Last night of freedom

Let’s see what is like to have a bachelor party in Budapest and what are it’s historical antecedents?


It is autumn, the fall wedding season has begun. The party areas of Budapest are filled with stag and hen do groups of the cloudless, all of them are “what happens in Budapest stays here,” type. They are the ones who rigorously and seriously celebrate what can only (ideally) be once in a lifetime: the permanent and irreversible loss of their legally unique status, the “freedom” that is often said at the farewell.

Stag & hen parties have not changed much in the last 2500 years depending on social restrictions and moral judgments – but the main role is always for fun, with friends, same-sex acquaintances, and most of the time with lots of alcohol.

The bachelor party came from ancient Spartan and was meant to banish evil spirits. Friends, fellow soldiers gathered, and the groom was bidden farewell with loud noise. They were crushed, just like today, when we look at a good stag do party.

Is there a connection with historical

Maybe yes, maybe it’s just the male team spirit that shakes the mood or the stakes are high when it comes to getting married so the tension can be relieved.

The hen party is a younger tradition, once called the “girl’s tomboy”. The married one was mourning her youth and the more experienced ones were giving good advice to the prospective woman. In the 1960s, however, the lament was transformed into a celebration, similar to the bachelor party, where it is celebrated as it used to be, but thanks to female emancipation, it is very different. (except when the girls go wild) Certainly, whether we are talking about a bachelor party or a hen party, partying is strictly a must on the big day before the wedding.

We celebrate that something is changing, but very much. Marriage is one of the most important transitions between the two stages of life. If you have ever wondered why we are celebrating graduation, 18th birthday, marriage or even childbirth, we certainly see that these events are all about breaking up a life, a way of life, a new beginning. And these must be celebrated to have a trace. Not only on paper, but also on the spiritual plane, because in this way we can close something and become part of something new and important with our whole being.

Married young people say farewell to their friends, not really their youth (because it remains), but their freedom. Now, it can be said that nothing changes with marriage, but anyone who has committed in this way knows that it is a serious decision that we can only make for someone: someone we love more than everyone else. And this is where the friends, girlfriends, who are somewhat abandoned at the boy’s or girl’s party come into play. Not to say, not even on the wedding day (but much earlier, at the moment of getting to know a loved one), but at an official, legalized level, we are stepping out of our irresponsible phase of life and starting a more responsible life. If we observe, there are tasks common to both genders: high alcohol drinking in men, “drinking to the bottom”, kissing lipstick on women, getting bras, extreme programs (bubble football, gun shooting, tank driving, etc.) prove masculinity and aptitude.

Women tend to perform tasks that symbolize a sexy and homemade wife, such as recognizing kitchen things with her blindfold, inviting men to drink, selling candy / parsley, taking a husband’s test, whipping a banana, and so on. Performing the tasks one by one means that the bride and groom are worthy of the role of spouse. Whoever has a Facebook profile will probably have met or will come across pictures of girls who need to collect X likes or shares in order to be allowed to get married by the grooming committee. Well, for sure, this is not the friendliest way to start a hen do, but most of us are more sympathetic.

Why then is this necessary?

Embarrassing situations, like asking for lingerie or wearing funny clothes, is a punishment for leaving friends.

Funny tasks are more interesting than unpleasant Tasks. Although the party is the focus of the big party day, there are a lot of funny tasks that make the young bride or groom to be uncomfortable. The point of these stag and hen pranks is just like when a child laughs at something scary to make him look more innocent. Funny friends and girlfriends make the evening easier by solving the often-threatening idea of marriage with funny activities.

Why do you have to hire a stripper or a hot man dancer?

First of all, you don’t have to, but let’s face it, those in this industry make rush hour this year thanks to the stag and hen dos.

Strippers are symbols during a Bachelor party in Budapest too.

It is both the seduction of a foreign woman / man who will be forbidden in the future and the sexuality that goes along with marriage. Ideally, marriage includes a good and active sex life, childbirth, and the love of the other’s body. The writhing, naked female or male body symbolizes that “My friend, my girlfriend, marriage certainly involves sex!” haha All in all, celebrating the transition between the two stages of life is a rewarding and psychologically very necessary event,

and answering the question at the beginning of the article as to whether this day is a holiday is truly a holiday where we celebrate becoming a true, responsible man and woman. In addition, someone whose friends, girlfriends are carefully prepared, or just spontaneously saying goodbye, can say with certainty the blissful YES that marriage will certainly not change one thing, the relationship with one’s friends.