Budapest Nightlife

Party time in Budapest usually starts after 11 pm. but the best time to start a pub crawl is about 9ish. The best of Budapest’s nightlife center in the party district of the city with wide variety of nightclubs and bars. This part of the city called the pulsing heart of the never sleeping Budapest. The best place to have a mind blowing night. Every weekend, and nowadays even on weekdays, locals and foreign people love going out in the city. Most bars , pubs, clubs, and strip bars are open until 4 or 5 am.

Night out in the Capital of Hungary offers plenty of options to play. Whether you want to chill, drink, go mad or all of the above, Budapest has the very best spots to satisfy your craving for one last party with the Stag do Group or with the Hen Do squad.

Ruin Bars or Ruin Pubs are the most original places of Budapest. Basically, old buildings and unused outdoor spaces have been transformed into chaotic fancy bars that serve cheap but high quality drink and give off friendly atmosphere with locals and foreign people as well.

The entry fees to most bars and dance clubs are usually around 1 000-2 000 HUF (€3 – €7). Booze is relatively cheap, so you can get drunk without going bankrupt. (about €2 for a pint)

You must be over 18 if you want to buy alcohol or cigarettes in Hungary.

If you visit Budapest you must visit Deák square. It’s one of the most popular meeting point in the city, and a significant intersection of Hungarian youth. The area is full of clubs, bars, restaurants, and you can wantonly sit outside in the huge park of the square.

You can meet hookers advertising themselves on the street especially in Király street and Dob street. Don’t ever spend a single cent on them, because they might rob you. You can easily find drug dealers on the same street but never buy anything because drugs are dangerous and it’s very illegal to use them in Hungary.

Budapest is the most popular stag do destination in Europe, and it’s full of strip bars. Never go to any strip bar without asking us. We can take you to an elegant and safe one. The other could charge you with fake amount of consumption.

If you want to look at the city from different angle, try Buda side where you can easily climb up to Gellért hill with a bottle of wine (drinking is not aloud on the streets), and admire how amazing Budapest is. You can find open air music clubs especially summer time like Romkert club or Pontoon near the astonishing Chain bridge.

The public transportation is very good at late night or early morning as well, but you can easily take a taxi (only from a company). Freelancers could charge you lot more. They have black sign on the top of the roof.

Popular clubs of Budapest

Peaches & Cream

Budapest number one R&B and Hip Hop club with amazing parties and colorful variety on quality drinks. The party starts by 10 pm, but the place is not crowded that time. Peaches & Cream is the official partner of Stag V.I.P Budapest. We can take you there by different ways or we can book the best tables for you. Peaches & Cream is a safety and well trusted nightclub with unique atmosphere and professional services. Book your table with us.


As many clubs are closed near Basilica area 5kert became the number one club in that area. The drinks are more expensive but the quality is on a higher level. The club is full of beautiful local girls and hot local boys. This club gets full very soon, as it opens by 11 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There are two dancefloors for different music and one hidden Club uniquely in the Club called the Secret Room. Don’t let the opportunity to visit this pearl of the 5th district.

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One of the greatest party complex of the pulsing 7th district of Budapest. Fogasház became mainly music club, with from the quiet evening acoustic gigs to the night DJs of all kind. Thematic parties or current bashes, for all it was worth, and still it’s one of the most popular nightclubs of Budapest. In 2017 Fogasház and another famous club Instant melted in one big party complex. It’s usually the last station of our legendary pub crawls. Interesting and exciting to see how a one-room underground ruin club became the biggest and the bravest concern, the first grandiose party venue in the capital, what had never be seen here before. We are pretty sure they won’t let us down with the newnesses.

Aquarium club

One of the biggest event halls in the city center of Budapest. Deák square perhaps the best-known meeting point of downtown Budapest, and this club is in the middle of everything. There is always a good concert and a smashing exhibition, performance, or other event happening here, in a friendly scene, situated right in the city center. Even if it’s just a relaxing cocktail with fine food on the terrace, or a trance night till early morning this place is is unbelievable with it’s different shades.

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