Party weekend in Budapest

Do you want to try a legendary party weekend in Budapest? Have you ever arrived in a city and felt at home? Despite the fact that Budapest is already touristy enough that it cannot be called a different destination to travel, it is still one of those repeated visits, a place to discover again and again. As if it were the river of Heraclitus, you return and neither the city nor you are the same. And seriously, it is one of the best sensations out there even it’s a stag do or a hen party.


But let’s get to the important thing; Are there party areas in Budapest? The answer is yes. Specifically, the party areas are in Pest (on the bank of the Danube corresponding to the Parliament). In this area you will find neighborhoods packed with hipster bars, with the now legendary Ruin Bars, discos and the classic sörözők (“beer halls” in Hungarian). With this guide, your party weekend in Budapest will be as intense as the daily days of monuments and cultural life.

There are many tourists for whom nightlife is an important part of any trip. For all of them, we are going to take advantage of these lines from our blog to talk to you about whether it is possible to party in Budapest, what the atmosphere is like, the prices, the kinds of venues that exist… Everything you need to know for your very best party weekend in Budapest.

In previous articles on this blog, we already told you that the Hungarian capital is a tourist destination of excellence on the European continent. There are many points of interest that it offers to the thousands and thousands of travelers who crowd its streets every year. If during the day it is a cultural city, at night it transforms into another characterized by an infinity of bars and party clubs, regardless of the taste of each one.

You are not the first nor will you be the last tourist who when night comes to decide to hit the streets to find some fun, enjoy, dance and have a drink until the wee hours of the morning. Legendary stag do activities just here!


Going out to party in Budapest is one of the great surprises that tourists take once they have arrived in the Hungarian capital. Not surprisingly, it has an enviable nightlife, a benchmark on the European continent. There are several nightlife areas that exist, although the best known and most popular is in the center of Buda. In its streets you will find a large number of terraces, bars and restaurants that, as the hours go by and sheltered from darkness, will give way to spectacular nightclubs, such as Club Seven.

Of course, one of the aspects that we have to keep in mind when going out partying in Budapest are the schedules, very different from the Spanish ones. The normal thing is that clubs and discos open their doors between 9 and 11. The closing time, for its part, is around 3 in the morning, although we can find places open until 5. Beyond, everything will be complicated .

The most traditional thing in the Hungarian capital is to start the night in terraces and bars with a quiet atmosphere. The main points are in the Saint Stephen square, in the Raday street or in the Liszt Ferenc square.

In addition, you will also find environments that suit your tastes, from rock music taverns to Funky clubs, live or electronic music. Lastly, remember that entry to these bars and clubs will not always be free, so you will have to pay for admission.

The Ruin Bars appear in the early 2000s in Budapest as social and cultural centers located in old restored houses in the heart of the city. The result is different spaces to hold concerts and various events. As they say, no two bars are the same of this type. Over the years they have been transformed into bars and nightclubs, although they continue to function as a social center with numerous activities, exhibitions and solidarity events.


So many “ruin bars” and so little time
We can find them in abandoned wartime buildings and in Hungarian they are known as “Romkocsmas”. The famous “ruin bars” are a mix between a café, a terrace bar and a disco. The fashion started about ten years ago and today the city’s Jewish quarter attracts the best DJs of the moment. Although there are more than 20 bars to choose from, here are two of our favorites to help you get into the mood.

Although part of the spirit that had seen them born has been lost due to the great flood of tourism in recent years, visitors who come to them will continue to marvel at their picturesque character. Most Ruin Bars usually have an approximate closing time of between 4 and 5 in the morning, although it is recommended to check the hours of each one separately. Most are designed so that you can have a drink and eat.

If there is a street worth mentioning, it is Kazinczy Utca (by the way, “utca” means “street”). It is easy to get there by public transport (if you are going from the center you can go on foot and it will take only about 20 minutes from Calvin Ter so, you know, Google Maps and ahead).

Do you want to check Ötkert club during your party weekend in Budapest?

Pronounced as a strong O, everything in this club is strong, from the music to the drinks to the people. Ötkert has become one of the coolest nightclubs in Budapest, currently the best. As my friends always say, Ötkert is the place to be. But this has a trick. Well, let’s see what it’s about: I totally agree that Ötkert is one of the best nightclubs in Budapest and it certainly has great music, but there is a catch, it’s not the best nightclub on Friday or Saturday nights, on the contrary What popular belief thinks, it’s actually the best nightclub on Thursday nights, don’t forget this because not everyone knows it. I, for example, didn’t know until my friends called me that Thursday night, and that’s when I realized that I had been going to Ötkert the wrong nights.


This does not mean that weekends are not good, but the truth is, it is not as good. Anyway, on Friday and Saturday nights the entrance is free for women and uncles have to pay, but on Thursday nights everyone has to pay about 3000 Forints, which is about 8 Euros, so we did not have problem having to pay at a nightclub. It is overflowing with people, yes, many times you would die from the heat, but sometimes they open the roof and then you can feel that fresh air reaching you in the face. On Thursdays the music is mostly R&B and reggaeton, which are my favorite genres of music when dancing comes around. However, the weekends I would say are mostly EDM and electronic music (OK: they are both the same). What else? Oh, be prepared to wait in line for at least half an hour until you get in, unless you are of course a VIP, in which case you don’t need to wait in line. Also have your identity card with you, some nights they control them and not carrying it would mean the definitive expulsion from the queue. It’s open until 3 a.m. m. and we usually go until 1 a.m. m .; That’s when the party gets crazy. Okay, I think I’ve covered everything on this one, so let’s give the rest of the clubs a try.

Go freaky at the Sziget Festival

Known as the European version of Burning Man, the Sziget Festival is a week-long musical and cultural experience that takes place every August on the island of Óbuda, outside of Budapest. This year’s lineup features a hodgepodge of sounds like Florence and the Machine, Basement Jaxx, Alt-J, and DJs like Damian Lazarus and Sbtrkt. This year the festival takes place from August 10 to 17.

There are thousands of opportunities for you during the party weekend in Budapest, come and enjoy the opportunities offered by the city!