Pálinka tasting (national drink)

pálinka tasting stag do hen do

Visit one of the most exclusive midtown vinothek, and pálinka bar in the heart of our beautiful Budapest. Get the grips with Hungary’s 1500 year wine & Pálinka making traditions. Taste the World-famous Hungarian spirit with delicious food in a unique atmosphere with your friends during your Stag/Hen weekend.

Everybody wants to spend time in such a fabulous place like this. Be careful, pálinka is for hard players.


Pálinka tasting (national drink) in Budapest includes:

  • 9 different Pálinka from the great pálinka selection (per person)
  • 1. Kosher Plum
  • 2. Kosher Apricot
  • 3. Kosher Pear
  • 4. Irsai Grape
  • 5. Red Currant
  • 6. Cherry
  • 7. Quince
  • 8. Plum
  • 9. Pear
  • Fingerfood: Ham, Salami, Cheese, Bread, Pickles
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