Why boat cruise for stag do in Budapest?

So why I choose a boat cruise for my stag do in Budapest? There are many answers to this but it is very easy to say why. It is an amazing experience to admire the sights of Budapest from a boat while sipping champagne or having a beer with friends. Of course, the spectacular cityscape doesn’t always mean much to partying people, but when the ship passes in front of the Parliament, everyone is staring and wondering how wonderful this building is.

But let’s get back to our basic topic of why rent a boat from us for your fun or relaxation in Budapest. However, it is important to know that usually one hour is not enough to enjoy this activity. We usually recommend 90 minutes especially if dancing chicks are also asked for the party, as stripper activity takes 20 minutes from the boat cruise. The girls usually do very serious strip shows, it is worth arranging in advance whether you want a dancer or two dancers with this lesbian show.


A lesbian show can always be more exciting, especially since the girls usually involve you in the show as well. Shipping is usually done by smaller private boats on the capital section of the Danube. For larger tours, or stag do boat cruises in Budapest we usually go further, but the favorite is usually a 90-minute private boat rental in Budapest. You can also add different drink packages to the activity which makes things easier because you don’t have to spend time paying everyone individually for cash on the boat, but you can drink anything inclusive depending on the package.

Not only do our guests usually choose a package that includes all the drinks, they usually ask for beer, wine and champagne packages at stag parties. Stripper girls are always a must at a party but there was already a precedent to having a boat cruise with a dwarf.

A private bus should be added to the activity for larger groups, making it easier for everyone to get to the venue, and no need to call taxis after the boat cruise.