Holiday Prices in Budapest

The prices in Budapest are increasing year by year, but it’s still the most affordable Stag & Hen do destination of Europe. The City is far the most beautiful East-European town of the region with breathtaking capabilities.
It’s not an expensive story to buy plane tickets and fly here from London. It’s €100 roughly. Doesn’t bankrupt you does it? Wide range of accommodations, top quality services provided by Stag VIP Budapest, cheap drinks, and beautiful ladies. The trinity of Hungary. Try any pub crawl and you’ll find the prices in the city center quiet cheap (mostly) because there are tons of pubs and restaurants “only for tourists” but they are affordable as well. If you want try a popular dance club, Budapest is your place to live social party without spending a lot of money. 5 or 8 Euros for a Club entry ticket is not the World, and the prices of bottles (in the club) are not higher than 125-150 Euros, depending on the brand of course. I know that it could be the half like fro a bottle of booze in the UK. Don’t hesitate to come if you are a budget traveler. The best things in the World are for free. That’s 100% true in Budapest too.