Roly Poly Mud Wrestling

budapest mud wrestling

Budapest mud wrestling is a must Stag do activity in town! Don’t loose the chance to get dirty with our XXL lady and have fun with your lads during the stag being humiliated the funniest way.


Roly Poly Mud Wrestling in Budapest includes:

  • Mud wrestling bar renting
  • XXL lady stripper and an average lady
  • 1 round of beer
  • Additional transfer is available
  • Additional strippers are availabe
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Budapest mud wrestling

Mud wrestling in Budapest is certainly the most trashy activity during a stag party in Hungary! It starts with a show of 2 pretty strippers. Suddenly, our 165 kg stripper arrives... She forces the groom to enter a pool filled with mud, then begins a fight that your friend will never forget!

Attention: the groom clearly takes "expensive", he must be open-minded to participate in this activity!

The activity lasts about 45 minutes (time spent on site) and only the groom participates in the "fight". For security reasons, it's not a real "fight" but rather a funny erotic show where the groom will be confronted with 2 fake sexy wrestlers, then with a much more... imposing opponent! He will be able to shower on site at the end of the show.

For a less "trash" version, you can opt for the normal version of the mud fight.

XXL Lady mud wrestling in Budapest

XXL lady Mud fighting has quickly become one of the most requested activities at bachelor parties. Intense wrestling takes place in the best mud wrestling club in Budapest. A piece of advice, combine the useful with the pleasant. At the end of hostilities, reserve the bar for a few more hours. Just to drink a few more shots and enjoy more sulphurous lapdances (not included in the price).


A charming local guide to accompany you from your hotel.

First round of free beer.

2 sulfurous and enthusiastic Hungarians ready to do battle in the mud, and after a super Fat lady comes.

2 rounds: During the first, you see a fight between girls. During the second, the future groom joins our two wrestlers for a cracra and sexy fight.

Possibility to add additional rounds (in pairs): a third round with a stripper for 79 euros or with the Roly Poly stripper for 95 euros.



-Price corresponding to minimum groups of 5 people.
-Smaller groups can book, in this case the price will be recalculated.
-No transportation included.
-Shower and towel provided is not provided
-The future groom must be in underwear or bathing suit.
-The start of the activity is until 7 pm maximum.

Two sexy young girls approach the groom, push him into a pool and after long caresses blindfold him... and then he discovers that it was all light.

The stag may be athletic, gifted or strong, but he will not win this fight that you will always remember.

Details :

The guide will pick you up at your accommodation and you will go together to the place of the activity by walk (you can book private bus if the group is too large)

The Budapest mud wrestling takes place in a private club

The quay is in the city center, you can go there on foot, by public transport or by taxi at your expense.

A shot of palinka to cheer him up, and the groom will soon find himself in a hot lesbian show of two young girls in the mud.

The second part of the show is made by a stripper weighing more than 150kg, whose naked forms will mark you forever.

Provide a towel for the dirty groom, there is the possibility of taking a shower after the show.

The activity can be done at any time of the day, morning or night.
Duration of the activity: 60-70 minutes all inclusive (duration of the show: 20 minutes).