River cruise with booze

river cruise with booze in Budapest

Take a river cruise in Budapest on the beautiful World famous River Danube. Gather up your Stag/Hen party and enjoy your time with unlimited Booze consumption.

Our professional English speaking tour guide will pick you up with our private bus any time during the day even it’s daytime or nighttime regardless of weather conditions. A river cruise in Budapest is always a unique experience of the holiday even it’s a stag or hen do or just a simple party weekend with your friends.

You can add strippers, Roly Poly dancer, hot man dancer, midget prank or anything what you want.


River cruise with booze in Budapest includes:

  • English speaking tour guide
  • 1 hour boat cruise
  • Unlimited booze consumption
  • Private transfer available
  • Additional hours available
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Budapest river booze cruise - The boat party

Indulge in an unforgettable evening along the enchanting Danube River with the Budapest River Booze Cruise, a unique and vibrant experience that combines stunning cityscape views, lively entertainment, and a well-stocked bar.

This cruise is not just a journey through Budapest's iconic landmarks but a celebration of the city's spirit, amplified by the beauty of the illuminated riverside.

As you step aboard the cruise, you'll be welcomed by the gentle sway of the boat and the shimmering lights of Budapest's historic buildings lining the riverbanks. The evening kicks off with an atmosphere of excitement as you mingle with fellow passengers, both locals and travelers alike, creating a dynamic and friendly ambiance.

The cruise is designed to cater to your every need, featuring a fully stocked bar where skilled bartenders craft a variety of cocktails, pouring local and international spirits.

Sip on your favorite drink as you take in the breathtaking views of Buda Castle, the Parliament building, and the Chain Bridge—all illuminated against the night sky.

To add to the festive atmosphere, live music or a DJ sets the tone for the night, ensuring that you can dance the evening away or simply enjoy the melodies as you relax on the open deck. The Budapest River Booze Cruise is perfect for couples seeking a romantic evening, friends looking for a lively night out, or solo travelers eager to meet new people in a captivating setting.

Whether you choose to bask in the warm glow of the city lights from the comfort of the boat's interior or venture outside to feel the cool breeze on the open deck, this cruise promises an immersive experience that captures the essence of Budapest's nightlife. The combination of dazzling cityscapes, delicious drinks, and vibrant company makes the Budapest River Booze Cruise an unmissable highlight for those seeking a memorable and lively night on the Danube.