Mud wrestling

mud wrestling Budapest

Budapest is one of the top stag destinations of Europe! Did you know that mud wrestling is a national sport in Turkey? Never mind. It’s better with two Hungarian super beauty. Just imagine how sexy is, when two super hot chick making an amazing lesbian show ON YOUR BODY! If you are a man and really good friend of the stag, please don’t let this sick dirty action go. The sexy atmosphere, the titties, and the lough of the lads will make an unforgettable memory.


Mud wrestling in Budapest includes:

  • Pretty tour guide
  • Lesbian show involving the stag
  • 1 round of beer
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Mud wrestling Budapest edition has quickly become one of the most requested activities at bachelor parties. Intense wrestling takes place in the best strip club in Budapest. A piece of advice, combine the useful with the pleasant. At the end of hostilities, reserve the bar for a few more hours. Just to drink a few more shots and enjoy more sulphurous lapdances (not included in the price).

And if for your bachelor party in Budapest, you offer the stag a mud fight? These ferocious warriors will surprise you not only for their fighting ability. The future groom will have to face them in a wrestling simulation! Enough to make your stag do in Budapest truly memorable!

Attention: the groom clearly takes "expensive", he must be open-minded to participate in this activity!

The activity lasts about 45 minutes (time spent on site) and only the groom participates in the "fight". For security reasons, it's not a real "fight" but rather a funny erotic show where the groom will be confronted with 2 fake wrestlers... really sexy! He will be able to shower on site at the end of the show.

If you want to play a big joke on your friend, we recommend the XXL mud wrestling Budapest deluxe!

The guide accompanies you to the club where the activity takes place, accessible on foot from our accommodation in the city center.

Useful information :

The show is organized in a bar in the city center.


The guide will pick you up at your accommodation or at the meeting point and you will go together to the place of the activity.

The bar is in the city center, you can go there on foot, by public transport or by taxi at your expense.

Once the beers are served, the groom will quickly find himself in a torrid show of two super sexy young girls in the mud.

This is not a real fight, but an erotic show in an inflatable pool with a little mud or oil according to your preference, just let us know in advance.

In the first part of the show the girls dance for the whole group and in the second part the groom will be in the mud with the two girls in the inflatable pool.

The room is privatized for your group during the time of the activity.

We give a towel to the groom, there is the possibility of taking a shower after the show.


A local guide

Transport access

The place is right in the center, you can go there on foot, by public transport or by taxi at your expense.

Security rules

The organizer reserves the right to refuse groups arriving in a drunken state or under the influence of drugs, in case of dangerous behavior the activity is immediately suspended.