Why to organize your stag party in Budapest

Why to organize your stag party in Budapest? It’s a very popular question these days. Do you want to have a really crazy bachelor party in a city that knows the recipe by heart? There is no hesitation, pack your bags for Hungary and direction Budapest! Budapest is the flagship destination in Eastern Europe for a stag party. Urban legends tell that it is even the cradle.


With departures from all airports, Budapest is THE city for a successful bachelor party! We let you discover it now.

Friendly places, affordable prices, a wow party, the biggest limousine in the world … delight your senses watching a sexy brawl in jelly, indulge your taste buds with Goulash, relax your body in thermal baths and unleash the party animal hidden in you in the ruined bars … Budapest has all the ingredients for the perfect cocktail for a memorable stag party, so be ready!

Our best activities for your stag party in Budapest

To help you, here is a program of activities ideal for your bachelor party in Budapest. For your first evening, we advise you to do the surprise stripper activities at your accommodation and the vlub night with hostess service. The Crazy Night consists of a bar crawl with a guide, one strip club entrance and one club entrance with party hostess service. A word of advice, you should combine this activity with Hummer limo pick up with booze packages!

On your second day of stag do in Budapest, wake up to a “Sexy Pizza Wake Up”. It’s just great, a stripper wakes you up and delivers you pizzas, the groom of course has the right to a show. Then, we advise you to do the “Man vs Dog” activities an activity where the future groom will have to face a ferocious German Shepherd or the “AK 47 Shooting”. Finally, it is unthinkable to do a stag do in Budapest without going to the “Baths”! For your evening, it’s “Medieval Feast” and “Box & Bottles”.


Nightlife for your stag party in Budapest
In our destination Budapest, our best activities to do during the day are: – Paintball – Clubbin with the best hostess service – Shooting – 5/5 football vs sexy girls. We also offer totally unusual activities such as: man vs dog – sexy pizza delivery – XXL lady handcuff prank

For the evening, here are our best activities to do during your stag party in the city of Budapest: crazy night – box & bottles – medieval feast. We also offer new activities such as: the stag breakfast- fake arrest – bubble football – party bus tour – VIP strip club visiting

It is in the heart of Budapest that we find one of the largest party districts in Europe, Budapest’s nightlife is among the best and cheapest you will find in Europe. Budapest is rich, wild, colorful, and won’t disappoint if you like to party and club until dawn. No question on why organize your stag party in Budapest.

Whether it’s in mega clubs, relaxed Ruin bars or crazy VIP reservation club nights, Budapest is a truly unique nightlife destination, ideal for stag parties where surprises come one after another.

Although Budapest will fascinate you with its impressive variety of clubs and bars, we suggest stag do activities like the guided pub crawl for a stunning and intoxicating night. Perfect for the first night, you will get to know the best watering points in the city, you will avoid spending the night wandering between places that do not interest you.

Our tour guides know Budapest like the back of their hand and will take you to the best places, from famous Ruin bars, to gigantic clubs. During the guided pub crawl (crazy night), they will adapt to your tastes and desires.


In addition to having one of the largest party districts in Europe, this city also offers you first class entertainment which is very suitable for a bachelor party. Budapest really supports the performing arts, like sexy fight or Dinner with a Lesbian Show, limo or luxury limo striptease, body sushi or even renting your own private boat.

Let’s talk about the Hungarians, they are not only beautiful, they like to party just as much as you guys. In nightclubs, they are often the majority, here it is not a problem to arrive in groups of 10 friends or more.

More tips and ideas for your stag party in Budapest

When it comes to a large group of boys, we always recommend arranging airport transfers like Hummer limo or party bus with stag pranks and surprise striptease show. No hassle and no stress with organizing public transport or taxis.

Whether you want a standard minibus or start partying in a Party Party, Limousine, Hummer or Daddy Limo (the world’s largest limousine accommodating groups of up to 33 people), we’ve got you covered. all. Moreover, know that you can add a striptease option in all these transfers.

To accommodate you, we are sure that you want to be close to activities and the best places to party in order to fully enjoy your stay with friends. This is why we have several types of accommodation, all perfectly located. There is something for all budgets: hostel, hotel, apartment, we even have a crazy apartment with exclusive stripper services.


Budapest is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe and it is rich in culture, history, art and architecture.

Top attractions include Buda Castle, Stephen’s Basilica of the Hungarian Parliament, Fisherman’s Bastion, Danube Promenade, Matthias Church, Heroes’ Square and the 19th century Chain Bridge that connects the hilly district of Buda in Pest. If the visit is on the program, you will be able to discover these beauties during your stay.

To get from one activity to another, we offer minibus transfers, this makes your weekend easier, everyone is quiet. In the evening as at the airport, we recommend the Limousine trip. A great classic for stag parties in Budapest.

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice, we have many ideas to spice up your activities, especially your nightlife.

Why organize your stag party in Budapest? I hope its clear now my friends.