Truth of beer bikes

The civic rules have changed recently which prevent the beer bikes from entering the city. The beer bike tours will be held in a skate park or a suburb district of Budapest named Csepel sziget. That’s what this company tells you about the beer bike activity,

It’s very sad because it was a really amazing activity in the city center at Heroes Square or even at Andrassy street. Don’t forget to ask the sales before you ever book this activity from any company. because they might not tell you the truth. I saw it only on this site at the activity description. It’s fair from them.

We tried this activity with another company and they told us that it”ll be great, no worries etc.. It was held in a skate park near Budapest city center. The atmosphere was cool, the beer was good too, but the place was too small. We went round and round and nothing interesting happened. It was disappointing for the hall group.