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Footgolf Budapest edition is one of the newest sporty stag do activity in Budapest.

The best for any sport lover and you can add this popular stag do activity to your lad weekend almost any time of the year. The golf course is beautiful and the atmoshpere is always on top.

Try to be the best foot golf player of the group!


FootGolf in Budapest includes:

  • Transfer to the venue and back
  • Pretty model hostess guide
  • 9 sections
  • 2 rounds
  • Welcome beer
  • Prize socks for the best 3 players
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Learn more about Footgolf Budapest

Footgolf: a hybrid game between football and golf

The rules are simple: it's like playing golf, but instead of using a golf club to hit the ball in the hole, you use your feet with a real soccer ball. The team with the fewest hits possible wins the game!

The instructions are the same as in classic golf, there are 9 or 18 holes in all. Each hole has a flag and is 60cm in diameter.

Challenge: don't think it will be an easy game! The course will be strewn with pitfalls for a more intense and fun competition.

You must be 4 minimum for this activity or 4 maximum per team; perfect for organizing a Footgolf activity in Budapest with an organized team!

Why choose Footgolf for a Budapest Stag Do?

Perfect activity for any size group! Whether you are 10 or 20 people celebrating your friend's bachelor party, you will have as much fun with several different teams. No need to be an experienced golfer - anyone can play footgolf!
The game lasts 90 minutes. Which is more than enough to let off steam and move on to another activity in the same day. In the same category, discover Bubble Football and play a game of football in inflatable body zorbs for more fun!

Created in 2009 in the Netherlands, footgolf has become a trend that is only growing from year to year. So give it a try for a lot of fun with friends!

How to book footgolf?

STAGVIP allows you, in just a few clicks, to select the offer, the date, the time of your choice and to reserve your land with ease for your bachelor party or that of your friend!

Would you like to book a game of Footgolf in Budapest? No problem, STAGVIP offers hotels and apartments in the city of your choice as well as a private shuttle that will take you to the place of the activity.

Once there, you will get all the necessary equipment to start the game and a guide will be available to explain in detail the rules to follow.

In the same vein as Footgolf, discover other stag do activities such as a game of Escape Game to do with friends. Book as soon as possible on our website for maximum fun!

With STAGVIP, planning a bachelor party has never been easier!

But what is Footgolf?

FootGolf, like golf, consists of getting the ball into the hole with as few blows as possible.

All member countries of the International Federation of FootGolf were invited in 2013 to give their opinions on the rules, with a list of additional options. It is generally played under the individual stroke play format, taking into account all the strokes played and also the penalty strokes from the 1st to the 18th hole.

The goal being to achieve the smallest number of shots, the shots are established in "par" to facilitate comparisons between FootGolfers.

Par is the number of strokes to be made for each hole. A player who made 1 shot over par (+1) will have a better score than the one who made the hole with +3 over par.

During a competition each player has his ball, more or less different from his opponents of the day if possible. Each FootGolfer takes their turn from the starting point. For the rest of the shots, the player with his ball furthest from the hole will shoot.

The ball must be touched by a frank contact, without accompanying the ball. From any part of the foot...except the sole. Since 2015, the rules no longer allow this way of shooting, in fact it could lead to discussion about "accompanying the ball".