Bubble Football

Bubble football stag do hen do Budapest

Bubble football in Budapest is crazy and it’s the funniest stag do activity what you have ever could imagine. Strap yourselves into your own one man body zorb and split off into teams. Start the game and you will have a 60-90 minutes of unstoppable laughing experience during your Stag weekend in Budapest.


Bubble Football in Budapest includes:

  • English peaking guide
  • Body zorbs – 60-90 minutes of heavy laughing
  • Professional referee
  • Transfer to the venue and back
  • Free round of beer / cider after the game
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Bubble Football is very similar to classic soccer. However, the way to play may surprise you! The objective is always to score as many goals as possible, except that the players of each team compete in a large transparent bubble. The feet then remain free to brave the opponents and seize the ball. You will be able to move your opponents several meters without danger.

1.The King of the Circle

The King of the Circle game consists of eliminating all opponents by taking them out of the circle. There is no team; you will play against each other. Players will be positioned around a circle, on an outside line. The start will be at the whistle. As soon as a referee eliminates a player, this one cannot return to the game. The last player inside the circle will become king. The King of the circle can only be played on a synthetic field. It's a very popular game for any stag do in Budapest.

2. Spartacus

In the game Spartacus, two teams will compete to knock down all the players of the opposing team. As soon as a player touches the ground with the wall of his bubble, he will be eliminated and he will have to retire to one of the four corners of the field. The number of points of the winning team will be counted according to the number of the stag do players remaining in the respective teams who have not been eliminated.

3.General Tao

Before the start of the game, each team will have to determine a general. Generals will wear a bib. They will then have to greet each other in the middle of the field in order to identify themselves properly. As soon as the whistle is blown, the two teams will have to compete to bring down the general of the opposing team in order to win the game, this is the objective of the game. All players, apart from the generals, can fall and get up again without being eliminated from the game.

4.Cockfighting game

In the cockfighting game, a number will be randomly assigned to each player. When the first team is completed, the same series of numbers will be distributed, randomly, to each player of the opposing team. Before the start of the game, the referee will draw a number at random. The two opponents with the same number will have to position themselves at each end of the field. The two players will have to compete to bring down the other. This game is ideal for smaller bachelor groups in Budapest.

5. Bubble Hockey

The objective of Bubble Hockey is the same as that of traditional ice hockey. The game consists of kicking a giant puck inside the opposing goal. However, the players do not have skates on their feet. They have fun sliding on an indoor or outdoor ice rink. Fun is guaranteed!