6 Gun Shooting

Budapest gun Shooting

Budapest gun shooting is an ultimate stag do activity invites thrill-seekers to wield six powerful firearms, each with a 5-shot capacity. From the precision of the Ruger MK IV to the iconic Glock 17, the old-school charm of the Alfa Revolver, the tactical precision of the Tippmann Elite M4 22 Tactical, the Russian touch with the Kalashnikov Saiga 9, to the military-grade firepower of the M4 Carbine RRA LAR16, participants are in for an unforgettable experience.

This curated lineup ensures a diverse and action-packed celebration in the heart of the Hungarian capital. Guided by professional coordinators, Budapest’s 6-gun shooting stag do stands as the pinnacle of thrilling festivities.


6 Gun Shooting in Budapest includes:

  • Ruger MK IV - 5 shots
  • Glock 17 - 10 shots
  • Alfa Revolver - 5 shots
  • Tippmann Elite M4 22 Tactical - 10 shots
  • Kalashnikov Saiga 9 - 5 shots
  • M4 Carbine RRA LAR16 - 5
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Budapest, known for its historic charm and vibrant atmosphere, has become the perfect destination for those seeking an adrenaline-pumping stag do experience. Amidst the city's rich cultural backdrop, an exhilarating 6-gun shooting activity awaits, offering participants the chance to wield iconic firearms such as the Ruger MK IV, Glock 17, Alfa Revolver, Tippmann Elite M4 22 Tactical, Kalashnikov Saiga 9, and M4 Carbine RRA LAR16.

With each weapon boasting a 5-shot capacity, Budapest's gun shooting extravaganza promises an unforgettable and action-packed celebration.

Budapest gun Shooting Package includes:

Ruger MK IV - Precision and Power:

The Ruger MK IV takes center stage in Budapest's gun shooting lineup, offering participants five shots of precision and power. With its sleek design and user-friendly controls, this semi-automatic pistol provides both novices and experienced shooters with a thrilling experience. The Ruger MK IV's accuracy and reliability make it an ideal choice for those looking to kick off the stag do festivities with controlled firepower.

Glock 17 - Budapest gun Shooting

A staple in the world of handguns, the Glock 17 brings Austrian engineering to Budapest's stag do scene. Featuring a 5-shot capacity, participants can embrace the reliability and durability of this semi-automatic pistol. The Glock 17's minimal recoil and ergonomic design ensure a smooth and enjoyable shooting experience, making it a favorite among shooting enthusiasts.

Alfa Revolver - Old-School Charm with a Modern Twist:

Injecting a touch of old-school charm into the lineup, the Alfa Revolver offers a classic yet modern shooting experience. With its 5-shot capacity, this revolver provides participants with a unique feel and a sense of nostalgia. The Alfa Revolver is a testament to timeless design and remains a standout choice for those seeking a break from the semi-automatic options.

Tippmann Elite M4 22 Tactical - Budapest gun Shooting

For those craving the tactical precision of a rifle, the Tippmann Elite M4 22 Tactical delivers with its 5-shot capacity. This semi-automatic carbine combines versatility and accuracy, offering participants a taste of military-grade firepower. The Tippmann Elite M4 22 Tactical adds an extra layer of excitement to Budapest's stag do, blending the thrill of shooting with tactical precision.

Kalashnikov Saiga 9 - Budapest gun Shooting

The Kalashnikov Saiga 9 brings a touch of Russian firepower to the Hungarian capital. As a semi-automatic carbine with a 5-shot capacity, participants can experience the rugged construction and reliability that the AK platform is known for. The Saiga 9 provides a unique opportunity to embrace the legacy of Russian engineering in the heart of Budapest.

M4 Carbine RRA LAR16 - Budapest gun Shooting

Bringing the ultimate firepower to the stag do celebration, the M4 Carbine RRA LAR16 offers a 5-shot burst of military-grade precision. Its compact design and versatility make it a popular choice among military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Participants can feel the power and control of this iconic rifle under the expert guidance of professional coordinators.

Why choose this mannish stag do activity in Budapest?

Budapest's 6-gun shooting stag do activity stands out as the ultimate celebration, combining the rich cultural backdrop of the city with an exhilarating experience that includes the Ruger MK IV, Glock 17, Alfa Revolver, Tippmann Elite M4 22 Tactical, Kalashnikov Saiga 9, and M4 Carbine RRA LAR16. With each firearm offering a 5-shot burst, participants can expect a thrilling and action-packed adventure, ensuring a stag do that will be remembered for years to come. Embrace the firepower, enjoy the expert guidance of professional coordinators, and make Budapest the backdrop for your unforgettable celebration.