Jamie’s stag

My name is Oliver, as a best man I organized my best friend’s last night of freedom. I wanted to make it funny and memorable for us. We’ve talked a lot with our friends involved in the stag party about where this super event would be held. Finally we decided on Budapest, which is famous for its amazing buildings , and the young beautiful decorative cheeky girls, and River Danube, which divided the two city sides, and the kindness of the people to accommodate foreign tourists.

I contacted this stag do company whose activity offerings I found to be very diverse and promising. I negotiated with them and they organized our bachelor party weekend. We arrived in this beautiful city where an eye-catching Tour Guide was waiting for us at the airport. On the way to our accommodation, a glamorous stripper appeared as a surprise the groom. We had a thrilling and super erotic full nude strip show. Top notch!

After our arrival, we went on a Mosteroller e-bike sight seeing tour to explore the inner city of Budapest.On the way we saw the magnificent buildings with outstanding architectural features. In the city center, the Dréher Palace, the Central Cafe, the Gerbeaud, the Klotild Palace, the Courtyard Paris, the Parliament, the Kossuth Museum Ship are unique and amazing. Not to mention the Chain Bridge, the Fishermen’s Bastion, the Castle Garden Bazaar. After a short break we went to eat lunch and taste the famous Hungarian spicy variety of dishes, where we had a special surprise in the form of a sexy topless waitress service.

We were eagerly awaiting the bustling bustle of Budapest in the evening. We were pre-orientated about the nightlife which provided  more luxurious and dazzling sight than the base of the narrative with its pulsating loud youth crowd. It produced the image of a real world city which never sleeps. To the surprise oft he organizers, the night was crowned by the wonderful exciting ladies of a luxury strip club near Basilica.

The next day was a bit hard because of the too much booze, but we were ready to go for shooting with real guns and tank driving, which was the ultimate desire of the lads and the stag. It was a very enjoyable and thrilling real mannish fun, just like an evening pub where a real dwarf handcuffed our groom Jamie. Next day, as a morning glory strip show, a XXL super fat lady dazzled us all with a super naked strip show. It was outstanding funny day starter activity. Then we went for Pálinka and wine tasting, which was are really tongue-inducing sensation, especially for the bachelor, who was a bit strong with these flavourful fruit drinks. We are used to drink beers with different degrees of alcohol percentage, but much lower of course, so Pálinka (Hungarian national drink) was hot and strong for us, but also very cool and tasty. This stag do weekend in Budapest impressed us with an unforgettable memory thanks to the excellent organization of the company, the stag, the lads, no one would want any other organizer except Peter who made this heavenly feeling unforgettable for both the groom and for the stag group with this great stag company, and with this extra-class team exclusively in Budapest. Such an upliftingly rich variety of colorful varied intriguing offerings for a lifetime of adventurous offerings in just the right way for everyone.

Highly recommend the stag vip crew.