Stag Breakfast

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Strip breakfast Budapest is The only one and original stag breakfast is the best day starter activity after a hard night in Budapest. Our super sexy strippers deliver you delicious food with an amazing sweet professional strip show at your accommodation. Our breakfast with the most professional strippers in Budapest makes your day!

Nothing better than some fresh food and boobs!


Stag Breakfast in Budapest includes:

  • Fresh pastries for the group
  • Delicious dairy products (cocoa, ice coffee)
  • Super sexy morning glory strip show
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Strip Breakfast Budapest - The ultimate stag experience

Kickstart your Budapest stag do with a touch of indulgence and a hint of cheekiness with a Strip Breakfast—an extraordinary and unforgettable morning activity that combines the joy of a delicious meal with the excitement of adult entertainment. This exclusive experience unfolds at your accommodation, creating a unique and private celebration for the groom-to-be and the entire stag party.

Picture this: Your stag group gathers in the comfort of your accommodation, ready for a morning filled with surprises. As you settle in, a spread of fresh pastries, fruits, and a selection of tantalizing treats is laid out for you, setting the stage for a sumptuous breakfast.

But the Strip Breakfast Budapest is no ordinary morning affair—prepare for a cheeky twist. As your group savors the delectable spread, a professional and charismatic stripper discreetly enters the scene, ready to add an unexpected element of entertainment to the morning. The dancer will captivate and entertain your party with a playful and tasteful performance, ensuring a memorable start to the day.

Pair this indulgent breakfast with refreshing iced coffee or any other beverage of your choice, creating the perfect blend of sophistication and excitement. The private setting allows your group to enjoy the performance and each other's company without any distractions.

Capture the laughter, camaraderie, and unexpected moments with photos or videos as the stag party enjoys this unique and cheeky experience. The Strip Breakfast Budapest is not just a meal; it's an opportunity for your group to share laughs, bond over a delightful spread, and create lasting memories during the Budapest stag do.

Consider customizing the experience further by adding personalized touches, themed decorations, or even arranging for additional surprises to enhance the celebratory mood. The Strip Breakfast Budapest promises an unforgettable and indulgent morning, adding a touch of cheekiness to your stag do celebration. Cheers to a breakfast that goes beyond expectations!