Why Slovenia is getting popular for Stag do?


Slovenia is a country of just two million people and can still offer all the beautiful sights and attractions you might imagine. This hidden gem in the heart of Europe, located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps has become one of the richest and popular tourist destinations. Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana has everything a main city has to offer. Infinite row of bars and pubs, wild nightlife, great restaurants with a long gastronomical tradition, fun activities and lot more. Therefore Slovenia is the right destination for your stag do party.

A small gem

Slovenia’s smallness is also its strength since it provides transitions from mountainous to the marine world in just less than two hours. Most people find this feature very fascinating, because they rarely meet with the opportunity to be at one time sliding on natural chutes and then in few hours they are already going down the wire in one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovenia.

Stag do in Ljubljana

Summer months are the most crowded with tourists coming from every part of the world to enjoy great weather, beautiful nature and relaxed atmosphere. Especially Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city, is becoming very popular for the younger travelers, because it offers lots of fun things to do. For this reason a lot of people come to party alone or in groups and in the last few years a specific group has started flooding Ljubljana – the stag do groups.
Because of the numerous skiing resorts you can have lots of fun also in the winter. Skiing by day and snow biking and sledging by night are very popular activities among stag do groups, so you can decide to come to Slovenia also in the winter time.

Why is Slovenia a TOP destination for stag do weekends?

Many foreign groups are choosing Slovenia for their stag party because of low cost airline flights, cheap beer, beautiful women, good food, beautiful nature and relaxed atmosphere. In addition to all of this, the advantage of Slovenia is also its small country size, which provides short distances and therefore quick access to all activities around the country.

The most popular and interesting activities for stag do group in Slovenia

Pub Crawl

Partying like a local with a private female guide at three different most popular central pubs in Ljubljana and a club as the last stop is something every stag group should experience. Every stag do pub crawl is a unique party experience if you want to have fun!

Cave kayaking

Kayaking through an abandoned mine, which leads to a beautiful underground lake. You will be paddling through a flooded underground mine while admiring incredible underground lakes. You will enter a flooded underground shaft and board your special kayak that can hold up to three people. With the help of a professional guide you will explore the underground labyrinth, submerged tunnels and excavation sites. At the end you will take a walk past the abandoned underground working sites to the mining train station.

White water Rafting

Imagine spending the day on one of the most beautiful rivers on the planet in a raft with your friends. Paddle like a team, party like a team. Rowing through the wilderness of untouched nature that you can observe during paddling the rapids of the most beautiful Slovenian rivers. Stag Slovenia offers you the whole organization of this adrenaline experience.


Rafting on the river gorges, where it descends and jumping on smaller waterfalls and ends between the beautiful pools. The trip consists of a descent through canyons, gorges and navigating natural obstacles such as natural slides and waterfalls from which you plunge into blue pools filled with crystal clear water.


Experience the exciting descent across 8 steel cables and enjoy the view of birds along the wild river and steep cliffs of the canyon while taking in the panorama of the Bovec Basin and Triglav.

A breathtaking ride by wire through the canyon Učja, allowing views, which are otherwise known only to the birds. Beautiful Bovec Green River Valley, cliffs, canyons, the view on the highest mountain Triglav – priceless experience for everyone! This adrenaline-fueled experience will certainly blow you away. The cables are suspended high over the canyon and extend over 2 kilometers while providing you with one of the most exciting zip line experiences in the world.

Adrenaline Day

Are you brave and not afraid of heights? Now you can finally prove it by taking part in these adrenaline-charged activities and also challenge the stag while you are at it! Adrenalin day is a contains several different outdoor activities such as high ropes obstacle course, tower climbing, archery, tube sliding, frisbee golf, downhill with a downhill bike, downhill with a downhill scooter and downhill with a mountain go-kart.

Shooting course

Experience a thrilling movie-like shooting course with your group of friends. You will have a chance to learn how to shoot and hit the target with three different guns: the gun, small caliber and 9mm.

Indoor skydiving

If you want to feel freedom of flying and experience something different, you should try indoor skydiving arena that re-creates the feeling of freefall and gives you the adrenaline rush you need! The next best thing to jumping out of a plane and appropriate for both complete beginners and pro skydivers.


New activity for all fans of football, where the ball is being kicked into the goal, where the holes are naturally adapted to the size of the football ball.

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