Bachelor weekend in Budapest

A bachelor weekend in Budapest  is a party you’ll never forget! It’s usually organized by friends for someone who is about to get married. Its purpose is to celebrate the last big pre-marriage party. Book your activities for your stag do weekend with us and celebrate your bachelor party in Budapest in Style!


Bachelor parties or stag dos are traditionally held among members of the same sex, and the groom (by their friends) and the bride (by their friends) are organized separately, although mixed bachelor parties have now become fashionable. They usually consist of a party where you go to bars at night or visit strippers. This type of program can also be rented in a private setting or alternatively with public bachelor activities, other external groups; With which you can share a room, games and shows, as well as private, only with that friend / girlfriend and lads.

During your stag do in Budapest, it is common for fired spicy gifts to be given and to go through ridiculous situations if they are completely or partially disguised and disguised in public places. Often, the garments are referred to as groom status, such as a wedding veil, or their impending marriage is made known through humorous messages on posters or t-shirts. It is also common for all celebrants to dress in the same clothes, thus forming an easily identifiable group. Bachelor parties are paid for by all participants who invite the groom or bride during the celebration and organized by stag do companies.



Do you want to try a real bachelor weekend in Budapest? Here is your place to do it!

A large percentage of the farewells focused on partying with friends, getting the bride and groom dressed up, and do an amazing crazy stag do in Budapest.

Over time, the world of farewells became more sophisticated, and a large number of companies appeared that sought solely to prepare for these types of events. Our services are the best in town.

Many companies organize mass parties in which dance, alcohol and a spicy strip show are the main ingredients. There are other companies that use humor, be it a dwarf hire in Budapest, pranks, shooting activities and other shows.

The parallel development of rural tourism brought a large number of farewells from the city’s celebration to stag do weekend with wide range of activities.

Later, adventure sports, water (rafting, canyoning), land (paintball, hiking, climbing), and motor sports (go-karting, quads) were included in the farewell.




As a final contribution to the world of bachelor parties, experiential leisure (or experiential tourism when it involves the movement of participants). In this type of entertainment, participants take a more active part in their farewell and have fun with realistic stories. It’s basically like going into a movie and being the main characters.

Budapest is also waiting for guests waiting for fun and relaxation on weekends. Not only stag do weekends. There are numerous cultural programs for tourists to choose from. A cavalcade of festivals, concerts and theatrical performances promises quality time in the capital. You can also buy your tickets online for the available programs!

You can find some useful tips below

Tip zero: plan ahead!
You’re right, this year it doesn’t matter, you slipped off this, but believe me, there will be stag do season next year as well, so remember: you can save a lot if you plan ahead and if you can book your bachelor activities now, do not hesitate!

This, of course, requires really complex work, as you have to calculate with the transportations and programs (after all, you don’t have to be there every day), and you have to reckon with travel and expenses, but don’t even be scared by accident.

Are you a stag group or just a party traveler? Then there is no roadblock. You can find the best daytime and nighttime activities in Budapest. And as a working adult, keep in mind that most companies (and thus probably your workplace) have to submit summer custom applications as early as spring, and festivals orparty weekends don’t make the list of attendees available during the summer solstice either.

A very good tip if you’re here in Budapest and having a crazy stag do experience:

Make sure your phone is charged, as you will not only use it for photography. If necessary, you will ask for help with this and you will be informed about this (anything; programs, repatriation, schedule, etc.).

A mobile is a vital companion at a bachelor, and there are recharging points in the right places (find out in advance or ask our tour guides)