My stag do in Budapest

Let’s see my stag do memories in Budapest

Me and my friends decided to visit Budapest in the last year. Everybody told me to travel to Hungary because it’s an amazing country with lots of experiences and cheap beer of course. My best man Mike started to search for stag do companies in Budapest and few weeks later found a trustable one with great support and fantastic helpful team. The plain ticket was quiet cheap as well but as the bachelor was me I really didn’t have to pay a quid for anything. As usual.

The weather was awesome when we started our trip in the capital city of Hungary. Our tour guide Vivien was very nice and also a beautiful Hungarian hottie. My surprise was a limo with a fantastic stripper on board. It was a breath taking moment when my dude Carl who is a really conservative guy touched the stripper girl’s titties and booties. It was a great fun. We loved it! After we arrived to our accommodation in Roombach hotel Vivien the tour operator told us to meet by 9pm before the pub crawl. O my good. A pub crawl in Budapest??? That was the first what I wanted to try during my stag do in Hungary so I was really lucky with my friends to organise this stunning activity for me.

About 9 pm the guide had arrived to our apartment and we started the crazy bar hopping. Our first bar was one of the most popular ruin bars of Budapest. It was located at the entrance of Gozsdu or something like that. I don’t remember actually and Hungarian language is also not very easy. The stuff told us that it’s the best place to start any bachelor night or stag weekend. We could choose from lots of local drinks, burgers and pizzas as well. This place was full of tourists, creative office workers, and hipsters. I didn’t really like it but it was just the first step of our night. We drunk solidly at the first pub, the second was a bit harder challenge.

My traditional surprise midget arrived to our pub and handcuffed me hard front of maybe 250 people what was really funny for my stags but not for me at the first minutes. The little chap was called Gabor as I remember. He was amazing and really nice guy, a real entertainer. After few more drinks I had to go to the toilette with him haha. A professional dwarf prank during a fabby night. Cheers Mike.