Gun shooting packages in Budapest

Gun shooting packages in Budapest are World famous and the one of the most popular stag do activities. Considering my objective “to visit all the capitals of the world”, I obviously had to visit Budapest for a weekend. As usual, I find things to do and see on the internet, To my surprise, activity the number 1 bachelor activity is a gun shooting session.


Despite my aversion to weapons (and also my fear, no doubt, since I close my eyes with each blow of the hammer…), I decide to give it a go. After all, it was quite original as a stag do activity, right? My choice therefore fell on the STAG VIP BUDAPEST, which was rather well rated and seemed to offer a good choice at a price that seemed more than competitive to me!

You must book in advance on their site, choosing the gun shooting package in Budapest package that interests you the most. So I opted for the “Greatest Hit” which seemed quite nice to me (basically which included the names of weapons that I often find in movies or novels …).

So I arrive in Budapest, I enjoy the city a little with the 40 degrees it is there, then it’s time to take the train to the shooting range. Indeed, it is a bit out of town, so taxis or public transport are required. For my part, Me and my lads took the streetcar followed by the train, and it was pretty easy.

Once you arrive at your destination, you discover an industrial area and you wonder if you are really in the right place (or if you would not have fallen into a trap like in the movie Hostel…). Once the right building has been found, we are a little reassured, even if we are under stone vaults, with a prison-style door that separates us from the “armed” rooms.

We sign a waiver, we are given the protective glasses and earmuffs. Then we are taken to the shooting range. We are quickly told how to shoot without risking killing someone or tearing a hand with a semi-automatic, before presenting the weapons in question. In my case, there were enough of us to shoot two at a time.

One thing is certain, I quickly started to sweat! We start with the smallest weapon, but I was already stressed out at that point. As I progress to bigger guns, my stress increases (as does the fatigue in my shoulders: this whole mess is really heavy!).


When I get to the magnum, the triggered explosion freaks me out. But it’s both exciting, I have to admit! I had just seen tough guys arrive at the club dressed as Rambo, but frankly, once the gun was in hand, it didn’t make me want to mess around at all! I really realized the “power” and the danger of it.

When I got to the big guns, I had a hard time lifting them because my arms were made of cotton! This allowed me, under the suggestion of our coach, to shoot the shotgun while holding it at the waist; I must say that was pretty cool …

Once our package was exhausted, the time came for the shooting… photo! Much more comfortable in this element (and once the guns are off), our pretty tour guide becomes a photographer and it’s great fun to be able to play gangsta or James Bond, in addition to making some great memories. Besides, we also leave with our sheets that serve as targets, but for my part, I had nothing to brag about given the results!

I’m still not a gun fan, but I’m still glad I had this experience. Why ? Because in the movies, we see all these people carrying around their guns on their belts, pulling with one hand or pointing at people to laugh … frankly, I realized how serious it was when we only shot at a wall of used tires, and for that reason I was really glad I tested these guns.

I was also able to understand the pleasure of shooting with small calibers in order to try to improve and to aim better, because it is all the same difficult and I believe that we can ultimately find satisfaction and even a relaxation side by practicing this activity, like a sport.

Do not hesitate to try any gun shooting packages in Budapest during your stag do or party weekend.

In short, an original, intense activity that will perhaps also allow you to meet nice people for a little pub crawling in the evening?