Hookers in the city center

Watch out for that ladies standing in the city center, they offer cheap sex, but actually they might rob you. My best friend Bob had a stag do in Budapest last summer. The group was quiet big. 12 stags from middle Essex. Not so dickey fellows. One of them was a bit drunk and wanted to have some cheeky fun. The hall group was tipsy but they told him to do nothing with those chick. We visited  a lot of ruin bars, pubs and music places during a pub crawl organized by this company. Even the tour guide… maybe Lejla or I don’t remember her name exactly told him not do anything.

Next day was hard for everyone because we didn’t find this prick. We called Peter and he called the UK Embassy and the hospitals immediately. He was cool though. Thanks God we found the fellow 3 hours later near our street sleeping without wallet, watch, and passport. It wasn’t funny at all but needless to say it was his fault. Could happen everywhere. Budapest is amazing!!!



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