Nightclubs in Budapest

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Top 10 Nightclubs in Budapest

From the renowned Ötkert Club with its sliding roof to the very private Lock, passing the Instant-Fogas transformed into a nighttime amusement park, here is a quick look at the 10 best hot nightclubs in Budapest to party until at the end of the night in 2023. If you would like to have a good nightlife in Budapest, you should choose a good one.

Express guide to the 10 unmissable Budapest nightlife places to experience the excitement of the Hungarian capital at night with our good tips bonuses and some soundcloud sounds from Budapest’s best DJs to get you in the mood:


1. The most dazzling: Pontoon

Open only during the summer period, from May to the end of September, the Pontoon is certainly the best place to start the evening at sunset. The view is magical. The Chain Bridge lights up before your eyes on an incessant parade of boats and barges. Then opens before you, a unique panorama of Buda with its royal palace and its 8 illuminated churches. At nightfall, the temperature rises a notch with live performances by cutting-edge artists, which end at dawn, around the turntables.

There is no entrance ticket. Large plastic glasses with the club logo are returnable. You can keep them as souvenirs to make smoothies at home or return them to the stand behind the toilets to get back your deposit.


2. Coolest: Stifler Ház

The Stifler Ház  is located in a building courtyard in the heart of the 7th district. There is a program of concerts in the first part and around midnight a DJ set will propel the revelers into total euphoria. The music is commercial but always well chosen to satisfy an international clients. Admission is usually free. It may happen that it is paying for special evenings. (1500 ft approx.)

Bonus good plan: Few people know that at the end of the courtyard, on the left, a small room is dedicated to electro. The DJ set starts around 2am.


3. No.1 Budapest nightclub: Fogas-Instant

The Fogas-Instant is the meeting of two legendary clubs in Budapest in a huge complex for the festive night where all styles mix. It’s big! You will get lost…

First there is the Fogas Ház (translation the dentist’s house, you don’t have to look for the report) in the large outdoor courtyard, decorated like a ruin bar that sends out mainstream sounds. L’Instant, next door in the interior courtyard of the building, rocks powerful underground techno rhythms. Upstairs, the Liebling is a discreet, rather chic roof terrace bar hidden from view. In the basement maze you will find the Robot for rockers and metalheads. Finally in the after-party, you can end the night in the dark room of the Lärm or at the Frame upstairs on a very refined electro tempo in the most complete darkness.

Free entry . Please note: there is a long wait between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.

Good plan bonus: It is possible to skip the queue by paying an entrance ticket entitling you to a drink. Ask the staff at the entrance.


4. The most legendary: Ötkert Club

It has been in place for many years, the Ötkert (trans. Garden 5, because we are in the 5th district) is an institution in Budapest. You have to go a little before midnight to enjoy its climax. When the whole track is boiling, the roof of the inner courtyard slides open to let in fresh air at intervals.

Admission is chargeable (approx. 2000 Ft). There is often a wait. With a little nerve, you can go through the fast line and shaking hands with the bouncer and letting him think he knows you.

Bonus tip: The Secret Room, a small VIP area has been set up on the first floor with its private bar and its balcony overlooking the track. Free entry.

Nightclubs are pulsing, amazing and very popular in central Europe!



5. The most surprising nightclub: Akvárium Klub

Akvárium Klub is a cultural center dedicated to arts, entertainment and nightlife on Erzsébet Square next to the Ferris wheel. It is not easy to find because it is positioned under the basin in the middle of the square. Hence its name: the aquarium.

For the record, the club is located on the site formerly occupied by the Gödör Klub which means in Hungary: the hole, because it took place in the construction pit after the abandonment of the construction project of the new national theater of the city.

Akvárium Klub offers various programs ranging from concerts by international groups to dance lessons. Live concerts are usually scheduled on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and they start at 9pm, followed by the DJs. Dance evenings are on the program every Sunday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. There are different programs throughout the week. For more information, upcoming programs and scheduled performances: see the program here

Good plan bonus: After or before a concert, you can have a pizza at the Digo stand, they are excellent!


6. The most stylish nightclub: Doboz

Doboz means “box” in Hungarian. Not the “night club” but the container because of the cubic frame located on one side serving as a dance floor. A real place of exchange, the interior courtyard of the uncovered building is magnificent and you will circulate all around in different brilliantly decorated interior atmospheres. Note: the giant King Kong hanging from the tree was made entirely of wooden battens.

There are 2 tracks with 2 moods. The large room broadcasts mainstream sound to satisfy a large international audience and the second, smaller room, plays a more alternative set according to the DJs of the moment.

Admission is charged for boys: approx. 2500 HUF


7. The biggest nightclub (in summer): Budapest Park

Open between the end of April and the end of September, the Budapest Park is truly unique in the world. It replaced the Zold Pardon (which was located on the Buda side) a few years ago and brings together many bars, dance floors, streetfood snacks and a main stage for concerts. It’s huge and there’s something for everyone. Each scene rocks a different djset. You can go there on Friday or Saturday evening. Admission is free except for special events. Reservation on the website or purchase of tickets at the entrance.

Bonus tips: my advice would be to go to the track on the right as you enter which plays old Hungarian hits to be completely immersed in the local culture; In this area you meet more nice people, young people often from the provinces, happy to party with you.


8. The most private: Lock

It is a mysterious place in Budapest side of the city. You can barely see it from the street. There are no neon lights or flashing windows. Those who enter will know that they are entering THE private nightclub in Budapest.

With its unique and intimate atmosphere, The LOCK Club is unique in Budapest. A space dedicated to culinary events, a cigar lounge, 3 bars, business meeting rooms. Separate bedrooms upstairs are also available free of charge for members by appointment with the VIP managers.

Good plan bonus: a Maserati driver service is also provided for members.


9. The most central: BRKLN

The BRKLN is a small club on several floors nested in a cube, itself incorporated in the center of the party district of Budapest. It’s a good alternative if you don’t want to stray too far from the neighborhood and enjoy the Kerts and ruin bars in the early evening before going to a club.

The BRKLN is a restaurant for the first part of the evening. It changes into a disco from midnight. Entrance fee: approx. 3000 ft.

Bonus good plan: There is a bar on the terrace with the same menu as the downstairs room, but the atmosphere is really different. To do, if you want to avoid the partygoers of the neighborhood.


10. Loudest Budapest nightclub: Vicky Barcelona

The Vicky-Barcelona is one of the restaurants-clubs of the famous courtyard of Gozsdu udvar. An alley of 7 courts only composed of bars, restaurants, clubs, karaokes to party.

It offers a typical Barcelona menu with its tapas and becomes a crowded little club from midnight. The sound is very loud. Once inside you won’t be able to speak and you will be carried away by the generally Latin music.

Bonus Tip: Go there early in the evening to get the stamp on your wrist and come back later without queuing when the mood is at its peak.


Bonus tipp: You can find thermal baths and live music even for the evening, at many places – try to think about it any time!