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Go Kart Budapest for stag do! Hey, if you don’t like traffic jams, here is your place. Crash into your friend’s car, be rude, do whatever you want, but please never try it in the streets. Ok?

Add go kart activity in Budapest to your Stag or Hen weekend in Budapest and you’ll never forget this superb memory.


Go-Kart in Budapest includes:

  • Professional tour guide
  • 5 minutes clocker
  • 12 laps racing
  • Prize giving ceremony
  • Round of beer after the racing
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Go Kart Budapest - The racing stag group

Rev up the excitement for your Budapest stag do with an adrenaline-fueled Go Karting experience—an activity that promises high-speed thrills, friendly competition, and the flexibility of indoor or outdoor racing based on weather conditions. This action-packed adventure is complemented by the convenience of private transfers, ensuring a seamless and memorable celebration for the groom-to-be and the entire stag party.

Your stag group begins the day with private transfers to the specially selected Go Kart in Budapest. As you arrive, the anticipation builds for a day of racing and camaraderie.

The Go Kart Budapest experience offers the flexibility of both indoor and outdoor racing, depending on weather conditions. Whether you're tearing through the twists and turns of an indoor track or navigating the open-air circuit, each option guarantees an exhilarating and memorable adventure.

Professional instructors ensure that every member of your group is briefed on safety measures and the rules of the track. Once suited up in racing gear, your mates are ready to hit the track and unleash their inner speed demons.

Capture the excitement with photos or videos as your group competes in fast-paced races, jockeying for position and striving for victory. Go Kart Budapest is not just a race; it's an opportunity for your mates to bond, showcase their driving skills, and create lasting memories during the Budapest stag do.

Consider customizing the experience further by incorporating challenges, additional racing formats, or even arranging prizes for the fastest drivers. The private transfers and the option for indoor or outdoor racing make Go Kart Budapest a standout stag do activity that caters to the preferences and excitement levels of your entire group. Get ready for a day filled with speed, competition, and unforgettable moments on the track!