Daytime Activities in Budapest

Daytime activities in Budapest  for stag and hen groups. Nowadays, more and more news is popping up about foreign guys partying in the party district who are not reluctant to travel here from England and enjoy the champagne of Budapest. For several years now, the number of visitors has been constantly growing and other European countries have already discovered Budapest. Because it takes serious organization to organize a multi-day bachelor party, guys often outsource this to specialized companies. We would like to see a little more insight into such a bachelor party organization, so we asked the Budapest Stag Do team to introduce us to this mysterious world.










Usually the groom’s best friend visits us, but sometimes even the groom himself is involved in the details. Often, the organization starts months or even half a year earlier and we start negotiating. Above all, the most important thing is to clarify which activities they are interested in.

Daytime Activities in Budapest and nightlife also depend on habitus and company blood temperature, but there are activities that are an integral part of almost every bachelor party.

Once the activities have been selected and a solution has been found for the individual needs, we then try to crowd the many activities into 3-4 days. There are times when only one activity is chosen for a day, but sometimes we can barely complete the activities in one day.


Mostly the bachelor party team asks us to get them from the airport to the accommodation. This can be requested either in an ordinary vehicle (depending on the number of people) or in a Party Bus that can accommodate up to 50 people. This vehicle provides an opportunity to showcase a strip event, so this activity is also a must have one in Budapest.

After arriving at the accommodation, everyone used to sit on needles, because they want to throw themselves into the night in Budapest as soon as possible. For the most part, they choose an activity called pubcrawl or bar hopping for the first night, which is about guiding them around the most popular and coolest pubs, bars and ruin pubs. They have a beer at every venue and we’re already going on. Then at the very end we end up in a cool ruin pub where the boys let off steam and party into the night.

The next day, the guys mostly get up with a hangover, so they like to relax and “bathe” the fatigues of the previous night in one of the thermal baths in Budapest. This is when they mostly relax, unwind and prepare for the next activity.

By the afternoon, the next activity will start, which is often the beer bike. This activity is about pedaling a 15-20 person bike together while constantly having a beer and having fun. Meanwhile, they enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in the green area of ​​Budapest. In the evening we will visit a strip club and even have dinner on site, after which the party can continue.

One of the most popular active programs is the quad driving. The guys really enjoy circling and leaving the track with a lot of experiences. In addition to quad driving, paintball is also very popular. After the activity, they discuss the events with a few purple spots but still a smile on their faces.

By the end of the 3-4 days, they will head to the airport with lots of experiences and lots of novelty. Tired, but with more stories, they get on the plane and often talk for weeks about how wonderful Budapest is and what experiences this city has for bachelor parties.

For the time being, we do not see a stagnation in Budapest stag do demand and it may soon become one of the most popular places in Europe.