Lucy’s hen in Budapest

My bestie Lucy was proposed last year before Christmas, and her future husband surprised her with a very nice ring. What our friends and me decided was to organize a funny hen do for her with lots of fantastic ideas. We chose by unanimous vote for Budapest as the place for the venue. We also chose based on the stories because we heard that the city is fascinating by itself with a vibrant youthful lifestyle and atmosphere. We secretly took a look at a lot of opportunities and then found a hen do company that seemed very appropriate to our ideas and ideas based on their offerings.

We got on a plane and hippo-hops arrived in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. At the airport, a tall handsome boy was waiting for us with a humorous sign on a board, which could only enhance our mood after a few glasses of prosecco on the plane. A giant party bus appeared at once, we were all comfortable with our fifteen packages so it was fabi at all. We were giggling with the girls ahead of time because the bride had no idea of the surprise awaiting her. A male stripper dressed in a Casanova costume came out of his hiding place with a very cool musical background. The pulsating music and the amazing strippboy’s fantastic erotic stripping and continued drinking drove us into an insane crazy fever.

We could hardly get up from our heightened mood by the time we arrived at our accommodation. Almost nothing was sensed on the way to the city center, but we have been able to fill this gap later.
We have refreshed ourselves and embarked on an exploratory journey with our pleasant companion Silard. Impressive buildings overlooked the bustling lively street scene, that was our second memory from Budapest. In a nice restaurant we got a glimpse of Hungarian cuisine and tasty Hungarian wines. That was an amazing evening starter.

Late in the evening, we went into a VIP Club with our escort, of course, where Lucy was handcuffed by a fortunate dwarf as one of the most popular stag and hen pranks of Budapest. Of course, she was not disturbed during her heavy lifting of glasses lol.
The next day, as Irish Amazons, we challenged each other for a fighting paintball match. We have combined this with some blue patches on our bodies, but that didn’t take anything away from the experience.

After this activity, to cool our wounds, we went to the luxury St. Gellert Spa, built in late Art Nouveau style on the Buda side. There are records of the miraculous springs dating back to the 15th century.

About Gellért spa:

It was very popular already because it was bigger and hotter than the modern baths. It was called the mud bath, a fine sludge deposited at the bottom of the pools, as a tribute to the rising silky spring water. Together with the hotel, it opened in 1918. Decades later, it was complemented by a wave beach and hot tub. The outdoor and indoor pools modern water purification equipment. All types of medical treatment are available for immediate use as our aching body parts were in dire need of this stress relieving option. We spent some really relaxing and pampering hours there.
The refreshed girls’ team became wolf-hungry, which is understandable after so much energy has been charged. In the early afternoon after a hamburger meal where we could pack everything into ourselves with some beers of course, in the evening, continuing the water-pleasures, we started a private boat cruise where we had an unlimited drinking consumption package. Reflecting the water of the Danube, we could admire the spectacular view of beautiful Budapest with sparkling glittering lights.

Unfortunately, our he weekend ended next morning. Without a doubt, the company was very well composed and excellent, everything was taken care from the smallest detail. My girlfriend will remember her weekend in Budapest with sweet memories even when she will be a grandmother.

Thanks,   Emily