Corporate break in Budapest pt.1

My name is Thomas. I live in a city where looking around step by step – I can admire more beautiful buildings that have a very complex historical background. Recalling both good and bad past events. I am an senior executive in an all-inclusive multinational company. Ours is a cohesive, high-responsibility group with several countries doing business with different investments.

If I focus and sum up the age of the staff working together in our office, then I have to realize that we are almost at the same age. I can boldly say that we are in our thirties, only a few are not significantly above it. I can say we are kneaded from real career-building purposeful people. But in any case, in absolute harmony, not wading through each other.

In fact, as the number one consideration, we focus first and foremost on the benefits of the company. Of course, we also build our individual interests with great care and diligence. We have some new staff with excellent references. That’s why we thought that now, as usual, we’re bringing together a good little acquaintance team-building trip in common agreement to make our performance even more outstanding.

We planned for a week we thought we would get closer to each other and it would be a good opportunity to get to know the nature of the new ones and to map out the joint work ahead. We desperately need such programs to grind people together. Definitely a hilarious varied intriguing experience would be important on this journey. We searched in countless direction we were able to choose from and a lot of the companies that promised to be the best activities and in our common unanimous opinion we could find the best of the given offers and activity plans.

Based on these aspects we chose Stag VIP Budapest stag do organizing company which is operating in Budapest. That’s why we decided to implement this super-promising recreation team building in Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Hungary has also experienced a variety of historical quarrels in the past. We had very good chances because the company’s offer met all our needs. There is no idea that seems unsolvable or seems extreme to them. There are also some very open minded female colleagues among us. So we had to put together future fun activities to adequately meet the needs of both male and female colleagues.

A couple of us thought we might have booked a little too many programs, but the organizing guy assured us that there would be time for everything and we wouldn’t feel like we just had to rush everywhere during the chosen activities.

So it has happened. Already our arrival at the airport was adventurous as we didn’t really know the local habits and were afraid a bit of how they would look at us when we showed up in Harry Potter costumes. (we also usually hold corporate Quidditch matches) which can be very weird for a few people but we really like Harry Potter though..

Thanks God there was no problem, just a lot of people wanted to take us photos even at the arrival in Budapest Airport. The organizing company sent us a huge party bus to the terminal exit which was packed with alcohol and soft drinks pre-ordered by us. We had a huge party from the airport all the way to the center of Budapest, where with the help of our tour guide we soon managed to check in for our art hotel style accommodation.

After a few welcome drinks, however, it would not have gone so easily without local help.

to be continued …