Party bus for stag do in Budapest

Why do I choose a party bus activity for my bachelor party in Budapest? Party bus activity is a great choice do in Budapest whether it’s for a birthday or a stag do party, or if you just want to party a lot in unique atmosphere setting with lots of drinks and loud music while sightseeing and having a great time with your friends.

Party bus for stag do - STAG VIP BUDAPEST

Our company offers plenty of opportunities and packages to give you the best possible experience during your visit to Budapest. Our party bus packages also offer an almost endless opportunity for small or large groups.


Party bus for stag do in Budapest – The Epic Ride

One of our dear guests recently booked a luxury party bus as an airport transfer and was very surprised when the car rolled into the arrivals section. They would not have thought of the size of such a vehicle.

The mentioned group was 8 people but the bus that was booked can take 20 people with luggage. Not to mention the stripper girls made a fantastic warm up strip show from the first minute that our guests barely wanted to get out at the end of the trip.

Stripper in a stag do party in Budapest

There was also a precedent that our stag do group went to a restaurant, and then they wanted a one-hour city party bus tour before the party where they could comfortably consume the ordered drinks in the luxury limo bus and ejoy the party feeling of Budapest.

Party bus interior

In this case, however, you should always consult with our team because a car this big can’t stop everywhere. Of course, we always solve everything nonetheless.

Is there a way to get our own drink on the bus?

Our answer to that is always, of course. However, we would like to note here that it is much easier to choose a drink package, as your drinks are already chilled on arrival.

This is especially important in summer as the champagne will quickly spill everywhere if it is not cooled and you do not want the stripper girls to swim in champagne either. Or yes?

Bottle of champagne for the bachelor in Budapest

It is important to know about our party bus tours that it is possible to add extra hours to your tours if this can be done on our part. Ask the tour guide who is the official representative of our company during the weekend and will help you with anything at any time.

Can we smoke on the bus?

Unfortunately, you can’t, just smoke e-cigarettes during your stay on the bus, but it’s always possible to stop. In all such cases, also ask the tour guide.

How big is such a vehicle and how many can we fit in?

This is the question most people ask. Our answer to this is that our smallest bus is for 20 people, but it is also possible to rent a party bus for 70 people.

In this case, the price changes, but we are always flexible in any question.

I hope we have aroused your interest and we will see each other soon either on a party bus tour or even a limo tour in Budapest during a birthday party, stag do, or hen night.