Sexy stag do in Budapest

First of all as at the beginning of organizing a Sexy stag do in Budapest, we need to make sure what the group wants and what are the popular activities that will satisfy everyone’s needs. When a basic idea is formed we need to call on the help of stag do companies to put together the programs and organize the party. The date is very important as it is traditionally to be arranged up to a few months before the wedding but not at the last minute to prevent the groom from arriving at the wedding for a hangover as in the famous American film.


If you want to put erotic activities into your stag do weekend in Budapest, be sure to ask the members of the group, especially if older or more conservative people take part in the event. In our experience, a stag do that is not well positioned or too erotic can cause quite unpleasant moments if the activity has not been agreed with all members of the group.

Of course, the groom doesn’t need to know anything, but this is the liability of the best man not the organizing company’s. We can work from the information we receive and please do not blame us if something of your fault has not been clarified. Unfortunately it happens but we can solve everything. Once, for example, one of our dear guests was offended that our stripper was rubbing his glasses against his naked body. Oh my god what a poor fellow… Never mind.

It is definitely important to try the single and double stripper experiences when visiting our city. Of course it’s seriously matter how you start the party when we take you to your accommodation from Budapest airport. In such cases, I usually recommend having at least one surprise stripper in your limousine or private minibus, preferably as a hitchiker to make the stag even more surprised.
A double strip show I mean lesbian show that tends to throw up our boat tours on River Danube but you can book it in your hotel rooms or during a pub crawl at the bar of your choice. Our groups especially love the dominatrix shows and the stag breakfast which is unique in our website and wherever you go on other sites I invented it years ago and I can assure you that this activity is good as long as we organize it for you not anybody else.

Every man loves to start the morning with a naked woman in his company, at least for the last time give this experience to the stag before getting married.

In our experience, you like to deal with boobs while you eating as well, for that I can confidently recommend our steak and titties activity, or if you don’t want such a fancy thing, you can also order pizza from us which will be delivered by very nice girl in sexy clothes. I didn’t want to write much about strip clubs in this short blog article as I don’t find it as imaginative as the ones mentioned above, yet I have to say it’s “unfortunately” unmissable. We are in a contract with too good places and the girls in Budapest are too nice to miss such an opportunity at a bachelor party or as the spanish people would say at “despedida de soltero en”. You can consume safely in our parner strip clubs, you will not be charged for extra consumption, and you can also pay with a card in a unique way, which is not very common in London for example.

Be sure to ask us, as our only job is to give you an unforgettable sexy bachelor experience and let you leave Budapest with a smile on your face after the party weekend.