Stag Shooting

gun shooting budapest

Mannish, crazy, amazing! Just for a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss gun shooting in budapest. Try our various stag packages and ask for the real shooting experience. No stag do without this badass activity!


Stag Shooting in Budapest includes:

  • Wide range of gun shooting packages
  • Private transfer
  • Pretty tour guide
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Gun Shooting in Budapest is the flagship activity of the stag do party: the weapons of our childhood video life-size and with real ammunition! The perfect stress reliever for a stag do that makes an impression! How many times have you pretended to have a gun in your hands, playing it Tony Montana?

During a Stag Do, you are given the chance to make this dream come true. You will experience the incredible sensation of having a firearm in your hands! Take advantage of a wide choice of weapons, from the classic glock to the sniper through the essential AK47. We assure you that this activity is an opportunity to spend a pure moment!

Find below all the destinations where you can practice stag shooting. Before the session, a local instructor will explain all the rules to ensure your safety.

Learn more about AK-47 Shooting in Budapest

Celebrating a bachelor party is to have the opportunity to do activities that we are not used to doing during the year. AK-47 shooting is one of those missions that must be performed during your best friend's stag do!

Shoot Kalashnikov AK-47 with live ammunition: yes, it is possible in many destinations in the East. At your service, a shooting range and a qualified instructor to allow you to put yourself in the shoes of a real soldier of war.

As a group of friends, make your friend's dream come true and book a day of Kalashnikov shooting for extreme stress relief and a guaranteed feeling of pleasure.

Play military for immense fun

A private driver will pick you up at your hotel or apartment and take you to the activity site. Whether you book your AK-47 shooting in Budapest or Kalashnikov shooting in Krakow, the instructions are the same:

After your arrival on site, a guide will be at your service to explain to you how the weapon works and the number of ammunition you have (45 ammunition in principle). He will put on your safety equipment and explain the instructions to follow. Be aware that the guides at your disposal are former special forces soldiers, so you should listen to them carefully.

Once you are familiar with your gun and have your gear on, the game can begin.

A military decor and weapons of war to get into the game

You will be immersed in a former military site with breathtaking landscapes. Each of the group members will have their own target and will start shooting in turn. Attention ! Your rifles will indeed be loaded with live ammunition.

You will have several different weapons at your disposal: Kalashnikov Shotgun, KBK 22. And many others depending on the destination you have chosen. All this for a total of 45 rounds per person! Want more shots? No problem, you have at your disposal what to buy on the spot.

At the end of the shooting, a medal ceremony will be set up for the crowned winner who has passed himself off as the best James Bond of the band!

Book this essential activity quickly on and take advantage of the many offers included in the package.

If you enjoy this kind of activity, stagvipbudapest offers you to let off steam as a team with a Paintball fight or an archery battle for a sensational bachelor party.

What to expect during a Stag Shoot

Holding a weapon in your hands gives us a special feeling. First of all, the weight of the gun seems to contrast with the BB guns and other trinkets we were messing around with. Then comes the loading phase, and I can tell you that engaging the chagreur gives us a very nice little thrill. Pull the barrel back "click", let it return to the "clack" position, you are finally ready to test the power of the beast. Aim, hold the weapon firmly in your hands and pull the trigger.

Since I'm nice and don't want to spoil the fun for you, I'll leave it to you to discover the rest of the story for yourself. To tell you the truth, it's something inexplicable as the feeling is so indescribable...

In summary, not choosing the shot when it is available in the chosen destination is heresy! But hey, we forgive you if it's for paintball or quad biking.