring that participants follow proper safety protocols and enjoy a secure shooting experience. These coordinators bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, enhancing the overall excitement of the activity while prioritizing the well-being of all participants.

Budapest's urban firepower adventure offers a unique and unforgettable stag do experience, allowing participants to wield the Ruger MK IV, Glock 17, Kalashnikov Saiga 9, and M4 Carbine RRA LAR16 in the heart of the city. With professional coordinators ensuring safety and providing expert guidance, this activity combines the thrill of shooting with the rich cultural backdrop of Hungary's capital. For those seeking an unconventional and exhilarating stag do, Budapest's gun shooting activity promises an unforgettable adventure.