When do I plan a stag do in Budapest after covid?

When do I plan a stag do in Budapest after covid? Right now! This article is updated.




Many of our old customers have asked this in the last year, which has been quite difficult for customers and stag do companies as well in Hungary.

We have been looking forward to 2020, as the number of foreigners traveling to Budapest has increased in the last 3 years. If we talk about tourism in Hungary, then not only weekend parties should be mentioned, but also those who want to relax and want to have cultural and gastronomic experiences with us.

However, the main profile of our company is weekend activities organization and 3-day holiday activities, (most likely stag dos and hen dos) so of course we received a lot of such invitations for the year 2020. Unfortunately, in March last year, we saw covid 19 gaining ground in more and more countries and bookings falling. Even then, many of our guests made their bookings for 2021, or 2022, which obviously meant a huge dropout for domestic tourism businesses early in the year. This was a disaster!

By the summer of 2020, the problem peaked, as the country opened but people were rightly afraid of the infection and airlines canceled their flights vain by vain.

After almost a year, the question is stillthe same – when can you actually plan a weekend in Budapest? We could write you quite a lot about this, but we can share the most important news and answers to frequently asked questions.

★ What is the current virus situation in Hungary like?

There is no covid situation as more than 6 million people vaccinated



★ When do pubs and nightclubs open?

In Budapest, nightclubs and pubs are open!

★ What papers do I need to travel to Hungary after the lockdown and when will the borders be opened?

We can’t say for sure yet but probably a fresh covid test or any proof of vaccination will suffice. Borders are open! Come and visit us!

★ When should we book a stag do weekend or any holiday in Budapest after a lockdown?

We advise our dear guests to start pre booking as soon as possible for the middle of summer or for the autumn season, as there will be a lot of people interested and we want to provide everyone with premium quality service that is a basic condition in our business.

★ What will the nightlife be like in Budapest after covid-19?

Stunning! The only answer to this would be that of course, everyone is fed up with the sad virus situation that has been going on for a year, so we are really looking forward to partying with you again. Nightclubs and pubs await everyone with open arms and warm heart as they had at any time in recent years.

★ Will prices at stag do organizer companies change after the covid situation?

We try to give everyone personalized prices and discounts whether it is a last minute stag do or a pre-planned trip. The prices are much cheaper if you work directly with a Hungarian organizing company and not with a well known British, Spanish or German company. The mentioned companies also work with Hungarian providers with more expensive profits.

Therefore, for the last sentence I hope I don’t get in much trouble, but the point is to get as many people as possible to Budapest in 2021 and forget about the closure caused by the covid. Needless to say that we are organizing hen do parties too, so come on girls!