Dwarf handcuff prank during a stag do

Thanks to stag do folklore, and simple experiences, the association between stag do parties and bad behavior is one that’s deeply ingrained in UK’s cultural consciousness What we don’t think of when we think of stag dos parties is prankery.

However, the “dwarf handcuff prank” is a popular activity in Budapest too. Organise a pub crawl for the groom and Tell him he’s going to be lucky tonight. Don’t scare the shit out of him, keep him blindfolded at the last pub or just make him think that something is really happening. Except, as you’ll see in these videos, it’s always a great surprise and the dwarf is a professional entertainer so it’s always an unforgettable stag do memory.

A stag do went to Budapest a few days ago, and took a 150 cm high midget along for pub crawl. They also paid for the midget’s superman outfit, drinks, drink, everything which was important for the stag party in Budapest. The midget dressed like a real super miniman, and then spent the whole duration of the stag night out handcuffed to the stag. Even in the toilette. You can imagine the groom and the midget had to do everything together: eat, drink, dance, you can imagine.
For any stag do in Budapest happy to pay for an extra stag handcuff prank. This is an absolute classic part of any stag do, and the stag photos will bring a smile to the face of any bachelor for the rest of his life. You never know, he might even have made a friend for life. The midget or miniman Gabor really enjoyed the night, and is apparently available for hire. A twist on this stag party prank would be dressing the stag up as a blond girl to rescue. Awesome activity.