Car Smashing

Topless car smashing in Budapest

Car Smashing in Budapest is available for any stag do or team building! Unleash your inner beasts and anger! Have you ever wondered what it felt like to go crazy and smash someone’s car? Here you can! Car smashing is a MUST! Take a hammer and enjoy this moment of destruction while crushing an old clunker on your stag do in Budapest!


Car Smashing in Budapest includes:

  • Pretty tour guide
  • Private transfer
  • 1 car to smash
  • Professional smashing kit and tools
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Unleash the beasts within you! Have you ever wondered what it felt like to go crazy and smash someone's car? Here you can! Take a hammer and enjoy this moment of destruction while crushing an old clunker!

The future groom is getting more and more nervous as his big day approaches? Or are there any of you who like destroying things when you're pissed off?

The stag do is the best time to realize this need or this desire, without any consequences! We have a great idea for you to relax!

Car Smash in Budapest  is the best way to deal with your anger by smashing a car, without thinking about the damage without impunity.

Get in good shape, it's not as easy as you might think! You will need all your energy to completely destroy the car. At the end, you will feel relieved and ready for the other activities of the evening! Decreasing price according to the number of participants and the number of activities chosen Discover the Car Smash and put some action in your stag party in Budapest!

Do you want a little originality for this stag do and are you looking for an activity that makes a mark? Look no further, the Car Smash is for you!

You have an appointment at a car junkyard for an afternoon you won't soon forget.

On site, our instructors will welcome you and equip you with helmets, gloves and protective glasses to ensure your safety during the activity.

You can then embark on a relentless destruction of a car already destined to die in the scrapyard. And to do this, you will have all kinds of tools! Bats, crowbars, hammers, iron bars... anything goes. The Car Smash is a completely unusual activity that guarantees you a moment of total relaxation for this bachelor party in Budapest! Discover the Car Smash, the ultimate activity to let off steam during your bachelor party in Budapest!


What is the Car Smash activity?

Dear friends of poetry, go your way! Here, no worms... Let off steam! You are in the presence of the ultimate activity in terms of anger management. Unleash your fury and figure out how much damage you can do to the car before you run out.


Why do this activity for your stag do in Budapest?

The principle is quite simple: you are welcomed in our partner "junkyard" where an intact car will be provided to you as well as a whole range of tools such as sledgehammers, hammers, iron bars... You will have to do everything possible to overcome the vehicle and reduce it to pieces!

It's just a big kiff to be able to destroy everything without impunity, don't you think? We have all dreamed of being able to do this at least once in our life. Your bachelor party in Budapest is an opportunity to realize this childhood desire.

In a stag do, you always have to plan activities that you wouldn't normally do, it's exactly the type of activity that the car smash is. The Car Smash is probably one of the best activity ideas ever invented for a bachelor party.

If you have chosen Budapest as a destination for a bachelor party, it is surely for its extravagant side, a city where everything is possible, where you let go completely, where you can meet up with friends and have a lot of fun of memories. Besides, it's the perfect activity to challenge yourself, don't you think? For example, who will smash the steering wheel first, or who will do the most damage overall. Of course, the loser will have a pledge, such as paying for his evening tour.

The Car Smash is an activity that fits completely into this weekend perspective. At this activity, you are guaranteed that you will be exhausted and therefore after the effort, the comfort. This is the perfect time to rest in the famous baths of Budapest. If you're thirsty, a good tasting of local beers seems the best idea, or if you're hungry, regain your strength with our all-you-can-eat BBQ.


The course of the Car Smash activity:

The guide in charge of your group picks you up at your accommodation or in the city center (depending on your program), she accompanies you to the place of the activity in a private minibus. The location of the car smash activity is about 30 minutes from the center of Budapest.

At the end of the activity, still in the company of your driver, drops you off at the place of your choice in the city center.


This activity is potentially dangerous! Don't be drunk and don't endanger other participants... but we're sure you're responsible people, aren't you?! In any case, listen carefully to the instructions of the instructor, it can always be useful. Also be aware that he wants to better avoid hitting the tires, it is potentially dangerous with rebounds and recoil.

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