Stag night in Budapest

Stag night in Budapest is amazing! Stag and Hen groups understand that really getting to know Budapest in a short period is impossible. The visitors from foreign countries can only get a general impression of our culture and lifestyle and the spirit of the capital city. Event organiser websites and social media can offer practical informations about the city but not everything of course. First hand sources of informations from local friends, travel agencies and stag do companies are much better however you may not find these infos about Budapest night life at any guide book.


In this blog post we maintain this kind of professional recommendation style about bachelor evenings so that every visitor can get reliable, insider information of one of the best last night of freedom destination of the World.

Budapest is an extraordinary city a fashionable and hip place with a unique nightlife and lots of experiences in the city center from Gozsdu to Deák square. There is so much to see and live I mean the typical atmoshere of the three relevant district of the evening buzz. It’s just absolutely amazing. Even you are a big group of lads or just a small one you can easily go through the center of the Budapest night madness in half our if you won’t stop for a beer at every lovely ruin bars during our famous pub crawl activities. You can wear stag costumes almost at every bar but please keep Borat at home haha.

Király street  Wesselényi street and Gozsdu are almost the most crowded places. You can have a perfect dinner with fine beers or just grab something takeaway or just find a popular dance club and party till morning. Dear stag teams please keep your eyes on the drunkest brothers because hookers in the city center could be tricky and rob you. Always be careful mates.


Our company want to acquaint you with hidden gems , such as the inner workings of Budapest’s famous pub districts. In the past few years this historic part of the never sleeping heart of Europe has grown into one of the biggest nightlife and entertainment. Over 200 establishments now do business in the old historic ghetto. The crazy weekend on Dob street starting on Thursday night turns into a mad festival. The nearby streets are packed with options for any hen and stag dos and each place is different and has it’s own spirit of course so we’ve gathered the top food drink and cultural places and added them to the best bachelor activities in town. Our team is ready to give you comprehensive review of the most important and interesting events and the best party clubs.

Our ruin night clubs and pubs are World famous. One is wallpapered with comic books, while another gives full panorama of the city from its highest point. There’s a lot of restaurants where you can drop in anytime for Hungarian food and clubs to party to music spun DJs. Beyond the pubs, restaurants and nihtclubs, there is also an exciting and colorful  lifestyle to explore. Highly recommend for any stag madness in Budapest.

Our blog posts and guides also highlights how Buda and Pest are actually two different worlds and atmosphere. Pest is swarming and vibrating. Buda is slower more comfortable and calmer.

To be 100% sure the Buda Castle, Basilica and Heroes’ Square are all sites that shouldn’t be missed. For Stag VIP, the city is much more than buildings, monuments and statues. Budapest is it’s people, the language, the gastronomy and the typical Budapestian lifestyle. Upon arriving in a new city, the most important thing to do is obtain information to plan and unforgettable hen or stag trip itinerary, and we think that should include lesser-known and unique side of Budapest.

Dive in with us!