Top 10 stag do destinations in Europe

Let’s see some usuful tips about the top 10 stag do destinations in Europe,especially Budapest.

At least once during the summer, everyone travels for a few days to relax. It is obvious to target one of the most popular stag do destinations of Europe, Budapest. However, if we do not just want to fry our bellies on the waterfront, it is worth choosing an opne air beach so that we can also walk around the city belonging to it.



Europe has an incredible number of treasures that are worth looking into. One such wonder is Budapest, a truly temperamental Hungarian city with more than one thousand years of history, one of the most prominent stag do locations in Europe. Gastronomy lovers are advised to target the city center at least once, where hundreds of genuine restaurants, pubs and michelin star cuisines are definitely not to be missed. The history of Budapest dates back nearly one thousand years, so there is plenty to see in addition to the relaxing climate and delicacies.
If you want a really hot atmosphere and warm friendly kindness, then head to Budap castle,  ​​where you can get lost in a moment between the enchanting Roman and medieval buildings. The kindness of tiny cafes is almost unattainable, even if the coffee here and there is not so perfect, then try wine or beer! In the end, it is a somewhat unusual choice, but it is a better decision to visit the Gellérthegy. Budapest’s beutiful fort hill offers a magical experience with its long beautiful paths and charming parks and restaurants.

What are the 10 most popular stag do destinations in Europe?

Budapest, Barcelona, ​​Vienna, Hamburg, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome

However, we need to highlight Budapest from the others:


In Hungary, with more than 1,000 years of history, countless ethnic groups and cultures have left their mark. Suffice it to think of medieval castles, Turkish minarets, thermal baths, or “Viennese” style buildings under Habsburg rule. Our country is rich in cultural heritage and natural attractions. Our rivers and freshwater lakes offer countless water sports, whether it’s kayaking or sailing. For hiking enthusiasts, the mountains offer hiking trails rich in attractions. However, those looking for a relaxing break will choose a place to recharge from our many spa towns. And if someone is thirsty for cultural experiences, our big cities have countless exhibition venues as well as theater and music programs, and many daytime and nightlife activities. Needles to say Budapest is one of the most popular stag do destinations in Europe!

Why choose Budapest for a stag do in Autumn?

Autumn is here, winter is approaching, so it’s time to export cloudless entertainment indoors. The wine drinking on the quay and the walking on the Roman coast are over, but that doesn’t mean we should feel bad. So get ready for the cool entertainment that awaits us in Budapest.

What did we focus on when writing this article? Being able to relax consciously and having fun during your stag do in Budapest, doesn’t mean you have to target the loudest, most expensive places! Fortunately, everyone in Budapest can find their calculations, and even those who do not want a music-dance evening should not be afraid. We are also among those who believe in clever, varied entertainment: a toast with friends on weekdays, a little underground clubs or a special cinema experience on the weekends, and other times a blood-curdling dance in a Latin bar from late at night until dawn. It’s worth thinking carefully about how you can get the most out of everyday life and have the best bachelor party experience in Budapest.



What about nightlife in Budapest?

The pulsating heart of Pest: the Gozsdu court

In Budapest, between Király utca 13. and Dob utca 16., there is a complex of seven four-storey buildings and the six characteristic courtyards connecting them, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and which has become a unique entertainment center of our capital in recent years. This place played a big part to make Budapest one of the top 10 stag do destinations of Europe.

The narrow Gozsdu-yard looked quite different a decade ago, in front of the ruin pub craze, and it was possible to walk along the then breezy promenade without encountering Hungarian young people and foreign party tourists, who mostly come to Budapest because cheap destination.

Today, on a summer night, thousands of people flock here, and the bustling area is full of year-round nightclubs, restaurants, exhibition spaces or just a wine and tapas bar with plenty of activities and leisure opportunities.

Gozsdu is not a place of entertainment, but a feeling of life, and we also treat it as a single unit because this is how most people start to have fun on Saturday night:
“Are we going to Gozsdu?”
– Of course!”
In the courtyard there are – among others – the Spiler, Café Vian Gozsdu, Pivo, Trattoria Gozsdu, Klikk BistroBar, Red Bistro, Vicky Barcelona or Epic Whine

Guests love Gozsdu because life is constantly buzzing in this mini party district and every stag group or hen squad can find the right place for them. The cozy, exciting, colorful and special Gozsdu-yard is a unique center of the nightlife of Budapest, where it is easy to make friends (both with Hungarians and foreigners) and where you have good dreams and unforgettable bachelor memories.


What should you do to make it available to you? So you can have fun without giving up? Be conscious about your finances and instead of saving, you can move forward in your life with a series of smart decisions. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to sometimes do a few little tricks to further optimize your stag do budget:

Start the evening in your accommodation in the company of your best friends, of course. After all, the drink specialty requested from the store is cheaper than the one you get behind the counter.
As a lady, feel free to invite yourself to the boys, as a gentleman cannot say no at this time.
Make an accurate price comparison (using Excel) before youorganize a stag do in Budapest. The Stock Exchange, for example, is an excellent choice for those who are sensitive to the same, as prices are constantly changing there, depending on which type of drink guests consume more or less.
Well, you know, we were just kidding. Have fun and remember: having fun is just as much a decision as you are about finances. Bottom line: just be smart! Organize your stag do in Budapest with us!