Twin hen do

To the great joy of our parents, we were born as twins. They always wanted to have two daughters. In a blink of an eye, this wish came true, not even thinking it would happen all at once. As we grew older, we had more and more similarities. Ever since we were young, our thinking was the same and we liked things like that. We liked the same games and our favorite subjects at school were the same. We didn’t disagree with fashionable clothes either. Fortunately, our need for couple choice was completely different. However, as twins and growing up as young girls, we wanted to get married at the same time. And it has happened, we have been proposed at the same time. That was an amazing moment.

Somehow we had to organize our party. After preliminary inquiries, many people unanimously suggested this hen do to their friends. We saw the positive reviews and we were very happy to finally find a reliable and professional company in Budapest. They only received positive feedback on their reliability and what exclusive weekends they can organize for hen do groups. We had a nice group of friends They also went with us to share our joy and experience with us this delightful program that was created for us.

A huge limousine filled with bar-level drinks awaited us on our arrival. Our uplifting mood was only enhanced by a very sexy sporty body male stripper. This proved to be a very good start. We arrived at our downtown hotel. After some rest, we were taken to dinner immediately. We liked the choice of food and drinks. We were satisfied with the attentive service and delicious cuisine. We were very cheerful and cheerful. Then we went on walking tour around the city center of Budapest.

After a few minutes of walking we saw the huge St. Stephen’s Basilica:

A few words about Basilica: We stood in front of one of Hungary’s most beautiful, significant church and tourist wonders. It was built in 1851 by a number of eminent architects, but was finally consecrated in 1905 and was built in stunning Neo-Renaissance style, do not express the praiseworthy attributes of this mighty church. And we were absolutely surprised only after that we entered into this breathtaking monumental sanctuary. In connection with the Millenium celebrations, the Archbishop’s High Authority in 1897 named St. Stephen the first king of Hungary, whose right hand is preserved here as a relic of the Holy Right. We continued our journey full of other beautiful buildings.

Switching to style, we went on a pub tour and received helpful drinks from our helpful companion at the pre-arranged pubs. In the latter place, a dwarf shackle clicked on our wrists, combining with the laughter of our friends. We were having fun and drinking. It was also an exciting day. The evening ended with a ruin club in downtown Budapest where people are always ready for some drinks and dancing.

Breakfast was served by a stripper and besides the delicacies we also got an erotic dance. During the day, we went on a monsteroller tour and ended up eating hamburgers and pizza slices at a local takeaway restaurant. Since we had a mixed group of friends, we went shooting, which as girls was not far from us. After all, women also like to shoot with different guns with their guns haha. The organizers took us everywhere by private bus as well as to this shooting range near Budapest. Very convenient solution. We arrived at a cultured indoor sports club. Everything was taken care of and we were carefully organized. We were puffing up with the firearms. We loved.
In the evening we arrived on the Danube for a two-hour cruise. Having a pleasant time, we went up and down the deck sometimes to the bar for a refreshment that we could freely drink. Above, we admired the illuminated beauty of Budapest. There will be plenty to tell the home.

Stag VIP Budapest crew with Peter along with our parents, who made it possible for us to have this weekend of twin girls together in Budapest were fantastic.




Sophie and Samantha