European best destination 2019 (with true words)

More than 62,000 travelers from all around the World gave a thumbs up to Budapest, The never sleeping pearl of Europe in the European Best Destinations contest, an online initiative to find the best city to visit around the Old Continent. It’s a very good thing for us but they should have done it years ago because the city is really amazing and affordable. More than you could ever imagine. Even if it’s a stag do or a hen party, Budapest is always a good choice.

In 2019 Budapest competed different cities like London, Paris, Athens, Vienna and Florence bla bla bla. According 77% of the votes were submitted from foreign countries outside of Hungary. Who the f. cares? ? Visit us and feel the „Budapestian” feeling.

This contest to promote tourism in Europe and European culture has been going for almost 11 years. Budapest joined in 2018. EBD (could be European Beer Destination too) is run in close collaboration with Budapest tourism offices and stag do companies across Europe. The city is beautiful, the girls and boys are really nice and friendly and the beer is around €2. What else?

From the perfect elegance of amazing Buda Castle to the underground atmosphere of a classic ruin bar, with historic funiculars, riverside strolls and scenic baths in between, Budapest has so much to offer over the course of 48 hours. Breathtaking period vintage activities with contemporary urban creations.
(This text was created for the happy pensioners. We love you too and Hungarian wine is World famous. No worries pals. )

Budapest entices stag do and hen groups all year round, every season adding its unique vibes to proceedings. River Danube river cruise is always a best choice to add to any stag or hen do, not just because it’s one of the best way to see the two sides of the city (Buda and Pest). Always hire a private boat (of course from us) because not every cheap boat cruise provider company like stag / hen dos…

Looking for things to do after a hard stag or hen do daytime? Once overshadowed Budapest stands tall as a truly unique nightlife destination besides other European cities. Pub crawls at its heart with different ruin bars, dance club at the end, awesome restaurants with cheeky topless services, big social squares with vibing „easy to hook up” youth life. But that’s not all expect a wide range of clubbing vibes, with beer gardens and courtyards aplenty in the vibrant party district of the never sleeping Budapest within the Jewish Quarter and the Király street area. Hookers and drug dealers are always on the street tryin’ to make some money and tryin’ to get some money from your wallet. (as in every big city) If you are stupid, it’s your own business. Always ask your tour guide and don’t be alone drunk as f.

Don’t forget about the wild and well-known pool party at Szechenyi Baths during the weekends, and don’t forget that it’s usually full of boys and it’s easy to „forget” your personal values there. I would never recommend it to any stag or hen group but it’s my own point of view of course and i don’t want to hold back anybody.