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If you’ve never been to a strip club or have been, or you want to hire  strippers in Budapest but you don’t really know how to do it, here are some good tips, and of course you can contact us for different stripper and bachelor party activities 



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“The best guests in Budapest understands that this is just a game.” – Says a dancer. “Well done, polite with the girls, knows where the border is. We all love these guys!”


“We don’t like to look down on us and think we’re smarter. There was a guy who remarked that this was all fake during the lap dance, and that the dancer wasn’t really attracted to it, just playing … Well, dude, you’re a genius. ! Or when they joke that the girl doing the dance is not looking good. It’s not funny. Just as annoying are the guests who starting making friends with the dancers and want to dance for free. Or those who make the adventure too personal and say things too deep, like “how beautiful you are” or “how smart you are”. I do not need it.


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It’s just like any other business: it’s based on mutual respect.

You know the familiar saying that goes viral when someone throws his math book and says, “Fuck this shit, I’ll be a stripper”? You say this because you don’t think what it means – and how much!Strip bars in Budapest don’t offer easy and instant livelihoods for good chicks at all.

Do you know who gets paid in strip clubs? The bouncers, the bar bartenders, the staff, the admission man, the manager, and the security guards.

The strippers sign an independent,freelance contract with the club. They agree that the club will not pay them a penny. All the money they earn comes from the tip and the private dances, completely unpredictable.

Because all club memberships require a membership fee. This varies from country to country, whether paid daily, weekly or monthly, prices vary, but membership fee itself is not small. In London, for example, an average bar in the middle of the Canary Wharf business district charges £ 200 / dancer weekly. It equals to 70 thousand HUF. Weekly. And to top it off, the money we get from tipping and private dancing will NEVER stay with us. From each of these, the club strips a certain percentage, usually around 10% of the total night’s revenue. In addition, there is an unspoken rule in Budapest that dancers tipping to staff: bouncers, waiters, staff. This is either evening by evening or a monthly amount that the dancers throw together.



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But why is that good at all?

Of course, because if the business goes well, you can cut off the stars from the sky and put together three years of salary in six months. The dancers can work as much as they can in the club: they decide their work schedule and working hours; sometimes the girls live half-indoors and stay in the club for 16-18 hours, for example, because their returning fliers are businessmen in the area and walk around for lunch for a few hours – and then the evening shift begins in 6-8 hours. Of course, it’s not that easy either: there is a lot of drilling among girls, who they deal with, who they take on (in lingerie or topless or completely nude), who gets the better places, and beginners need to build their client base, which can take weeks. But then, of course, you can earn a good money, if you persist and do well, we will not question it.

In any case, all dancers are sure to get the pole between their legs, not just with a zero balance, but with a hard capital investment.

You can read a success story by a stripper form Budapest below:

I was born in 1988, I am 29 years old, and have been working as a lap-dance dancer for nine years, currently at a high-quality striptease club in London. If my calculations come in, not for a long time, at most 1 year, I can return to my original profession (I’m a cosmetologist) and open my own business, where I will work as an owner, myself. Like all roads, it began with a single step.

When we were out of school at an exercise, 3 dancers came to visit us, regularly, at least once a month, it was no secret that they were strippers, not working in Budapest. It seemed to them that foreign is interest-bearing, they were financially ok, and this was evident in their clothes, jewelry and everlasting cheer, which is quite rare these days. They worked for a table dance club somewhere in Austria.

I got the idea from there and during the school. I was watching the ads of lap-dance and hostess agencies on the Internet many times. I skipped the simple ads that didn’t even have a website, saw enough in the newspapers, TV, to be 100% sue that they are fake. I tried to find a credible one. Then I called two of them, explaining that until I was 18 I could not work as a stripper. I reassured them that I didn’t want to, I would finish school first and then not sure. After all, I couldn’t imagine what I was going to tell my parents, I thought they wouldn’t be happy…

We’re not wealthy, in fact … But my family has always tried to create everything for us, for me and my brothers (there are three of us). Well, as far as it went. For the rest of the 10 months, I focused only on school, but as an option, I stayed at strip dancing. After the exams I enjoyed the summer, so I didn’t work until July, then I called the lap-dance agency again, which advertised dance jobs and seemed the most reliable.

