Macaron & Wine

macaron tasting budapest hen do

Visit one of the most exclusive midtown vinothek in the heart of our beautiful Budapest. Get the grips with Hungary’s 1500 year wine making traditions.

Taste the World-famous Hungarian wines with delicious macarons in a unique atmosphere with your friends during your weekend in Hungary. Everybody wants to spend time in such a fabulous wine-vault with local wine lovers and bohemian people.


Macaron & Wine in Budapest includes:

  • 3 or 6 Top Quality Hungarian Wine & Macaron / Person
  • Local english speaking guide
  • Pálffy Pince l Köveskál Egytőről Olaszrizling 2017 & Vanilia Macaron
  • Merfelsz Pincészet l Szekszárd Zweigelt Rosé 2017 & Plum Macaron
  • Böjt Pincészet l Eger Bikavér / Bull's Blood 2015 & Chocolate Macaron
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