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If you’re looking for Budapest stag do activities, you’re at the right place. Here are some important informations if you want to organize your first stag do!


Has your best friend announced his imminent abandonment of the single world? It is likely that at that moment he also announced your unofficial (and perhaps involuntary) becoming in charge of the preliminary festivities. So it is true that the responsibility is great and so are the variety of options available to you, but with great responsibility comes great satisfaction and combined with the potential fun of a stag do party, we can say with relative confidence that it is worth it! Budpaet stag do activities are legendary and always worth is. Come to Hungary to feel the real party freedom.

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Some say that the more options open to you, the more difficult it is to reach a decision. Therefore and in accordance with this, it is desirable to attack the issue from several angles and in an orderly manner according to several important parameters that will be detailed below:

First step – “inventory review” or – the list of invitees: this is the initial screening step and perhaps the most important. At this stage you must compile the list of participants in the stag group. Most of the time the list is pretty self-explanatory, but not always. If not, you can consult with the bride-to-be and / or steal phone numbers of potential guests from the stag’s cell phone when he is not looking.

Compiling the list above all is also intended to help you in the screening process regarding the nature of the event itself – the nature of the participants and their family status immediately eliminates some of the options.

For example, if your friend is the last bachelor in the group and the vast majority of the partygoers are married men who know very well what a diaper is, it is likely that a strip club will not exactly be their first choice for a group outing.

On the other hand, if the guys are all members of hard drinkers club  and veterans of stag dos, a pub crawl in Budapest’s party districts or some kind of extreme activity would probably fit nicely. In this way it is possible to narrow down options also according to the number of people, their financial situation (assuming that each participant contributes his share in financing the party), their geographical location and their general availability.

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Villas for a bachelor party – did you know that you can rent an amazingly beautiful villa for a perfect bachelor party in Budapest?

Yes, today it is easy because there are many villas designed for vacations and events, one of the events is a bachelor party. In order to find a good and quality villa for a bachelor party, go to the bachelor site, mark villas and get the villas for a bachelor party.

If you are looking for villas in the north for a bachelor party – go to Google and see the large portals that have appeared in recent years that aggregate the villas all over the country for you.

A bachelor party is an open concept that can range from a multi-participant, multi-day and grandiose event from every aspect to a limited and modest event in the studio apartment of one of you. If you are not the type of person who would be embarrassed by a striptease show and, moreover, the thought of it raises your level of horniness, maybe the best option for you is the traditional way to celebrate the end of bachelorhood and is a strip club.

Here, too, the range of costs is wide and ranges from a few hundred shekels for booking a stripper to your modest apartment for a private show, to a few thousand for renting a club specializing in all Gozsdu court.

This option is definitely much more expensive and you can be satisfied with a private room as well, but the big advantage is the “all inclusive package” where you enjoy the atmosphere, food, entertainment and above all a lot of alcohol without putting in too much effort and without time devoted to such and such operations. Optional clubs can be checked easily via the internet.

On various websites you can find extensive information about location, costs, what the place offers and, of course, photos (there’s nothing like seeing your eyes)


The main guideline and the bottom line in creating a successful bachelor party is not to end the evening when the groom or one of his guests finds himself behind bars or arrested by the Budapest Police, with the threat of one or another lawsuit.

The singles site includes all the service providers that provide services for bachelor parties. You can, with the help of the singles site, organize a bachelor party for yourself in a number of phone calls to all the most recommended businesses in the field in Hungary.

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