They told me what the options are, but to get to the office in person. And there they won my confidence by asking me to take any of my relatives with me, no matter who. Then came the dilemma of telling it all at home. I told everything honestly. Big trouble at first, later resentment, bluntness, finally resignation and worry. Finally my brother was assigned as an assistant :), I was a bit ashamed that they would be consider me as kindergartener, but I could not go otherwise. I got the time, we went in and it was about. they said: I don’t speak the language, that’s wrong. I’m a beginner, without experience, that’s a problem. I have no clothes, no shoes… It started well.

As far as foreign dance jobs are concerned, it is said in great detail that this is a full nude stripper job, not only a topless one, meaning all clothes have to be removed. An average lapdance club has 8 to 15 dancing girls. The essence of the job is to dance on stage, all at once, max topless, talking to guests, maybe 1-2 drinks, or consuming, and “private”, which is a striptease, on average for 10 -20 minutes, for a given guest who pays. They talked mainly about professional things, which I now understand, because this is really the most important thing afterwards, but my brother (and me and my parents at home) was only interested in safety job. This was solved by giving me 3 or 4 phone numbers, lap dance girls, and they think they could tell you such girly things and details. Anyway, I called a girl who was absolutely not fond of the idea of ​​harassing her, but she was more or less of help to me. Actually it was good that I talked to someone who came back well :). We went home to think, which lasted 4 days, mainly for my family because I wanted to go so much!

The next Monday, I called them and we planned everything. I received an e-mail for language help and started to learn it. Italian bla bla, not many, 3 cards, simple things, greeting, getting to know where you work, where you live, things like that. They told me I wouldn’t go anywhere in August anyway, everyone was on holiday, especially not as a beginner. In hindsight, I say they are right. But I wouldn’t have known because I had nothing. They hired me as a local disco bartender, my brother protested me for little money, but I was happy. I worked there all August. Paid me weekly.

First I bought the dance wear, 2 pieces, 1 black and 1 white, €70 each. Secondly, the dance shoes, costing €40, had to be properly learned to walk in them. The third week I bought a suitcase and went to the hairdresser. This was done for free by my girlfriends. Meanwhile, approx. the Italian blabla went, I was ready to go as a novice striptease dancer. They put on a program with a girl who was also a beginne. We went for 1 week. We departed from Budapest with a driver in the morning and reached the hotel in the afternoon. There was not a nice guesthouse, but since then I have experienced worse. In the evening the driver came for us, now an Italian bartender, we got a pretty military briefing inside, then changed clothes, makeup and started. Up the stage, and from there it was not difficult.

Actually, I didn’t have to dance or spin on the rod, it was more of a stutter than a poledance. The DJ kept telling me what to do in the microphone, by name (we chose artist name), when topless, when to go down to the guest (called American tournaments) and when to take me to the prive. THE PRIVATE: nah, that was the most critical. The Italians are very pushy, maybe that’s why they could pay us. As long as I spoke a little language, it was hard to avoid grasping hands, and later it was just a dumb question, I had to deal with it. All in all, there was no problem. On the first night I barely earned any money, but on Friday I had 5 prives, 4 drinks (no alcohol, just soft drinks ever since) and if I counted the fix, I was earning more than bartending in 2 weeks.

From here it was easy. When I got home in Budapest, I had some money, I wasn’t scared, we talked to the agency, I could go back. I went back 2 more times and then moved on to lap-dance clubs where I could be better looking because I was no longer a beginner. I’ve been to Italy for 2 years, approx. I learned everything there is to know about the job. In the meantime, I practiced a show with ice, not too complicated,but cool so it costs extra money, and it also tossed my private dances. Then I went to tabledance clubs in Austria, Germany was not my strength, later in Paris,then in a lot of English strip clubs in the countryside, Scotland, Ireland and finally I am in London where I feel really good. I was thrifty, I raised money, I didn’t spend on stupid things, so my dreams look like I can make them come true.

The lesson is that dancing work, be it lapdance, tabledance, poledance, can be done fairly, sexually free, I have a boyfriend, he also accepts, we will be married soon.

This is my story, it wasn’t easy, but it could be done. I wish everyone a good job!!!

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